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So say you want to eat @ 7 o'clock. Do you need to work backward for the timing (20 mins prep & pre-sear; 3 hrs bath-time; 10 mins post-ear + plate = 3:30 start), or is SV method more forgiving (say I'm doing stuff in the middle of the afternoon but can start prep @ 2 - that means there is an hour and a half 'downtime' between end of bath and when I go in to post-sear/plate mode)?
Really? Don't you mean "3 hrs before I want to eat them I fill a pan w/ water...." I take it the circulator has auto shutoff? Any timing issues (e.g. what if you're not if you're not 5 mins away serving when the meat is done)? Is it OK to sit in bath as long as the device has shut off? Not trying to you - as I said, I don't really know anything about SV
I admit to not knowing much about it - but if i am understanding you w/ the pre/post sear + multiple hrs in the bathtub that is several prep stages and sounds time consuming
Wow - maybe I'm ignorant as to the joys and pleasures of sous vide, but this seems like a lot of work, time and mathematical fuss to cook a steak
Reminds of funny Seinfeld episode (and good Kramer quote)"That television you watch, the sake you drink, even that kimono you wear...where do you think all your dollars are going, Jerry? That's right ... the Japanese!"
The wallet is carried in the inside breast pocket of your suit jacket / sport coat / blazer.
DO get a "long" wallet if you regularly (i.e. every day) wear suit/ sport coat/ blazer DO NOT get a "long" wallet if the only reason to do so is to cram more stuff in
Blood River, Tim(?) Butcher's account of his retracing Henry Morton Stanley's navigation of the Congo RIver
People like a good piss-up
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