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He lives! What's the cigar? None for me for Christmas weekend unfortunately. Got a cold kicking my ass
We have motion, window (open and breakage) and door (contact) here. The house we should be hearing back about today (put an offer in on Monday) doesn't have a security system in, but if we do end up with it that will quickly change. Lots of exterior doors and an enclosed outdoor entertaining area between the living room and detached garage will necessitate a couple more things, laser eye, motion sensing flood light, motion sensors, window/door contact and breakage, etc....
160. Need new pillows for my couch at my house at school and these should fit the bill nicely. And significantly cheaper than the ones my girlfriend had made at home, so that's always a plus.
with a Hanes t shirt and a Toj?
Ah. I know zero about exterior painting. No dog in the fight.
I know how much painting cost to have the brownstone we live in now painted top to bottom (and spray all the cabinets). One of the houses we're looking at next week with our realtor is at least triple the space (going from a 1.6k sqft brownstone to potentially a 5.5k sq ft house) and was built in 1920. I could see painting it costing over $30,000, especially if repairs are needed on the walls first. All I know is that we have a flat-looking paint right now and it is a...
I assume since I didn't get my whole allocation, there will be little chance of a reorder if I wanted to. Now to find another two bottles to fill out that case so I can have it delivered.
First time I got an email that said I didn't get my whole allocation for an order... only 10 out of the 12 of last week's Pinot Noir coming my way
So it's been a little bit since my lipid metabolism block, but here's how I see it working: ethanol and fatty acids are both only metabolized in the liver. Ethanol is seen as a toxin to the body, so it is preferentially metabolized before anything else (doesn't make sense to metabolize fat while you've got poison flowing through your veins). So the alcohol is getting metabolized, and while this is happening, you have the fatty acids digested and then absorbed into your...
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