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Parkway seconds on the job...
Nice. Glad to see Oris get some love here. I like some of the Oris designs and the classic pointer date is one they do well IMHO.
I picked up a pair of these seconds as well. In general I'm pretty pleased. I sized down .5 and I think that provides the best fit I'll get from this last / shoe although I find it just a little tight on my small toe. Not as bad as the Malvern or San Marco though.
The Allen Edmonds wool dress socks tend to run thick compared to Polo or Pantherella. Here's an example: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF1415586_1_40000000001_-1
Just a quick phone snap for fun...
If the ring is from sweat and body oil from recent wear try some mild, preferably clear and relatively unscented shampoo on the collar stain. Baby shampoo will work for this method too. Wet the collar where the stain is, work in a small amount of the shampoo along the stain with your finger or a soft bristle toothbrush that you're no longer using. Let it sit for a few minutes to absorb then wet your finger or brush and agitate gently again. Wash the shirt in the laundry as...
I've only tried the wool socks but they are quite nice. They are on the thick side so consider that when buying as they may affect the fit if you're used to wearing thinner socks. For example, Polo and Pantherella dress socks run much thinner than AE.With that in mind, $5 for a quality pair of made in the US socks is a pretty good deal.
The Elgin fits about the same as the McTavish.
Thanks for the feedback, DJTraveler.
Looking for some sizing info on the Parkaway. I'm looking at picking up a pair online and will not be able to try them on before purchasing. My experience with other AE shoes is as follows: • McClain US 12B (8-108 last) one of the best fitting from AE • Vinci 12B (last unknown) pretty close to the McClain in fit • McTavish in US 12B (5-65 last) a bit too big. I should have gotten an 11.5B instead • San Marco US 12B (2-22 last) awkward fit as it pinches my left little toe...
New Posts  All Forums: