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Problem with Tara being dead: just like with Jesus, Lafayette can see her, so odds are she still will be around. At least we won't have to deal with the trembling lower lip though.
"I've had that gun unlocked since December"
^ +1. Candy cane looks good, but might be too bright for my wardrobe.
When we're talking about red pants for Spring 12, are we talking like steak tartare, or nantucket red? Nantucket red WvG pants would be awesome.
Finally got it off 15 minutes after I posted lol. My chinos are hanging in my closet until the weather becomes a little more suitable for their heft.Great pants though, can't wait to break them in in the winter.
I just don't like Canada, or its inhabitants. sorry. I also don't really care what you think, but I definitely don't get off talking about politics.On another note, my apologies, I thought you were 19 or something for some reason.
Isn't 187 younger than I am? And if he's anything in the real world like he is online, I don't know why anyone would want to hang out with him. Also, don't piss on my house.
I was on at like 9:30 or 10 or some shit. No one else was, however.
I will be on tonight. I have a wireless (G, not N) connection to my router (which is a room over), and usually my only lag spikes are from other people lagging. I rarely have a problem with lag.
My chinos finally arrived. Thanks Sam for answering all my emails (on your days off!) and these fit like I would want them too: a little tight in the upper block and thighs, which will end up a great fit once all stretched out. Only problem is I can't get the top button unbuttoned lol... might be wearing these heavy until I figure out how to take them off (5)
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