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Yeah, something like that. My girlfriend wanted a stock BCDR, and I have one on order with excellas and upgraded lining, so I think it's a total of $1610 or something. Not exactly sure what the cost breakdown was. It's a sunk cost in my mind though, especially since I ordered them at the beginning of October (2013); ideally I'd like to get my jacket (and I'm sure my girlfriend would like that too) but if they never show, it's not the end of the world.
I unsubscribed a long time ago even though I still have two open orders... I figure if the jackets get to me, they get to me; if they don't, so be it.
^ same. Either that, or if Chrome's auto-translate worked more regularly
Yeah all the fit pics I've seen of Geos styled with shorts look good. I am trying to get some Rick pants too and some more shorts to fill out the look. I think I might be a strange sight on a cruise, but I'll be comfy and my girlfriend doesn't care how I dress so I'll be dressing for me. I figure a long white tee (I have a couple already that fit the bill, but they're darker colors and I like the idea of white to balance the black of the rest of the fit) would fit in with...
VTB was exactly what I'm looking for, will be perfect for my trip to the caribbean this winter with some pod shorts and geos. Thanks @gettoasty
Anyone know of any tee shirts that fit the RO look? I've been on the lookout for some short sleeve long tees like the Rick ones but less sheer, but didn't know where to start. And since it's the F/W season, all the RO tees this season are long sleeve.
Been drinking a lot of bourbon recently. OBSK Four Roses, Old Weller Antique... I think Barrel proof bourbons might be my new thing. Have a bottle of George T Stagg (and potentially other BTAC bottles) on the way at some point too.
That's about how much I ended up selling my (BNIB) S/S 2014 milk/white paper treatment Geos for on grailed... But YMMV. I had them on there for a while for more but no bites. Ended up taking an offer ~$100 less than I had em listed for. Turned around and ordered the black/white/milk ones I actually wanted in the first place, hindsight and all. Ended up taking a couple hundred dollar hit, but you live and you learn.
Why not a chicken caesar salad? Just portion out your caesar dressing (I like Cardini's Garlic Lemon Caesar) correctly, and a cold sliced chicken breast would work perfectly in it. Just put it in the fridge, keep your dressing separate, toss it in a tupperware container right before you eat. EasyAny dressing would work really, and you can add veggies accordingly (use spinach instead of lettuce, add in whatever else you like) and it'd be easy to portion out. Just need to...
Trying to relive SF circa 2012: [[SPOILER]] Now all I need are some drapey long white tee shirts and some drop crotch sweatpants and I'll be set.edit: just kidding, had an address issue apparently, so ended up ordering the black/white with milk sole geobaskets.
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