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Ah gotcha. Too early, not enough coffee yet (at least that's my excuse). Thanks unbel!
Honeysuckle the only color available (edit:on the website right now)?
Preordered the H. Lesser birdseye suit in 50L, which is what size my navy Drago (I believe) birdseye is. Was the perfect interview suit, so I figured a second birdseye in another staple color wouldn't be outrageous... I still need to get on sending my Loro Piana gun club fabric in for a MTO... I ordered enough of the Minnis houndstooth for a sport coat, but now I'm wondering if there is any left for me to get the length needed for some pants and make it a suit. I'm also...
^ +1
Any ideas of what I should wear to the Derby? Just found out I am going (Paddock, not stands) with my friends and my girlfriend, and not exactly sure what to wear. I assume I should go bright and loud patterned (and lightweight fabrics) regarding jackets and a pair of light wool or cotton trousers and a bow tie, right?
Any stores that carry John Elliott (denim and crewneck tees) have any promos? Shit is nice and fits me well but $370 is a lot for denim that isn't a traditional luxe brand in my book
Yesterday's smoke:
I actually smoked a DPG blue (original is what it's called but it's been the blue label long before they added the "ORIGINAL" second band) robusto today at my local shop. The robusto I had (very recent, in this week) smoked just like the ones of old. Like the ones I smoked 6-7 years ago. Fantastic. Going to the Caymans next week for 10 days or so, going to pack a ton of PCs with me to smoke. And montecarlos, of course.
I too love the Russian reindeer. Wish the smaller pocket wallet was still in stock at ASW so I could wear that all the time. Don't wear jackets every day now that the weather is nice, so jacket wallet is a bit much every day
No, LMU-DCOM. In Harrogate. About an hour north of Knoxville
New Posts  All Forums: