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I thought that lunk shit was planet fitness?
Pink polka dot is droolworthy
I've begun playing candy crush saga. I blame it on John Coppidge. Too addictive. (PS: Let me buy a diesel blue daypack!!!!!)
I feel like the majority of people with thick hair want finer, thinner hair, and vice versa. I have pretty thick wavy hair that won't do anything I want after it's over 2" long. Annoying when I want to try something other than the usual.
I have 4 more years of school after graduation in may (med school). So the daypack seems like my move. Just waiting for deets
Man I CANNOT wait for the weather to be nice enough to be able to wear my linen chambray shirt. And the white chinos I picked up in the firesale too. fuck yeah.
15 minutes until my bucks take on your spartans
Yoox runs the MMM e-store too.
I have the omninettoyant which is the cleaner and the eraser... And a generic suede brush with synthetic bristles on the outside and brass on the inside. I've been kicking myself for not buying the renovateur when I bought all the other shit.... That lotion looks like the tits for leather products in general. And I'm not the clumsiest person in the world, but I tend to run into shit when I'm drunk or end up wearing a leather to a concert or bar or show or something. Less...
By the way, anyone afraid of buying a suede jacket because "suede is hard to maintain", don't be. It's a resilient skin, and if you get some stain or some shit on it, saphir makes an unbelievable set of suede cleaning and maintenance products. I just cleaned my white GATs and lanvin highs with them, and they look like a broken in version of what they looked like new. So don't fret
New Posts  All Forums: