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War is heartbreaking.
OP is right, we are the problem ourselves. Good article.
It's probably no coincidence that this was pointed out by a poster from the UK. While it is technically the correct term, the argument that it thus must be the best or most obvious way of framing the issue is particularly weak. I'd invite the proponents of this argument to provide other examples of countries discussing the issue primarily around the notion of “entitlements”.“Entitlement” does carry a negative connotation in the English language, and since it is far from...
This looks interesting, but can you explain how you tie it to the topic at hand?
This. Are we to do nothing else in this thread than lament the catastrophe? It’s horrific we all agree, so what discussion is there to be had?As for aid; yes the world should do what they can to relieve this situation, but let’s not pretend it will do anything to stop similar situations to reoccur in the future. Other than that, +1 to what Stephen said about aid to Africa. Doing what we have done for decades does not work, giving them resources doesn’t help because their...
This specific situation, sure. The underlying issues, I really don't think so.
Would someone please post the pic of the fat kid in his parent's basement already.
Klaus has disqualified himself from serious discourse about climate change a long time ago, his views on the topic are positively delusional. It is at this point already where we can stop paying attention to the whiny opinion piece.
You can't be serious here. This claim is utterly absurd, contradicted by mountains of historical and contemporary evidence. That you, and O'Reilly, defend it with a gross fallacy doesn't help either.
Good add, well done.
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