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So they're basically MMM toms without the whole "giving a pair of shoes to children that need them" thing that Toms were made around... Gotcha. Good to know.
I see... Makes sense. Thanks.
BTW is that the "new" lanvin sole on the SLPs, or just a similar cut near the toebox? Is anyone else using that sole now other than Lanvin?
Well du at Lanvin LA told me sale ends tomorrow... 30% was huge. With shipping got the grey highs for $688. I know they're plain looking white lows, and they look almost identical to every other pair of white lows out there, but the SLP sneakers on porter have caught my eye. Someone convince me out of buying them.
Kopped: Should be traveling on their way from LA right now. Can't wait. I have the itch to buy a pair of the SLP white lows too... Look pretty good.
Regis, I remember you were on the lookout for some margiela loafers/mocs recently. You probably want leather, but they have a bunch of espadrilles on the e-boutique, and if I remember correctly the white canvas ones were only like $295 or something. Not quite mocs, but they look pretty good and very sleek.
Same. Other times I feel like it bleeds battery life. I went to the bar last night at 11:15 with 29% battery, fully expecting my battery to die. Even with a bunch of texting, using apps, and going on the internet, I was still at 8% and alive and kicking by the time I went home at 4. That's 21% in 5 hours, which seems like a lot now that I look at it that way... But that would be 100% in over 24 hours, which is pretty god damn good battery life, at least from my experience.
I am a size 10 (UK 9) in lanvin, thanks for the look man. Fortunately my dude at Lanvin found some in red (8 and 10) and grey (9, 10 and 12) UK sizing, and 30% off so I kopped
Anyone know who stocked these Lanvin High tops, other than TBS which is sold out? (or if they ever made them in white, if anyone stocks them in that? they would be dirty in white.) edit: for anyone else concerned, talked to the Lanvin boutique in LA and they said they were sold out as well. Whether that means the entire company or that one store, I don't know.
That was my exact reasoning behind avoiding distressing... I prefer washed/non-raw denim nowadays, but I'd rather break my own jacket in... 5 zip's the only black piece I have. Envious of your location, all of my Margiela is made for warmer weather than Ohio, as is all the MMM stuff I'm eyeing right now. At least there's vegas and vacations for it though, right? I would love to hear your impressions of the cream 5 zip though.
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