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2cm shorter pre wash should be enough for me... Might have to take the plunge
Are sleeve lengths adjustable on the polo reorder preorders? Also how do the sleeve lengths of the polos compare to Inglese shirts? I have to get 3 cm chopped off the length of my Inglese shirts to make them wearable which is why I ask
Ecobee is a smart thermostat with room sensors
Last fit from an impromptu trip to Las Vegas. Weird shoulder drop from compensating from holding the phone I assume. Deets: Formosa Inglese Drakes x2 (non-NMWA) Farnese Lobb
Anyone know where I can find a pair of Cast 2s in Obsidian in size 34? I have a pair of Coast Casts and a pair of Cast 2s in Kane, and was hoping to get a pair of the black and white denim eventually to round out the rest of my denim game. I have a pair of black SLPs and a pair of white Tom Ford denim that I could wear, but the cut of JE denim is just so much better for me.
Jeni's is a great ice cream company based out of my hometown (Columbus, OH). They recently (last year) were plagued by the big L. https://jenis.com/blog/change-listeria-and-the-re-opening-of-our-kitchen/ My girlfriend got it before they found out they had it. She was in a world of pain for the better part of a week. Still hesitant to get Jeni's, but we've had it a couple times since they reopened
Because our kitchen was not ducted with the previous hood, we opted to put the recirculating kit in with our new hood so no make up air concerns
Any Formosa or Inglese available? I figure no but was curious
Yeah supposedly according to someone in the industry who I believe, in the process of drying/curing the leaf they supposedly spray with some sort of water/nicotine (or something else, can't remember off hand what he said the spray was but it could have been nicotine in water) while it's drying, so you get that super dark leaf that smokes a ton. Similar to how some cigars are so dark and then when they get wet it feels like the color rubs off into your hand (and it's not...
I was told that there is something they do to the tobacco for the LPs to get that insane smoke output. Not exactly something artificial but some sort of treatment nonetheless
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