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No need to drop the ab training. Keep it up if you want. You are building your abs regardless of whether you can see them or not at this point. Once you start losing fat, they will be there! Otherwise, everyone here is right. Exercise and eat healthy food. Done.
The question seems a bit too simplistic. However, let's not forget that a lot of people date based on attraction alone and hardly find it necessarry to consider whether someone will be good for them or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix Thanks for the link. Is racism still an issue? No, I am not white. Alberta is arguably Canada's most conservative province. Have heard a few things about Oil and Gas companies staffed with old white guys, but nothing too serious. Personally, I have never seen any issues in my work or personal life. Don't think this is something you should worry about a lot.
Dear OP, I have lived in Calgary for almost 4 years. If one or both of these two are the absolut priorities in your life, you should move here: 1. The outdoors (as in skiing, climbing, mountaineering, etc.) 2. Making money If not, for the love of god, DO NOT move here. I understand you would be moving from NYC. Calgary is much smaller and punches way below its weight. It has the urbanity of a city maybe a quarter the size. Please consider this carefully.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I don't understand how you people can deny that bars are great. I've had more than my fair share of crappy nights out but I mean in general, how can you deny that a bar full of drunk chicks is not an easier venue to meet girls than...anywhere else that I can possibly think of. They are there for a reason, and it isn't to sit in the corner by themselves. I feel this is common sense. You don't even need to have...
Good stuff, but easy to injure yourself with those bad boys.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI In any case, I think any strangeness on my part comes from my own insecurities, but im still curious. You got that one right. My advise would be to work on your insecurities instead of even pondering this idea. It's a terrible idea by the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by wrenhunter +1. I have a black v-neck from years back that is holding up well. I have to disagree. They are probably my biggest disappointment with BR.
I tend to buy what fits. I own some BR pants that are holding up well enough. Had bad experiences with their Merino sweaters, though. Would not recommend.
Great effort. Keep up the good work!
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