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Man, jet, you think you could find me some RASCC? I've been looking at all of the normal places with no luck. Almost like trying to find P1s
Hopefully 3.5 months in the Bahamas and some motivation will allow me to shed some weight, and then I'll probably kop some MMM tailored goods, some trousers, and maybe a pair of black MMM sidezip boots. Love those ones on mr porter.
Moving to the Bahamas for 4 months, so grabbed one of these for the weather:
brb changing my order to black (0)
I went with charcoal for my ma-1 because of artishard and bows1.
I have a white Goyard card case that I just keep my ID, student ID, MasterCard and AmEx in. All I really need. I keep a little cash in the middle pocket just for emergencies, or cabs or something.
Emailed my SA, we shall see.
After having the black calf/gunmetal zip 5-zip from this year for about 6 months, I really want a black lamb/silver zip one. Can anyone find one? I was contemplating buying a black lamb Toj MDR but it would only be as a replacement for the 5 zip I really want, and would most likely end up on B&S after a couple months.
Yeah, WvG: White oxford Other shirts I have the white Japanese oxford and its blue counterpart. Feels like the same thick, beefy oxford cloth as my Thom Browne oxford, and since I'm part of the loyalty program, I got both shirts for less than what I paid for the Thom Browne.
I kopped one of those after the bows fitpic, the art one is just making me happier with the decision.
New Posts  All Forums: