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Much better. I think the jacket looks good, especially unzipped (as the design seems to be intended to be worn).
Take your pictures outside/with natural light, it'll help the contrast to see the details
When is the official sale period? Asking because I'll be in London mid-June to early July, Lucerne and Interlocken for a week or so, and in Italy for a wedding mid July.
RO customer service has always been incredibly helpful to me. I would email them. On a separate note, is $700 a good price for a drkshdw MA-1? I've been wanting a less puffy MA-1 since I got rid of my Toj, and the Dark Shadow ones seem to have everything I want, including longer length.
XLS = Excel
I thought so! I've been eyeing them for a couple weeks, and might pick up one myself soon.
Looks good DL. Who makes the MA-1?
To be fair, this is a lot like how coffee is, though there is a bigger scene for it in terms of local roasters etc. I did the whole french press thing for a while, but I really never "got it" until I got a Technivorm drip machine. Coffee brewed for the right period of time and at the right temperature is much, much better than the acidic, overroasted tasting coffee one finds at places like Starbucks. I get beans from the roaster down the street (or grinds if I'm making it...
WRT the never ending debate of cuban vs. non-cuban cigars, I think the place that non-cuban cigars really shine is the ability to blend tobacco from different regions into cigars. An Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan filler, Dominican binder in one cigar. I think this is what brought the "American market" cigars up to par, though I'm not going to jump into the conversation of "which is better". Enough people who have never smoked any cubans or smoked any reasonable number of...
Halfwheel recently reported that Indiana signed a bill into law that allows cigar bars to exist once again, and in harmony with the current "Clean Air" non-smoking laws. I was excited to see this return towards smokers' rights, and immediately shot a link off and some words to my state representative, senator, and Governor. Ohio isn't too far away from Indiana, and their constituents are very similar in makeup. Hopefully we can make the same sort of strides in Ohio....
New Posts  All Forums: