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Looks more like a rider to me
Rimowa Topas Stealth 26 (check in): Patagonia diamond quilt snap T:
My friends know that I like to spend a fair bit of money on clothes, so at this point they just ask me who made something and leave it at that
Good look @sinnedk I will do exactly that and we shall see. Thanks
Damn that stooges on spence would have been perfect but I'm usually a 38/40 and it's a 50... Probably too small
I was in Chicago last weekend. Oak Street had all the stores my gf and I wanted to go to. Barney's, Saint Laurent, Yurman, Oliver Peoples, Patagonia (right beside the Sprinkles cupcake store, yum), Hermes, etc.
Now this sounds intriguing.
Blistered lamb anything would make me happy... If only it were a possibility
I just went to the liquor store to check it out, and it looks like you're right. Tito's is a bit cheaper than that for me, but I was comparing 1.75L bottles and the Tito's was $35 as expected... Ketel One was ~$50
The vodkas I stock are generally Ketel One or Tito's. Pretty much the same price range afaik, and the best tasting vodkas in my book. I keep a bottle of Ciroc Peach around though, because my girlfriend loves drinking it with sprite. wrt shakers, I got my girlfriend the Alessi bar gift set, which included a jigger, a stirrer, and their Boston shaker. It was expensive, but combined with their other stuff (a tray, some coasters, etc.) it looks good, and she keeps them on the...
New Posts  All Forums: