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Quote: Originally Posted by applefoodstuffs I already bought 2 today just in case one gets messed up... wish the had gray plaid in stock, but the price is around 80% off, you never see filson merchandise at that discount. And now they're gone. Should have read this thread a couple days earlier. Merd.
^^^ Pocketsquareguy, you might want to check the Monitaly jacket at Revolver in San Francisco. The 42 was too short but the 44 was the perfect fit length wise - the drawback for me was the larger chest.
I'm looking to buy an unconstructed wool jacket and am looking for suggestions. I usually wear a 42L in a suit jacket. I came across one online that looks nice, but I have no experience with Gilbert & Lewis. Here's the G&L jacket: Thoughts on the above or recommendations?
I just picked up a long sleeve Black Fleece shirt in size BB3. I would say it's fair to call the BB3 a Large and it corresponds well with a standard Brooks Brothers "Large" - Hopefully that's a useful comparison that you can extrapolate from.
Quote: Originally Posted by anon Allen Edmonds shoe trees: Buy 1 pair for $25, get 2nd pair 70% off ($7.50). 10% off code makes them ~$30, plus tax. Free 5-7 day ground shipping. Use code RETAIL1 for 10% off Use this AE page to determine which size you need: Unfortunatley, no M or L size in stock.
Are you looking for style, durability, ...? Also, what's your price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Yeah, I don't think I know of any automatic watch that cannot be manually wound using the crown. "Other companies like Seiko and Orient developed highly efficient self-winding mechanisms that allowed their watches to be designed without a wind up feature. In some self-winding mechanisms, the rotor and winding system is less efficient and it would require the owner to move the watch back and forth for several...
Sugar Cane Okinawa - classic jeans fit with subtle yet unique details
At least shipping is a reasonable $19.99
Thanks for the tip musicguy. I decided to give one of the Samuelsohn jackets a try. Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Just got an email from offering 30% off any one item. I'm not sure if it can be used more than once, but I'm not going to use it. I'm tempted to buy another, but I've made too many purchases this month already! The promo brings the Sammies down to $175! The promo ends at 3am ET tonight...
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