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I wish the IM tunic worked with my everyday wear. It looks awesome and comfy. Just don't know how I'd wear it with what's in my closet
Ah gotcha. Too early, not enough coffee yet (at least that's my excuse). Thanks unbel!
Honeysuckle the only color available (edit:on the website right now)?
Preordered the H. Lesser birdseye suit in 50L, which is what size my navy Drago (I believe) birdseye is. Was the perfect interview suit, so I figured a second birdseye in another staple color wouldn't be outrageous... I still need to get on sending my Loro Piana gun club fabric in for a MTO... I ordered enough of the Minnis houndstooth for a sport coat, but now I'm wondering if there is any left for me to get the length needed for some pants and make it a suit. I'm also...
^ +1
Any ideas of what I should wear to the Derby? Just found out I am going (Paddock, not stands) with my friends and my girlfriend, and not exactly sure what to wear. I assume I should go bright and loud patterned (and lightweight fabrics) regarding jackets and a pair of light wool or cotton trousers and a bow tie, right?
Any stores that carry John Elliott (denim and crewneck tees) have any promos? Shit is nice and fits me well but $370 is a lot for denim that isn't a traditional luxe brand in my book
Yesterday's smoke:
I actually smoked a DPG blue (original is what it's called but it's been the blue label long before they added the "ORIGINAL" second band) robusto today at my local shop. The robusto I had (very recent, in this week) smoked just like the ones of old. Like the ones I smoked 6-7 years ago. Fantastic. Going to the Caymans next week for 10 days or so, going to pack a ton of PCs with me to smoke. And montecarlos, of course.
I too love the Russian reindeer. Wish the smaller pocket wallet was still in stock at ASW so I could wear that all the time. Don't wear jackets every day now that the weather is nice, so jacket wallet is a bit much every day
New Posts  All Forums: