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If I had to go to India, I wouldn't go to the bathroom the entire trip.I tell you, it's a thing of beauty. I cannot express to you the feeling I get from a perfect airport pickup.
Why the f#ck would a physician who has spent time treating ebola patients in w. africa come back to nyc and launch himself into the mainstream unless he were some type of moron, psychopath or taliban/isis/kgb dupe???
It probably doesn't matter since I think they're all gone (), but the fabric description on the char blue Fox Bros lists the Drapers 9 oz cloth....
^^^ "To the Chunnel!" Lille away - don't forgot your duty-free! http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-29738744
used waze (sp?) this weekend to avoid major back-up on belt pkwy - it successfully navigated us through brooklyn (east new york!) and safely out to queens!
Istanbul 2005 * arsenal !
Watched the 1st half last night. Judging from the scoreline I figured Roma had played terribly, but that wasn't the case so much. 1st 25 mins was pretty even, and although Bayern controlled we had some chances, even after Robben's goal. The next 3 goals were brutal, but IIRC only Lewandowski's was a Penalty was debatable.... Bayern just played at another level - they looked unstoppable
just as the painful memories of the cl manu thrashing were beginning to fade...
Third lot is a smaller group of lighter blues - Luciano Barbera, Battistoni, Holliday & Brown, Borrelli. Most never tied - $25 each, $160 for all, $140 for NYC pickup Wools, greens & reds to follow....
The second lot is a baker's dozen of nice dark (i.e. blue) neats & solids. Again, the usual suspects: Isaia, Battistoni, Holliday & Brown, Borrelli, Zegna, etc. Discounts for bulk purchase - $350 for all, $325 for NYC pickup
New Posts  All Forums: