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Listening to the Trump last night I kept hearing Jack Klompus (the guy who lives next to Morty Seinfeld at the Del Boca Vista condos down in Florida) Also, his hand gestures (and sleeve length) really do draw attention to his short fingers...
Thnx - I think a Medium might be good for me
Norwegian Rain! You guys didn't mention that.... Greg - what size Geneve are you wearing in the picture (the one you say is a size too small): L?
Elvis' guitar player Scotty Moore! http://www.npr.org/2016/06/29/484043696/scotty-moore-essential-rock-n-roll-sideman-dies-at-84
Not too big (but not too small) Not too thick (but not too thin) Not too many card slots (but not too few)
Azzurri are through to face Die Mannschaft
Island (Iceland)! Copa replay!
I have been in the woods w/o tv/internet/phone/newspaper - did Nainggolan play?
49 years ago today the Lisbon Lions, pride of Glasgow, become the first British team to win the European Cup defeating Inter 2-1. Celtic won every competition they entered that year. I'm pretty sure all the players were born within 20 miles of Parkhead
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