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Plus they won't ever look dated. #classic as you said.
I needed to figure out something to show them to scale, so I figured this'd do the trick. Hopefully it isn't too "douchey": they're tall though, needed some way to show how tall they are, like 9 and a quarter inches or something. And I'm assuming you know how tall the BMW key is, so used that for reference.
I think it was $200 for a pair, I got the dom perignon ones because they looked the least ornate.Stock pics below:Actually I have them in my parents' dining room right now, might pull them out of the box and snap (a pic) in a minute.
I got some 3sixteens in earlier this week. Haven't worn denim in a while and the last time I wore any was APC anyways so trying to up my denim game (and diversify my pants for the winter too). Probably going to buy a bottle of Veuve Clicquot (sup jet) later this week. Got some baccarat flutes, just need to find out what plans I'm obligated to now.
I don't know man, maybe if the world's still around when I get to your age I'll be able to grow a gray beard.
If my hair was 3-6 inches longer, it might look like that. Mine is much wavier though. Also, I couldn't grow a beard that gray even if I tried.
The middle two are the most correct. (not including the last one. I ain't no stinkin' commie!)
For my birthday coming up in a couple months, I think I want to get my first gun. I know it's all about feel in hand, how the gun shoots for me, what I intend on using it for, and trying out enough guns to know what I want, but anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the process rolling? Should I just show up to a local range/store and tell them, "Here I am, I want to buy my first handgun, what now?" Should I read anything first? Take shooting lessons before I take a...
By the way, if you're a medium, when those bamboo/sorona tees come out, kop them immediately. I own all of the black bamboo/sorona tees in medium. All of them. Okay, there might be one or two that belong to someone else, but I have something absurd like 15 of them. Buy them before I buy them all.
New Posts  All Forums: