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I may be naive, but I don't think the majority of "regular" cigar smokers in their 20s smoke because they think it's sexy or fun. I'm 21 and I smoke because it's relaxing and something to do while I'm studying or lounging or something.
Hi's look fantastic.
Bahahahahaha group buy
I have a pair of Tom Ford aviators that are meh... and the only sunglasses I wear now are my polarized Wayfarers. I really should be looking into trousers, but with the 19cm hanging in my closet unworn and the two pairs of LVC medium washes I haven't worn yet, I have a lot of denim that I could wear... Especially for the summer.
My birthday's a week from tomorrow and other than a pair of Lanvin high tops and a trip out to Chicago to see Swedish House Mafia that I already ordered/paid for (and a replacement Xbox when my OG 360 died), I don't really know what else to get myself. Which isn't to say I don't know what I want.... merely that I don't know what I should get now. I want to get more tees and tanks for S/S, but other than a handful of MMM tees and one mesh/cotton Geller tank that I already...
Maybe it's because I'm mostly a lurker or maybe it's because I don't understand the majority of the hate around reedo, but I for one would love to see how the denim 5 zip fits and looks in person. I got a black calf one from TBS at the beginning of the year and absolutely adore the jacket.
No... But I was wearing a stark, GATs and a navy TOJ peacoat last night at ugly tuna, midway, formaggio's, I bar and the O last night...
I don't know if people are into them, the majority of the ones that I see in person and online are either too plain, or the design on the upper is so strange that I wouldn't consider it. I'm a fan of the majority of the low captoe sneakers, but they aren't a shoe I'd pay $500+ for. Those gray highs from last season (?) looked great though, so I didn't think twice about grabbing a pair. There are undoubtedly better sneakers out there for the same/lower price, but I like the...
Barney's, TBS, MMM e-boutique, ssense, etc. I'd keep a look out for the material though, there are a couple canvas or textile versions out there and the leather ones too. Just want to make sure you order the ones you want.
Personally I was never a big fan of the MMM GAT mids. Seem pretty boring and for the price there are many better sneaker options out there.
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