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make your own team.
Just bought MW3 (and skyrim) on amazon. Don't plan on playing it online for a little bit, but I think survival is a lot more fun than multiplayer. I like the multiplayer gameplay in BF3 a lot better than MW3, and survival seems a lot more like how I like to play. Not saying I won't be online on MW3, but it will be sparingly.
I smoked my second to last Trini Robusto T and a Viaje Double Edge Sword last night. Both excellent smokes. Both I will not be happy to run out of.
I found it funny that you picked the azn baby crying.
I'm definitely buying the white and japanese blue. Can't have too many white or blue oxfords in your closet.
Finally put in an order for a Toj peacoat... a year later than I wanted. Went with navy Medium with Large body length and 26-26.5" sleeves. Went with cupro lining with the intent that I want to layer underneath and I don't really like poly quilted insulation. Third Toj piece, very excited for this one to come in. All in all sent my email to Charly at 2 PM and had everything finalized and payment sent by 4:45. Great outfit, great product. Can't speak highly enough about...
Yep no problem. I've actually never had any other printer but HPs... maybe I've just had great luck but none of my printers have died on me; they just got too old. good luck on your search. I was going to say something about winter coats, but decided it would be more prudent to go to the winter coat thread instead. I've already come to the conclusion that if I were to get a down jacket (à la Moncler), it would probably look best with denim. However since I plan on...
I've had nothing but good things to say about my HP Photosmart Premium. Can do photos and documents. I do recommend if you print a lot of b&w pages (documents, spreadsheets, etc.) to get the XL black print cartridge, and if you print a lot of photos (or color documents) get the XL color ones too.edit: I believe the current version is the c310a.
I let a buddy of mine borrow my copy of BF3 because I don't have my xbox up at school... and he used my one time use code for online play. Now, because I was being a good friend, I have to spend ten more dollars on a game that I still haven't played yet. Great. At least I didn't pay $60 up front for it. One small reprieve.
New Posts  All Forums: