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Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt ed109?
I'll wager you're right; I had a BB Tour before my iPhone (both on VZW) and I've been stiffarmed into a data plan for both. I imagine Android is the same way.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 for 5 yrs?? NO...that's just plain stupid..... the best cigar I ever smoked was a 2007 Montecristo, followed closely by a 2003 Cohiba. I can guess that they probably didn't taste this good when they were released, else there wouldn't be any for me to smoke in 2011. For the OP, as b & holymadness said, you can rehumidify them and get them back to a smokeable level, but the essential oils that give them the...
I was only considering getting the 18.5 because I live in an apartment at school, and because I'll be living in the fraternity house next year, I don't want something that'll be too big or take up too much space. But if it's that much better/more useful to get the 22.5 over the 18.5, I'll grab it. These are the same reasons why I'm shying away from the performer, which I'll probably buy once I go to med school and/or have my own place. I will look into a hinged grill...
WvG and MMM that should have me covered decently.
Two quick questions for you smoking (and grilling) experts: what's the word on Weber charcoal grills? I'm debating between the 18.5" models; not really sure what the difference is between the "silver" and "gold"... I was hoping someone would know more than me so I could make an informed decision. Also, are Weber smokers any good? I'm looking at their 18.5" smoker also... Is there any other smoker that I should look into? I plan on smoking pork butts, brisket, etc. (aka no...
Why don't you ballers raise the stakes: a box of BHKs?
well B, at least there's an upside; you'll pay significantly less for alcohol! Buying a smoker soon... re-reading this threak for guidance.
On the way down to my fraternity formal, stopped by the Party Source and picked up some goodies. Ended up not drinking everything, so I now have a sealed handle of Belvedere in my room
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