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Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Indeed. He needs to hold a summit on capital allocation and then create an office specifically for that reason, with an appointed czar and various staffers. Just my opinion. Except that he runs an investment firm and the government runs... oh the whole country. But it would be interesting to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy The likeness between her and her dad is deeply disturbing. No thanks, under these circumstances.
Don't like Maher, but do like many if not most of his points. Agree with his views on religion. Having said that, he is irrational and outrightly dangerous when talking about medicine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn Final question- anyone ever gotten in trouble for sprinting away from their assigned seat and stealing an empty row before cruising altitude? No. I do it as soon as I am certain no more people are boarding the plane. Flight attendants have no clue who sits where.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian He created the character of Patrick Bateman. His place as a legend is secured. Agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjd Curiosity got the better of me...she goes by the name "Treasure" For the love of god! The report says she has been battling her weight since childhood... You are advancing in the wrong direction, lady.
Look at it from this perspective, if it is such an old structure, chances are it will not fail on your shift. Seriously, awesome job. Do it.
It's a helicopter. The pictures are taken with a long exposure which elongates the shape of the moving vehicle. Shame on them and their "reporting".
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz At least not the most booming city in the region. Which city would that be? Not that we have many.
Learned people here say it is mostly genetics. This seems plausible. Personally, I am not predisposed to this condition very much at all. However, the phenomenon increased quite a bit when I started to do weights. That lower body fat would bring out the veins more seems obvious. But do larger muscles actually increase the size of your veins (for more oxygen)?
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