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I have a Zojirushi countertop hot water dispenser that I use for my pourover every morning and for tea occasionally. I wish I didn't have to fill it up every week. A hot water spout would be ideal for me.
So I have a pair of SL/01H optic white high tops that I bought from Barney's on 2/10/2013 (according to my e-receipt) that I've never taken out of the plastic, let alone tried on or worn (3 small marks on the soles from the bags or from Barney's I presume). Is that something people would care about? I'm fairly certain that was Hedi's first season at Saint Laurent, but I'm not sure. I'm not trying to shill for my future listing, just wondering if it's information that's...
They upcharged on other stuff (11% total tax rate, but even then I paid $90 for 1.75L of Weller 12 and $320 for a bottle of Kentucky Owl. For reference, I got two bottles of KY Owl at the store down the street for $220 each). But I'm fairly certain they only charged $100 on BTAC, which is less than what I paid at the store down the street.
And again, I can't get enough of these:
Hot water faucet Spray nozzle Hand lotion dispenser so your hands don't dry out from the soap
Eh boy. So it begins
Yes. It looks like you can bring back any amount you bought anywhere. Declaring is the same as declaring anything else (certain amount you can bring back before duties are levied, etc.).IANAL but it seems that is the way it reads.I defer to you and your knowledge regarding Habanos SA and the machinations of it, so now I am very curious. I have two full humidors right now so I'm not in a place to consider putting away any more, but if we move I may be adding an Aristocrat...
Shelf life of what? The cigars will be good indefinitely, so long as the seal is good. The more you open it, the more the humidity escapes, and the more frequently you'll have to replace the Boveda pack. Tupperware is food safe, so I assume it's not going to do anything to your cigars. There are guys out there that only use tupperware to store their cigars. I don't, and hell I haven't had cigars in tupperware at all (except for when I was buying cigars to fill a humidor as...
Boxes? Order some humidification beads and grab a cooler. Put the beads in the cooler with the cigars. Make sure it's shut. Singles? I'd say just grab a Boveda pack at one of your local cigar shops, and put the cigars and the boveda pack in a sealed tupperware container
Honestly I don't believe anything is going to happen to the market regarding quality and price... For now. As long as there is a restriction that it has to be from travel, and normal duty rates apply on importing them, the numbers that come in that way will be low. Higher than they are currently, but still low. This may be a good time for Habanos to increase production (if this is even possible. I have been privy to speculative discussions about Habanos production, and how...
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