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you try another browser? I keep chrome on my computer for this exact reason (websites that won't load for whatever reason in safari)
Bean boots.
Luxire supposedly is good at copying pants, or patterns in general
I noticed that when I got my order last week for J jeans in 50, I received DNAs in 54... Or so said the tag. When I took the jeans out of the bag, they ended up being my size 50 J jeans, just mis-tagged. But since I got what I wanted, I'm not particularly concerned.
Had a great time at the pig roast. Thanks for having us and putting up with us the entire weekend Mauro. And I'd highly recommend coming if you're in the area next time people. It's always a great time.
Damn. Double damn. Looks like I'll be scouring elsewhere.
I was back home last weekend (in Ohio) from grad school, so went on a journey to my 4 go-to liquor stores. Not a damn thing on the shelves... I got word that they might not even make it to shelves in Ohio until November, but I don't know how much credence to put into that. On my trip home though, I did hear that next week or the week after is when Kentucky gets theirs. Ended up getting a (regular) bottle of Sazerac for $25, a TPS barrel strength bottle of Old Scout, and...
For sale is a pair of Rick Owens Milk/White Geobaskets (size 43) purchased this past March from Tres Bien Shop. They have not been worn (as evident by the pristine condition of the soles), and are Brand New in Box condition. Purchased for $1112, but I haven't worn them yet because I really just wanted a pair of the Black/White or Black/White/Milk Geobaskets, so I'm selling them for a substantial loss just to put that money towards a new pair of Geobaskets. These are the...
I've also received serious offers on Grailed that never amounted to me actually selling my product.
... I thought Blazy was the head designer at Margiela (officially or not)
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