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As mentioned, definitely see these two: The Day After Threads As bad as it gets. It might just ruin your whole day.
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby I went with jewelry and a few smaller things (cashmere socks, she uses up a few pairs a year, in Texas!). For those looking for ideas, you can't go wrong with good jewelry, spa/massage gifts, favorite books or music, art, etc. I know my girlfriend really wanted some riding boots and Louboutin pumps. I'm beginning to think this expensive present thing might be dumb. We went to Italy together this year, and it...
Quote: Originally Posted by slumdawgbillionaire Why would you customize a windbreaker? We're talking about a nike windbreaker right? since you mentioned both of you enjoy hiking, maybe get her a camel pak, or a nalgene water bottle from REI. A new pair of hiking shoes or shoes, something she can use.
Please, no gifts outside a committed relationship. I understand the temptation, but this will hurt your cause. Just wish her a happy christmas, done.
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