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Robokopped a pair of SLP white hi's. Was going to get the lows (and still might later this season), but decided fuck it, I don't have enough high tops.
Anyone know how the SLP (low) sneakers fit? Specifically relative to maybe MMM GAT? or any baller shoe really. I'm a 43.5 in GATs, and a 10D in most lasts... So should I pony up for a 43?
I'm down for another exclusive shirt. Let's talk about fabric soon.
Girls love my peacoat, especially mixed in with cardigans/knits under, but I've never received the same level of compliments about my moto as I do about my 5 zip. Both calf too.
It took me a while to figure out what CM was... And an even longer figure of time to figure out what it was before.
I'm the same as synthese oddly enough for all of those brands, and I am a 43.5-44 in GATs. Which really means I fit into anything between 43 and 44, but I wear my 43s laceless. 44 is a bit loose. If I got my hands on the white low 43.5 at forward, I could let you know about that.
I still really like the white SLP lows... Probably will pick up a pair this season, maybe closer to when the weather is better here
I have an old beater pair of navy GATs that I wear to (college) bars but they don't show much wear. Too much wear and they get chucked.
My best guess would be the 600-800 range... The lows are $495.
I may be naive, but I don't think the majority of "regular" cigar smokers in their 20s smoke because they think it's sexy or fun. I'm 21 and I smoke because it's relaxing and something to do while I'm studying or lounging or something.
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