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I actually laughed when I saw that the pants were attached. It is pretty comical, and very Margiela to make a tuxedo jumpsuit.Sorry to disappoint though, already dropped it off at the UPS store
Got a fantastic (or so I thought) MMM tuxedo on Yoox in today. Found out that everything about it is perfect except for the fact that it's a FUCKING JUMPSUIT. The pants are stitched into the jacket waist, and as such, it's going back tomorrow. was looking for a black MMM tuxedo in 50 for a while. My ivory silk jacket is great and all, but a formal tuxedo would be great to have (and would give me some pants to wear with the ivory jacket in a formal scenario)
I hate the fact that this thread is featured on the SF front page. Only because it has me looking at a bottle of WLW every time I get on SF, and reminds me I'll probably never get my hands on a bottle.
I know those feels about lots of years... I want to do upper extremity surgery, and any of my options there are at least 6 years.
Congrats Bene. Big moves.
The 100 proof stuff is OBSV stuff that is diluted to 50%. This will be bottled at whatever percentage the bourbon is in the barrel, and will be whatever barrel profile/recipe our group buy chooses. I have bottles of private barrel stuff that ranges from ~54% all the way to above 60%. There are IIRC 8 10 different versions of the Single Barrel, and each has their own specific flavor.
I'd be in for some bottles of a private barrel 4RSB
$12 is the difference between the expected price and the actual price for tote holders. That's less than 2 chipotle burritos, assuming you didn't get guac. It's also roughly one six pack of beer.
Got something new in:
2013 William Larue Weller (courtesy of @bdeuce22 and 2011 Mexico RE Edmundo Dantes El Conde 54 Got a box of the 54s coming to me this weekend so I figured I'd try the one I picked up in Mexico in December
New Posts  All Forums: