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People hate veggies because they haven't been exposed to them prepared in a way that is tasty. If all you've ever had were steamed or creamed or wilted veggies, you aren't going to be very excited about eating them. My mother is vegetarian, and grew up vegetarian in India but wasn't when I was growing up, and made some awesome vegetable dishes with veggies that people generally hate (spinach, okra, broccoli, etc.), and as a result I really don't have any hate for...
I've never gotten sleeve work done on a shirt... Can my tailor make the sleeves of my Inglese shirts shorter? Is it a lot of work for them? I tried to wear one with a jacket the other day and noticed that they're quite long on me, but fit beautifully everywhere else.
Thank you NMWA crew for the wonderful birthday present added in with the Rota trousers and Inglese my brother got me for my birthday. The calabrese square is definitely not something I'd pick out (Kyle and I had a discussion about this last month about how I need to branch out from the same set of patterns) in the best possible way and I can't wait to put it to use and in my rotation! Thanks again!
I like DD a lot as well when it comes to parts for ARs. I'm having a hard time right now recalling what's on it, but I'm fairly positive my AR build was pretty much Mega upper and lower, Bravo Company BCG, barrel and comp, magpul grips and stock, Eotech 512, Troy tritium folding sights and DD rail. I liked my build a lot. I was trying to decide between the DD 10.3" 300 barrel or the Noveske for my SBR build, but I'm pretty sure I might replicate just about everything else...
I've been thinking about the same thing for a while (SBR build 300 blackout with a can). Have my trust set up, but haven't gone forward with any of the steps yet for some reason. Not sure why.
$1k down 3/31 or 4/1 for a reservation for a Model 3, which apparently will be announced 3/31. Car to be released 2017 (which sounds like late 2017 for a couple, and the majority in 2018 to me). Depending on what it looks like and has going on, that might be my next car. Bought my Grand Cherokee in 2014, so I'll be ripe for a new vehicle in that time range.
Hey guys. I have a pair of D03s from an early Hedi season that have been sitting in my closet for years until now. Any idea of how much stretch there is to the denim? Thanks. They're black if that helps
My girlfriend has had one on lease (with the 6 cylinder) since the fall of 2014. New body style. She likes it a lot and it is quite comfortable. Plenty of trunk space, peppy, and the safety features are quite nice.She was between the Macan S and the 35i X3 but the Macan was impossible to get at the time since it had just been released. I think after her lease is up she's going to go up a size, Cayenne or G or Range Rover on the next lease
I think the Eco valet is perfect for my uses. I had been trying to find a place to hang my tuxedo the other weekend to give it a quick brushing before I wore it, and something like the first choice would be ideal for me. I can totally see the perfect corner for it in my second bedroom, between my TV and my humidors across from my desk. Plus with any moving in the future (residency, new home, etc.), I think that it would be the most versatile and fit just about all the...
I'm curious, was there any specific reason why you decided to take them down to the leather and then cream and wax? I only ask because I haven't done that, I just wet, brush, Reno, brush, cream, brush, and then wax and buff if the shoe design takes it. Is it to strip off all the layers that accumulate on the show over the course of doing what I just said in the last sentence many, many times or am I just completely off base
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