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Thank you sir.
oh. They look just like potatoes! That's strange; my parents are south indian but I've never seen "cocktail idlis" before. They look good. The rest of the food looks great as well. Hope you guys enjoyed it all, everything looks fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Krish the Fish I'm going to Miami next week. I'll be in the city for a weekend after a spring break cruise. Where should I go shopping? Right now all I have is The Webster, Barney's Co-Op, and Neiman. Anyone have any ideas? anyone? or is there simply nowhere else in Miami?
Should I get a SNS Herning Stark? Knits in my closet are lacking, and they look like they are thick and warm. What would I wear a cardigan like this with? Tee & Chinos? Denim? I'm thinking grey or navy...
mmm. My mom makes the best dosas and chutney. Those potatoes look delectable.
^ I looked hard.
Price drop on IH to $240 shipped. edit: and sold.
Go for the double ligero. DL-700 natural or maduro, or maduro chisel. I like the chisel personally, but the head falls apart on me about 2/3 through the cigar. Or the Padron. I've been consistently underwhelmed by VSGs, and ashtons in general.
Damn those GATs look really good. And I'm a 44... someone buy them quick. I don't need 3 pairs of low GATs.
Heartfelt beads.
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