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Good add, well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom Why didn't the Soviets ever go to the moon? Their rockets were better designed than ours. Well, partly because their rockets weren't good enough. The Soviets did have superior designs previously, but they had fallen behind by the time the US developed the Saturn rockets for the Apollo program. There was a push to go to the moon in the Soviet Union but it ultimately failed due to a lack and misallocation of...
I generally order a "medium-size coffee" at Starbucks. I let them figure out the rest.
Depends. Always on the benches since people often need to move around the bars. However, for some of the machines at my gym there is a a bit of a convention to leave an average amount of weights on all the time. It's assumed that whoever uses them next will be likely to need them anyway. It works for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Her website: She's had a lot of work done to her face, maybe that's why she looks odd. Wish she had had some more work done to her site. Some of it could well have been written by a 16 year old. Who knows?
How's you training going? If you are a beginner, running 5 times a week sounds like a lot. Keep in mind that running can be really hard on your body. Take it easy! I've been combing the two for about half a year now. Results are as follows: Quote: Originally Posted by TrH Your run times will improve.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I realized today that I'm not a moral person. I don't like hurting people, but otherwise have no issue with dishonesty, stealing, manipulation, etc. It doesn't even have to be to further a goal of mine- sometimes it's just tempting to pocket something or manipulate somebody, or lie simply for the sake of lying. Seriously, is this really how you feel? Admitting to such actions is one thing, but proclaiming...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I've never looking into teaching in the EU- I don't think the demand is there, since most EU people already speak English quite well. Try looking into Central Europe, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven he's canadian so going to Cuba is always available. I didn't know that. Honestly, I'm out of ideas then.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung How else can I use this new passport to great personal advantage? Visit Cuba.
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