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ManU R thru - maybe Roma will B too?
Will ManPoo fare any better in the Europa this afternoon? 0-0 w/ 1/2 hr left (the Poopsters have an away goal: "We are so lucky!")
Dash 'n dine!
City fall to the Monegasques! Poor Pep!
Ehhh - they were cruising along in CL just fine w/ Ranieri (pretty sure they won their group which incl Porto). I wouldn't put the win down to the coaching change - I think the novelty & excitement of 'European nights' helped recreate last season's we-can-do-it gestalt.
Leicester do the job...
if you get a glaser bag that is the standard care instruction
"Thumbs up"?
Trying to make it real! p.s. how does one "give reputation"?
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