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kopped with swiftness. Thanks.
I was able to keep a regimen of moderate lifting and cardio on off days for 10 weeks this summer without any problems, so I intend on getting back to that and then pushing further. The BCAAs are going to be my pre-workout because I usually work out in the morning... something to keep me going I guess. (Technically I got Xtend by Scivation for my pre-workout, which has BCAAs in it)thanks. I was worried about it, but I've been doing practice tests every day this past week,...
Haven't been able to workout for the past 2 weeks... It was expected however; MCAT on Friday so I've buckled down, sequestered myself in my parents' house, and done nothing but take practice tests, study, and occasionally play Call of Duty Expect to hit it hard again once the MCAT's done... going to dial my diet down, just reordered everything that I ran out of/was running out of, along with getting some BCAAs, glutamine, new shaker bottles, creatine, etc. Since the...
Sorry man... didn't mean to call you out. no hate meant.
Robert Geller Seconds Long sleeve ($53) and tank ($37) both in XL at Blackbird.
robbie, I don't know if I can say I'm an authority on anything, but that bottom button doesn't seem to be doing you any favors. Looks like some pulling there. Synth's fit looks enviously good, per usual.
Charcoal knickers and Black sonora/bamboo tee. most comfortable outfit ever. When my indigos come in, the heather grey tee w/ indigo knickers combo might give it a fight for its money.
Moncler's color are navy and red also. I usually differentiate between Moncler and MGB by how the outerwear looks: Thom Browne usually makes outerwear stuff like sports jackets, DB puffy jackets, etc. Moncler's (mainline) is usually like down jackets like you'd expect from a skiing company. just my $0.02. Maybe not fool-proof but it's been a decent working hypothesis for me.
I'll recommend the same one that I was recommended: the Maduro R.
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