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Kopped some Reyes that should be on the way now. Should be nice, got them at a solid price too
It's 14 degrees out now... I hope it gets warmer soon, because this winter's been rough. I've been going to my cigar store every Thursday to get some work done and some a couple sticks, but there's only so much that isn't in my humidor that interests me, and much of it isn't stuff I can readily buy.
@dr1248 where'd you find the 2nd or 3rd pair? Or are they pics from old seasons?
I've had a relatively poor turnout with MMM shoes. I have one pair of boots that I dyed black (chronicled in a post somewhere or the other) from a reddish brown that had a natural stacked sole and actually felt and looked like it was made from good quality leather. I purchased those boots from Yoox. However, I also got last season's black boots, which had leather that felt like plastic. So it's been a crapshoot in my limited experience. Unless you want to make the jump up...
I think descriptions or maybe even names the same as the shirting would help streamline the brand and allow people to figure out what fit they want the most. Before dinner for the slim leg, After dinner for the slim straight. I think giving everything the same name gives consumers (like my brother who recently joined the loyalty program; I've been a member since the birth of Christ) some confidence that they know what the fit is going to be like, and though it isn't an...
I like Aventus (between my brother and I we have 2 3.4 ounce bottles and 1 travel size bottle) but I think Green Irish Tweed smells better on my skin than Aventus. Plus, I live in the cold more than half the year, whereas the warmth of the Caribbean and Florida can allow for more summery fragrances all year long. I need something for the winter too.. I was hoping for something less synthetic from Jazz Club, but neither it nor Tobacco Vanille really spoke to me, considering...
This is how I tried (untitled), Jazz Club, and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. Might try Windsor too... Haven't found anything that speaks to me yet (more than GIT at least)
I'm at 20 weeks right now for my bcdr and gfbcdr. Expecting under 20 weeks left for me, which would be good because I'm going to pebble beach for a wedding in mid-May and Vegas in mid-June
Not at all! I've been doing all my schoolwork on computers (and my iPad) recently so my handwriting is atrocious right now too. It was very kind And I got both from Tres Bien. They put up their MMM S/S buy today
New Posts  All Forums: