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I would have asked him to do the math aloud with me. "So say I wanted to buy something that was $100, and it's 40% off. That's $60 right?" "Right" "Okay. So 30% off of $100 is $70. Then if you took another 10% off, we get $63. Do you think $63 is the same as $60? If so, we have bigger problems than math here."
I am also on. Been on a hiatus for the past couple days, needed some time to refresh for that fucking test. still do actually
My shaving routine requires a beard trimmer and an electric shaver. Oh yes, and a shower. I trim my beard down to a 0 before my shower. After the shower, I pat my face off and then I use the electric shaver to get the rest. No pricking, pulling, in-grown hairs. No pain, and a clean shave. If I shaved every day (or even every other day), I wouldn't need the trim step, but I'm lazy and have no reason to have to shave every day, so this is my routine. It takes about 3-5...
Lan vaaaaaan Just kopped a pair of RRL officer chinos for the winter. Never really got around to making a real winter wardrobe in the past couple years so figured now's as good an opportunity as any. (Have parts and just ordered some boots, but putting it all together before the cold hits Ohio) TL;DR: blake has RRL officer chinos, and I kopped.
Got 10 more Hanger Project shirt hangers 2 SNS Herning Starks from Tres Bien (navy blue and black melange) A pair of Bose QC 15s and a pair of Sorel Caribou boots Been a long month of spending, really need to stop kopping.
not at all. it's fig like the entire plant, where you can smell leaves, branches (if that makes sense) and a little earth along with the fruit. not too fruity to come off as absurdly feminine. I love the scent, one of my favorites. I like the Diptyque candles a lot as well, and figuier is similar to philosykos if you've smelled it. Essence of John Galliano is by far my favorite candle of theirs (I feel like a no homo is necessary here). I'm very close to out of the room...
Or the crazy black lady singing in french?
Yeah I'm not expecting something on par with my near-field monitors or my Shure SE530 IEMs, but I need the best possible noise-cancelling, and there are times when my ear canals are sore from wearing the Shures too much that I need an over-ear solution. The Bose QuietComfort 15 fit the bill.
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