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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Fertility rates will not continue at expected levels. As people get richer and come out of poverty fertility rates will drop. Yes, but these developments are already considered in the "expected levels". We currently still have relatively robust growth and it can be see in the predictions that it is basically going to level off around the middle of the century, likely due to the factors you mentioned....
From the CNN article: Quote: There was a lot of opposition in Seattle when the residence was first proposed in 1999. A legal challenge led by a prominent businessman delayed the opening of 1811 Eastlake for six years. "A lot of the rhetoric that their attorney used was that it would be a party house, a free-for-all" Anyone who thinks that life as an end-stage alcoholic is a "party" is seriously mistaken. Quote: Originally Posted...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I do think it is silly to call a group of people "atheist chaplains." +1 I think this issue is poorly framed around the notion of "atheism". It seems better to argue that people serving in the military should have access to counseling and support no matter whether they are followers of a religion which currently provides chaplains, followers of a different religion or non-religious.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Lame. Nothing worse than someone who wants to kill god but keep religion. If you've accepted there's no god, you're going to have to accept that you are alone in this world and that there is no authority that is going to answer the tough questions for you. Man the fuck up. These assertions are baseless in my opinion. Neither are human beings "alone" in the absence of god, nor is it true that no other...
I like the idea, even though I'd be inclined to frame it more as a "non-religious" counselor. Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Some of our own more enlightened atheists should contact Capt. Torpy and inform him of the accepted CE dogma that lack of belief in a deity does not constitute an affirmative belief system. Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostFullBenefits I think the wording of "Humanism fills the same role for...
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Several posts above suggest otherwise -- not that he was personally involved so much as his work influenced those who were, eh? I wasn't completely serious here. Of course these post are correct, his ideas played a big role in both wars. He was, by the way, not even alive when WWI broke out.
The general refusal, or inability to even consider that a different viewpoint might exist on this topic is staggering to me again and again. I blame myself for temporarily seeing it as anything but a hallmark of the discourse here.
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Thanks -- wasn't aware that he had any input into the WWII strategy of Germany. Well, he didn't, he was long dead at the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Qubaduck Another +1 for Germany... I've heard from my German girlfriend that it's pretty taboo to show any nationalist spirit, unless there's a major event going on. Apparently the only folks who do tend to be the extreme right wing types. This.
I value freedom from torture higher than Bin Laden's death or capture. Therefore, I would not feel differently about the issue even if this particular technique contributed to the success of the operation.
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