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I am dropping off a load of donations at the Goodwill store on Garrett Road in Durham. Stuff includes Isaia, Hickey Freeman, Zegna, Canali and Oxxford suits. Get 'em while they're hot! Oh, and sizes are 44L to 46L. Also size 13 shoes: C&J, Ferragamo, AE, Tricker's.
Up for sale are my RM WIlliams chelsea boots. Small scuff on toe of one boot, otherwise in excellent condition.
Up for sale are my Marlowe wingtips in shell cordovan. Worn fewer than 20 times. Still feel, smell and wear like new. Just need a good polish and buffing.
This is a pair of AE loafers. They are still in very good condition, with gorgeous patina. Great with jeans or wool trousers. A good all-purpose loafer.
Corcoran. Just a god awful place.
These are not FAMs, but they are a pair of just gorgeous, Goodyear welted dress shoes. Built like tanks, but buttery soft. Double soles, worn carefully, meticulously cared for. They are a real bargain at this price.
Bump for final markdown before the 'bay.
I've worn these MAYBE five times. I am winding down my law practice and want to see these off to a good home. Mark
Last year I went on a binge, known only to a few of my closest mates, buying up fragrances. My collection has grown to absurd proportions. My significant other is now insisting that unload some. All colognes are almost full,having been used two or three times at the very most. I am asking $25 for each of the, shipping included. I have the following: 1. Lalique Pour Homme SOLD pending payment 2. Polo Green SOLD pending payment 3. Polo Blue (2/3 used, selling for $10)...
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