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I hear there's this brewery called "Magic Hat" that makes really rare beer.
If peacoat's are allowed, then I'll post pics.
I have pairs of GATs TTS and 1 size up. The ones that are TTS are a lot more snug, to the point where I can't wear the shoes with laces. However, the ones 1 size up don't seem as comfortable. #firstworldproblems
I'll be around, unless the team is full in which case I'm going to silently pout and play more Skyrim.
Love that song snake. Also, Rihanna's sunglasses in the middle of the song are insane. (in three other colors too. Just wish they were wool, but to wear under my Sorels I can't really complain. Especially at $7 a pair)
No one actually smokes those red dot Cohibas, right? Right guys? (I've never even considered purchasing one)
there's a slot to stick your cord through the back, so it'll charge it. it's just wood though, looks like those old school GE radio alarm clocks from childhood.edit: i didn't have enough space for my old alarm clock (the chestnut hill GEORGE, if you're interested) in my new digs, so I was just using my iPhone as my alarm plugged in. Now i'm doing the same thing, but it looks a lot cooler.
The Areaware pseudo alarm clock I linked to earlier:
It's way too dark outside now, and I don't want indoor pics for this beauty. Tomorrow afternoon I'll try to get some good ones. Luckily, since I'm home, I have the option to use my dad's Nikon dslr or my s95, whichever will do the peacoat justice. (I hate mirror pics)
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