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My father recently picked up his GLE (before thanksgiving) and I can confirm the electronics on the dash blow. Very unintuitive system, and I felt that my brother's '12 X5, my '14 Grand Cherokee and my girlfriend's '15 X3 all had better (and more intuitive in different ways; iDrive for the bimmers is better use of a trackpad/center console controlled system and the Uconnect in the Jeep is a much better touch screen) and easier to use electronic systems
Montecarlo's are incredible. Got a box a couple months ago. They are very good young. No experience with age on them
I have had the same two pairs of OP NDG-1s for the past couple (maybe 3 or 4? It was after Nom de Guerre was already defunct) years. I love them, usually replaced my glasses every year but with these two (all black and tortoise) I've been more than happy.
Interesting, that is good to know. If you do ever go in there, please let me know how it is. Would like to know if I should steer away from there on future trips to NYC (though my experience was quite pleasant, which could have been because there were 6 other people there)
Club Macanudo should make the list too, though my singular experience there was on a slow Sunday afternoon sitting at the bar with a Basil Hayden's and one of their house pale ales and a Davidoff Especiale R. Had a good time though.
Yeah I go to my local shop a couple times a week to smoke cigars and hang out. I have a locker there with a couple boxes and 4 or 5 bottles of bourbon so I have my go-tos available if they're out.
Fair enough. I don't disagree with you. However, there are a fair number of good bourbons that have sprouted as a result, and I imagine whenever this bourbon bubble bursts, it'll be the marketing propped bourbons that will be the first to drop off (as their owners move to greener pastures). But I can also totally see what you mean. More shit product on the shelf means less money going towards the good product in sales, and then less good product available
Wait, you mean people that go to a store, try on clothes, take pics in them and then don't buy them? That's seriously a thing? (Am I that far out of the loop?)
Yeah Formosa. Mostly suits (1 DB and the 3p on the way, the rest the usual), two jackets, and the next 3 will be jackets as well.
You won't regret it. They're really nice and very good looking. I was on the fence for a while until I took the plunge, and I just ordered number 7 today, with 8 preordered and fabric for 9 and 10 either in hand or ordered.
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