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Where have I heard that before? Oh right, at the Pentagon.That we spend our resources on pointless wars over a few pieces of dirt instead of our future energy needs is truly one of the great tragedies of our time and a testament to the worst in our species.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom Why didn't the Soviets ever go to the moon? Their rockets were better designed than ours. Well, partly because their rockets weren't good enough. The Soviets did have superior designs previously, but they had fallen behind by the time the US developed the Saturn rockets for the Apollo program. There was a push to go to the moon in the Soviet Union but it ultimately failed due to a lack and misallocation of...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon [...] but you can't see how demand is, in and of itself, infinite. Willing and able? What do you mean here?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert if they wanted to give poor tax breaks they should have done it via income tax changes. Is that not what the article meant be tax-cuts?
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie What they need to work on is true SSTO. I'm not expecting NASA to do much about it though. Or better, an elevator! Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 The loss of the Webb telescope would be truly disappointing: Very much so. I know the project has been a big mess, but this would be really bad news.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas So why is so much credence being given to the ZOMG $76 TRAZILLION DOLLARS? It's also based on a broad set of assumptions about future trends. Well, I don't know. But I was arguing against it previously.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen And Velcro! And Teflon!
Quote: Originally Posted by NameBack But certain trends have been fairly stable. And actually we're talking 40 years so it'd be from 1971 to today (or 60 to 2000). I think, for example, population estimates have held fairly closely, although birthrates have fallen somewhat faster than expected. Not totally sure on that, though. Perhaps, but you have picked one of a few or perhaps the only variable that we can predict with some success. And...
Quote: Originally Posted by M. Bardamu Many on the left (those Orwell called "sandal wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers") have this distrust and outright hatred of allopathic medicine, likely due to the distrust and outright hatred of corporations. I think this thought may explain quite a bit of the difference between the left and the right. The anti-science folks on the left often aren't really against science per se but rather feel...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire While I do not deny that there seems to be a distinct anti-intellectual contingent in the religous right there is also an equally distinct, and quite possibly larger, complete embrace of the pseudo-intellectual by many to the left of center. Personally, I think this is more harmful as it is more insidious, allowing those lacking critical thinking skills to claim "science" is on their side. I don't entirely...
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