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No, it would just be this single trip. And Montana is the destination. I think we've halved the estimate by looking around (and are approaching the 'doable' range). Sounds like we'll need to refuel. Still would love to hear any and all suggestions or recommendations.
Air down here (downtown) quite smoky - fire/explosion/bldg collapse 2nd & St Marks....
All info appreciated - TY
Glad we cleared that up! Now what information do you have?
Small-timer status reveal: looking to keep it @ 35K (or less!). As I mentioned, my dad has health issues (fraility, parkinsons' shuffle, greatly reduced mobility, general weakness). Goal is to avoid dragging him through the trials & tribulations of modern day commercial air travel & reduce flying time and connection hassles (i.e. direct flight)
We are considering chartering a plane for an upcoming trip out west due to my dad's current health and mobility issues. Does anyone have experience or recommendations? This would be a round trip from NYC area to Missoula, MT (1 week). The one service my father looked into was prohibitively expensive - part of the problem was that the quote included downtime in Montana for the entire 7 days (i.e. the plane waits for you. Objective is reputable service that will not...
Comfort is paramount when considering neckwear!
Yes, think Jets vs. Sharks.If the poor kid was minding his own business and not weirdly flaunting the knife this seems pretty arbitrary - you see loads of guys (albeit, mostly construction worker-types) on the subway w/ a visible clip that you know is attached to a (non-visible) knife; and I bet many exceed the whatever-it-is size limit (3" blade?). My theory is that cops don't bother them (as long as they're minding their own business) out of a kind of blue-collar...
The 2 new ones are 'medium weight' (and mixed fabric: cotton/linen) - I'm not sure how the measurements for the different weights break down: the 'light weight' cottons definitely ran slimmer than the wool, but the heavier winter weight cotton was not as slim (maybe even commensurate w/ the wool sizing? ) - maybe these mediums split the difference? Of course the posted measurements should clear up any confusion
lefty be careful! stories here are of crazies are running through vineyards spraying gunfire, murder, suicide, etc. - you may as well stayed in ny. are you going to do any fishing? have had some nice trips up north & in mammoth area* just missed your reply! we fished owens & walker back in '92 - stayed at a neat place (arcularius ranch) but i think it has become private use....
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