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Stupid expensive is right. I call myself lucky because when I found that article on Permanent Style, the jacket was already on the sale racks at RL stores and ended up getting it for a significant discount. Or else there would have been no way I would have purchased it.
This RLPL is the best looking suede tan jacket I think I've ever seen. Mind you I'm biased because I own it in a tobacco suede but I think it's the perfect bomber and other than the price it's in my opinion the best suede tan leather jacket there is.I know the product pics look kind of dad-ish but it doesn't wear that way in my experience (unfortunately I don't have any pictures to help my case)
Early birthday present to myself, should arrive tomorrow: [[SPOILER]] Pretty pumped about it. It will be my second real watch and I've been enamored with the 39mm OP since it was released at Baselworld in 2015. Excited to add it to my small collection
My birthday's coming up this month, and I finally pulled the trigger on the Rhodium Gray 39mm Oyster Perpetual that I've been eyeing since it was released two years ago at Baselworld. It should arrive tomorrow. Very excited to add to (and double) my collection. My seamaster actually just got back from servicing a few weeks ago, so I've now got two great watches to swap between. Very excited.
Is there any reason why Full Pull hasn't shipped the three cases of wine I have confirmed there? I'm not that concerned (don't need them, just curious), just wondering if they have any reason (like temp on the journey to me, etc) to have withheld shipping thus far
I'm closing in on the end of my waiting period for my tax stamp for my 300BLK SBR. My birthday's coming up, so I ordered myself a SureFire 762-RC2 from Silencer Shop, since my LGS at home has one of their SID kiosks. Will be about a week and a half until I can get myself and my brother in there to get everything done, but I figured there's no better time to get the ball rolling. If this can was in stock with them before 41f when into effect, I probably would have ordered...
Is there a new SF approved crewneck T shirt? I'm looking at the JE crewneck, but was wondering if there was a better option out there/something people like a bit more. Price isn't a particular concern, but I don't want to pay Hermes silkscreen prices if I can avoid it. Going through my closet, I really don't have any t shirts that I'm blown away with the fit of, and I think the JE u necks I have are probably the best fitting, but I don't like the slutty neckline/don't have...
I can't discuss that at this time.
^ I assume silk and dye but I could be wrong
I've got plenty I need to take to Goodwill too, stuff like Brooks Brothers shirts for work and pants. Most of the stuff I'd send off would be stuff that's designer stuff from phases where I tried something that ended up not panning out and never ended up listing on my own. There's just too much shit in there, and not enough that I actually wear
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