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Just got the newsletter. Sweat knickers look fantastic. Living in a fraternity house this year, It'll be fantastic to have some great loungewear to pair with my WvG navy hoodie. Here's to hoping for crewnecks and hoodies in the vagina fabric... and more WvG exclusive fabrics!
The middle of recomp/whatever I'm doing right now is possibly the worst, least motivational time there is. When you see more definition/size in your muscles, but no decrease in fat (my main goal), but weight stays the same, it's incredibly discouraging to continue on the diet plan. I'm going to eat cleaner and up my cardio so I can see results. I'm just repulsed by the appearance of love handles and a gut in general more than anything else, and it's fucking miserable to...
truth. I got in at 1 AM last night, so I assumed all you old geezers would have been asleep. Logged on at 3:30, and no one was on. WTF?
I'm completely out of CoRos, PSD4s, and almost out of Fonseca No. 1s (which are my go-to handout stick as well as one of my favorite mild cigars), and I think a restock is necessary shortly. However, I'm thinking that I'll avoid the PSD4s and maybe even CoRos, and move up in both, to maybe P2s and CoLas (if I have the balls for it Esplendidos). I'm probably going to get the Fonseca Cosacas instead of the No. 1, which was great ROTT and for about 18 months after I got them...
On the kop list for everything that's coming out soon. My buying hiatus is coming to an end next week. Now, can't wait for the third release of the tattersall. Also, Mauro & Co. delivers. If you've got haters, you must be doing something right.
hahahahajet is one of the guys in the cigar thread that actually knows stuff about cigars that I want to learn about, and I'll give him props for it. Anyone can learn about cigars that are readily available or read about the ones that aren't, but dude has firsthand knowledge which is imo much better than anything else I can read anywhere on the internet. Not trying to be on anyone's jock, but I respect when a dude knows his shit and I'll give him +rep for that.
^ Eating healthy entails minimal bread/starch/pasta etc... which would be the bulk of your calories from carbohydrates. If you look up nutrition facts for most green leafy vegetables (or most vegetables other than starchy ones like potatoes, etc.) then you'll see that they have very little caloric content, while their nutrients to calories ratio is enormous. Therefore, the bulk of your calories will be from protein and fat (so your meat essentially), and it is difficult at...
I've sworn off buying clothes for a while now (rounding 2 months woo!) but methinks the knickers and honeydew may be my relapse. And by may I mean will. As long as I am online when they're for sale.
I'll still TK less than brian. Probably.
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