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I'm interested in having some order made shirts while in Tokyo and am looking for some recommendations. I know that most of the major department stores have an "order made" shirt section but I've no idea which are good and which are not let alone the numerous tailor shops in town. I'm not looking for the best that money can buy but rather good quality at a reasonable price if that's possible. I see a lot of discussion about Kamakura but I'd rather explore other options...
I have conservative tastes, so if it were me, I'd use socks that are closer to the color of blue in the shirt, like a navy blue or a patterned sock that has navy blue incorporated into the pattern.
Soon to expire, but Trickers boots for $250 shipped in UK size 10.5 @ STP. Going, going...
Search this thread for "shoebank" and you'll find the answer to your question. It's been asked several times recently.
Here's what the ad looks like:
Since they are extending their Made in USA focus to their clothing line, is there any word on who is making their shirts, coats, etc?
I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the sizing of the Gramercy - is it TTS? I know it's on the 7-97 and I have no experience with that last.
Note that coupon seems to have expired or is not working correctly. 6PM only appears to accept 4 character codes, at least in the browsers I tried.
You can add the Rapid City as an AE shoe that is made with Dublin leather. As per the description: 6051 Cognac Dublin Leather
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