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Playing drunk therapist for your friends (especially the female ones. dudes are easy to handle).
Ed at Waxing Moon does fantastic custom jobs too.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy david's book is great. there's a new one out that looks really good, too. just got a review copy: jeni's splendid ice creams at home. haven't tested anything yet, but i do like that most of her ice creams don't start with cooked custard. i do like that for some ice creams, but i also like a fresh dairy base, too. Jeni's is a Columbus staple, and anyone who's either spent some time in the city or lives here...
Just saw this: Quote: Originally Posted by matik23 I mean look at the CoD 5 thread. Just a bunch of sheep who think they're playing the greatest game evarr!! And those douchebags wonder why they buy a new controller every week.
The tote is probably the smartest purchase I've ever made. It paid for itself within a matter of weeks and it is great to carry a towel, a six pack, and a change of clothes to the pool.
Well yeah, I really didn't have a decision to make, because there was an obvious right choice, but I was feeling ambivalent about it all day. Plus I'll probably see her tomorrow and make up for it.
Was forced to make a decision between getting dinner with a friend from high school who is moving away for 6 months at the very least or being 60 miles away and going out with the girl I'm interested in, who happened to graduate from college today. Chose dinner. Probably the right decision especially considering I took her out to lunch yesterday, but still pissed me off to have to choose.
Took a new girl out yesterday for lunch. We talked for a full hour after we ate, with no awkward lulls. It was great. I had to go back to my parents' last night, stayed here today so I could get dinner with my friends from high school because one is leaving for Kansas for 6 months. It's a big thing for me because it's the first time I've been into someone since the last one strung my heart around for 6 months 2 years ago. Feels great, and I think she might have a thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 If you're thinking of pursuing someone else and you're a moral person, taking a break is probably the best choice. That way, if things don't go the way you want with the new girl, you have a back-up in case.
One of my buddies graduated today, and his older brother (who's in the military) is here until some time tomorrow. Hope to get some CoRos in before they leave.
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