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Every time I see a jar of P1s show up on OLH, they get sold incredibly quickly. Must be something good about them. Never had one myself.
I think there's pricing on the website... I'm doing a full custom order and upgraded hardware, and it's going to run me $970. I think the "base model" runs between $300 and $425, and any upgrades or higher end models will go up from there. I think a fully loaded out large model wouldn't be more than $700 or $800, but with custom like mine will run on a different pricing ($550 for the maple sized custom, $100 for piano black finish, $275 for hardware and installation, and...
Not the money, the space. Not a whole lot of space in the condo for an aristocrat, and I don't want to buy one until I'm in my final home (and not a condo that I'll sell in a couple years at most) so it'll match the wood in the house and stuff
Yeah, desktop. My wine fridge is full, I don't have the space for another (or anything bigger; plus the gf would kill me), and I always wanted a good desktop
Anyone here have any experience with Waxing Moon? I am thinking about commissioning a piano black humidor, been talking to Ed about my thoughts for the design. I know he had a bad rap in the past but all the recent feedback online (since last year when his partner hopped on) has been overwhelmingly positive. I was hoping someone here had something positive to say to help me make the decision to get it made, or save me from a potential headache and heartache
I'm trying to break the 180s to better fit my wardrobe (at a narrow framed 6'1"). Also putting more time in the gym too, so hopefully I'll be pleased at my size when I hit 190 and sit there at maintenance for a while.
Atta boy Reedo, looks like a solid fit.
Man, you weren't kidding those were cheap. Had to grab one too.
I have no dog in this fight (I have two jackets in at 50 weeks but don't particularly care when they get here. I'm ordering a Vanson x Thurston x SF in the coming weeks and already have a 5 zip for my leather wearing days), but I doubt I'd be posting in the thread once I got my jacket. It's one of those things kind of like when you're checking the tracking on an order. Once your package is delivered, you don't really check to see what the UPS/Fedex website says. If your...
Thanks for all the advice everyone, a lot to think about which is what I wanted!
New Posts  All Forums: