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Hard to think of greatcoats today
Is that Julia Louis-Dreyfus behind Greg in the TBT tweet?
Arrivederci Claudio - Ranieri out!
Very true - my wife took some cool shots of this phenomenon - will post when I find the "art" pictures...Some fauna:
Thanks - brings back good memories!
i think that's the kind el chapo had...
Beautiful - you've made me go search out some shots from our '14 trip...
It seems every time I go to use the bathroom (ours or the guest) there is a kid in there taking a dump. "Why don't you guys poop in your own BR?" is met with every excuse under the sun. Upon inspection I saw seat was loose and then discovered they have broken one of the hinges. I'm going non-cuck and will be purchasing/installing - is it best to bring the old (cleaned!) seat to a place to replicate? I can't find any model # - do you match it too the toilet or is it...
Nice pix! A couple of years ago we spent a week fishing on an estancia south of Esquel - amazing country, and a great antidote to those experiencing LHT (low heard tolerance)
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