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^ Do they stock lanvin at either place? I might have the opportunity to take a trip to chi sometime next quarter and want to check the lanvin selection out. I figure Miami next week will be a bust.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarence_y Bought and received a shirt from Krish the Fish. Nice seller. Fantastic buyer as well. I love smooth transactions, and this round of selling (my first on SF) was as smooth as can be. Great guy; don't hesitate to deal with clarence_y (for search purposes) Quote: Originally Posted by 4saken Krish the Fish Quick to ship and great communication....
^ I don't really care how they look lol. The cut & mechanism are really all I care about. I have a Xikar Xi (the ones with the aluminum bodies and german blades) that I barely ever used. There's a bit of play on the blades and I never get a smooth cut from it. Might just send it in to Xikar, and my punch cut too, to get them sharpened/replaced.
^ If I could ever get my hands on a half-way decent v-cut, I might be in the same boat. Other than the one xikar I've seen, never seen anything other than the cheap $2 ones. And slow-and-steady is more my ritual than the actual cut. I cut at about the same speed as the Palio mechanism lets me, so it and I are a perfect match.
I know what you mean. Unfortunately, I've had the displeasure of handling many cheap plastic double blade cutters, so I try to do the slow-and-steady method for cutting. Plus I always take a little time to ensure I'm cutting off the "perfect" amount of cap each time. A little ritual of mine I imagine.
By the way, Palios are fucking amazing cutters. They look shitty, and the polymer they use makes the finishes look very cheap, but the blades are golden and the mechanism is so so smooth. Best straight cut I've ever handled, and possibly ever created. I need to buy another one soon.
^ Quote: Originally Posted by jet Palio is ok, better than xikar. I still use a two dollar single guillotine from germany on the patio but it doesn't work as well as anymore like my plastic davidoff.
Added BoO shirt.
First cigar: Montecristo tube NC 2 years ago First humidor: last summer, 300 count. Now:
I need pics of this fabled jet-cutâ„¢.
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