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The Fox article is rather atrocious, littered with misinterpretations and the American conservatives' pet topics; taxation, redistribution of wealth and above all the fantasy of the UN as an organization in control of, well anything really. Having said that, instead of spending money on issues that may or may not arise in 40 years, we should apply our resources to the many concrete problems that are causing human suffering and ecological destruction right now. Up to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason It is a big whup. A dead communist steals no money. If there is one thing Kim Il-sung taught us, it is that death may just be another step in a communist career.
Quote: The White House said it was in the US's interests to meet its treaty obligations. "These interests include protecting Americans abroad, fostering co-operation with foreign nations, and demonstrating respect for the international rule of law," it said. I agree with this. The WH is doing the right thing, in my opinion. With Kant's stance on the death penalty well know, it seems to me that he would, in this case, also support the argument above.
I generally order a "medium-size coffee" at Starbucks. I let them figure out the rest.
Depends. Always on the benches since people often need to move around the bars. However, for some of the machines at my gym there is a a bit of a convention to leave an average amount of weights on all the time. It's assumed that whoever uses them next will be likely to need them anyway. It works for me.
I was interested to learn that a walk to Mothecombe beach constitutes an extraordinary eventuality.
In further news: Some other person doesn't like paying taxes. OP, what is the argument you are trying to advance with this post?
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I'd prefer no searches at all, especially since I'm 20X more likely to be killed stepping into my car for the commute to work. +1 There is the answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Her website: http://www.courtneystodden.com/ She's had a lot of work done to her face, maybe that's why she looks odd. Wish she had had some more work done to her site. Some of it could well have been written by a 16 year old. Who knows?
I can't quite figure out why you posted this.
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