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Thanks for the info Roman, I'll wait until the 21st before I send you an email. Hope the new campaign is going well. Thanks again.
Did everyone in the US receive their packages from the last release? I only ask because the tracking for my soft briefcase hasn't updated since the 12th when it left Singapore(?). Just wondering if anyone else is waiting and if I'm just being impatient (which I don't doubt either way) Can't wait to get my black briefcase though! Love the black tote, figure the briefcase will be great for bringing and taking papers and documents to and from the lab, along with my laptop.
Yep all Brusso hardware as far as I can remember. It's been almost a year since I picked everything out, but I believe it is all Brusso. Quadrant hinges as you can tell. Dimensions are 19.5" x 12" x 8", but that includes the hidden drawer which is about an inch and a half or two tall
For the price I ended up paying, I could have looked at Elie Bleus or Daniel Marshalls, but there wasn't anything on the market that was exactly how I wanted my humidor to be. So I worked with Ed to get that thing made, along with high end hardware that I picked out. The handles on the sides are actually supposed to be drawer pulls, but we figured they'd do the trick as handles. Went to a Herrera Esteli/Drew Estate event yesterday at my local cigar shop. HE lanceros are...
Finally got my Waxing Moon humidor in, it's been on the way for a while now. Exactly how I wanted it; piano black with a hidden drawer built in. Any smudges are actually lens flares from Ed's camera. He sent me these pics right after it got done.
Non-lightweight fabric (not skin) non-filled MA-1 would be ace. Bought and returned two different RO ones because the fabric was too thin or it was filled/puffy. I'd buy it immediately. Hell I just sent out my return today for the most recent RO
I would be happy to set up a spreadsheet but I've been burned way too many times on setting up group payments that I'd really rather not be in charge of payments.
Wut. This is excellent. Plz blistered lamb/oiled calf/reverse calf
I could find Sazerac and OWA on the shelves of the local liquor store when I lived on the KY/TN border in Corbin. It's weird how you can find it everywhere some places and nowhere in others, even in the same state
Good news or bad news?
New Posts  All Forums: