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Spent a pretty penny to get the one I posted above (and am wearing now), but lord knows when the next time I'll find one in black without distressing or some detracting detail is.
Fine. Retry: Size 50. Fit's small for a 50, but I'm a 48 so that's a good thing. (got the last one at tres bien, was pretty when it shipped)
look below.
Pics brohan edit: went back to the webstore, looks pretty purple to me...
Finally bought a black 5-zip (from TBS). Anyone have any recommendations out of the ordinary on how to wear it? I expect light wash denim, white tee, and sneakers or boots to be the main look for the jacket, but want to be a little more versatile with it and would love suggestions on something I wouldn't necessarily think about doing with it.
Can't wait for the spring and summer to come back... Linen chambray and white chinos. Gonna be great.
You can't see how this sounds ridiculous: "Like I say, I have heard they have Indians in Canada but to see Indian men dating interracial is unheard of." I can't tell if you're a devolving troll right now or not, but at the very least I'll give you the benefit of the doubt one more time. There are Indians in just about every major western country, especially Canada, the UK, and the US. Toronto from what I hear has a pretty big Indian/South Asian population. Anywhere where...
MJP, the Montecristo to which you refer is not from the same region as the one about which we are talking. The dominican Montecristos are not something I would smoke, but their cuban counterparts are another story.
I'm Indian-American, and the only girls I date are sorority girls. Race doesn't matter to me, and I don't think I'd date a girl for whom it does.
I've had girls steal multiples of my WvG sweatshirts. Took me months to get them back. Buy them, wear them, and don't give them out. Or at least get laid a couple times before you do.
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