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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I think it is less invented, which implies some sort of design, than it is evolutionary. People keep what works, or what seems to work, and discard what doesn't. We end up with a mass of interrelated rules which we cannot explain but which somehow function, and then we, as we always do, assign "blame" to various people and groups ("God," "the founders," the powerful," etc) for the entire network believing that nothing...
Very good, liked it a lot.
To the OP, sorry but it is your own fault. It's not Montreal, it's you. The comment that Toronto has everything that Montreal has is bizzare indeed.
Great then, acceptable now. Enough said.
I find him too loud.
No and no.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Not sure what sex as bait means. I've never been with a girl who "withheld sex" to get something. They have always had higher libidos than me. +1 What is it with women anyway?
I would suggest you make no recommendations at all. No matter what, this will backfire on you somehow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ineedstyle I have been doing a lot of reading on the leangains site and came across an article on drinking. Dude, some of that stuff is frightening. Keep the beers coming...
Maybe I should clarify. Among all the topics one could take an interest in that are not immediately connected to ones personal life (e.g. family, occupation, health) it seems to me that politics is the one with the greatest potential impact on one's life. I concede that this is arguable. Science would probably be another good candidate. I often consider sports an example of a subject matter that many people take a high interest in, even though there are no real...
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