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I chipped both of my front two upper teeth when I was much younger. Got them bonded initially. Fast forward ~12 years, or right after I got my first set of crowns on them, the teeth independently started closing off the canal for the root, effectively cutting blood flow and nerves to the teeth. Had to get a root canal done in each (a year apart), and each crown redone. I think the same thing might be happening to the two teeth beside them as well, one had fractures from...
I have a matching right shoe too.
Today's my 22nd birthday. I don't have class today, and my pair of hightop Lanvins finally showed up, so it's shaping up to be a good day of drinking cocktails, eating steak, looking good and smoking cigars.
Maybe doing EDC Vegas, I bought my ticket to EDC Chicago last month... I really want to make the trip to Belgium for Tomorrowland instead of Vegas though. Edit: and regarding the show choices, EDM is only barely hitting this part of the midwest... Can't really pick and choose. The more penetrance the collective genres get, the "better" the shows that come will be.
Great, thanks Regis. Figured it was cotton but it's better to check since I knew you had it and odds are someone else does too.
Ghetto Blaster tee... Neiman Marcus says it's silk, but MMM eboutique, SSense, and Barney's say cotton. Should I assume that NM is just, well, wrong?
Made some birthday purchases: SLP high tops MMM ID bracelet Swedish House Mafia floor ticket Tiesto floor ticket Madeon GA ticket Lanvin high tops a new Xbox 360 (mine crapped out on me at the beginning of the year) might get some MMM tees too. Not entirely sold on them yet.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exception_that_proves_the_rule But I agree with you brad.
Robokopped a pair of SLP white hi's. Was going to get the lows (and still might later this season), but decided fuck it, I don't have enough high tops.
Anyone know how the SLP (low) sneakers fit? Specifically relative to maybe MMM GAT? or any baller shoe really. I'm a 43.5 in GATs, and a 10D in most lasts... So should I pony up for a 43?
New Posts  All Forums: