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It is more of an interest check. I like to cycle, but don't have the time nor the funds to invest in building one from scratch. I am not sure how much shipping would cost, a lot i am sure, so I would have to inquire about shipping fees. I found a stock photo, it's 3rd one pictured. the black and gold one. I will throw up some of the entire frame later on today/tonight. Thanks for looking. Please feel free to ask any...
do you know the denim weight on these?
i do believe GAP is vanity sized, at least 1 or 2 sizes if i had to guess. i wear 32 in Levi's (511,514) and those always fit TTS ,imo. The sale denim they have is not Japanese. It is stamped Bangladesh. i returned the 31's and went with a 30 instead. the waist was the snug but it stretched relatively quick, about 1 hour of wear. i probably could have gone as low as 29 and been fine. I am referring to the straight fit. The slim fit definitely feels TTS.
i tried on the 30's and 29's. could barely get the top button closed, actually i couldn't i copped 31 instead. now i am reconsidering my purchase.
i don't think so. the shortest lenght marked was 30. i also did not have a tape measure with me tho so I am not 100% if they were exact.
if anyone is interested they still had a handful of these still left at the gap by me with an additional 30% off. i picked up a pair of the straight leg selvedge for $27.75 including tax. Variety of sizes 28-32x30. they had one pair of the Baldwin's (32x32). would be willing to proxy.
solid price. any idea how the fit is compared to RB11x?
NDC made by hand Belsize in size 42, fits half size larger. purchased from yoox a couple of years back, worn a handful of times, no more than 10x. a ton of life left in them. looking for a swift transaction. retail was $200+, asking for $75. includes paypal fees and shipping within the CONUS, everyone else please add $10. full disclosure-color was originally lighter shade of brown, however the leather darkened up after i winterized them using snowseal. i have before...
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