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Damn it, I wore my Geobaskets today to dinner and forgot how comfortable they are. Should wear them more often. Unfortunately, I say that about a lot of things. Still have my SLP high tops from Hedi's first season in the plastic bags still unworn, a pair of suede black/white Geobaskets unworn, a pair of birdshit GATs that I only wore on my trip to LA & Pebble Beach, a pair of unworn white/gray GATs to replace the beat up pair I wore through, two pairs of Lanvins I've worn...
Excellent thanks, free museums sounds fantastic, especially when all the bars I was looking at had £20 drinks or something absurd... Gotta find a pub nearby once we book a hotel. I'll try to find that gdl post re: shopping.Thanks again.
The best way to do that would probably be to take the pics in direct sunlight or in a lightbox. The richness of the color of my sample pair of the burgundy high tops is really visible when it's sunny out. Gorgeous.
Any recommendations for things to see/do/eat in London in the summer? Will be there for a week at the end of June; gf will be busy all morning, so I have all morning (through lunch) by myself as well as the afternoon and evening with her to do things. Cigar bars, restaurants, shopping, and any museum recs would be greatly appreciated
Gotta go camel on the Memory boys.
Damn looks like a great smoke. Happy birthday P4. Mine's on Thursday, but won't have time to smoke anything until the 20th so I'm not sure what I'm going to smoke for mine. Maybe an Edmundo Dantes 54.
Knit kopping with no end in sight. L-R: Brooks Brothers merino (perfect Christmas sweater), black WvG gunpatch crewneck, and two NMWA Bull's Wool Inis Meain Ganseys Oh yes, and a preorder for the Camel wool/cashmere NMWA exclusive Schneider Memory.
In for camel size 6.
The site says to add your size in to the order as a gift message upon checkout.
That's how I would size it. Mauro's ethos has always been that your size should be consistent across the brand. So your pant size should be your pant size, regardless of denim or chinos, or shirt size should be the same for shirts or sweaters or outerwear.
New Posts  All Forums: