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No uncle nephew, but the shoe will be great for med school and is a step up from my old calf AEs.
If you have that preorder discount on the black briefcase too, I might have to get myself a post-interview gift at the end of the week instead of waiting until the summer to buy one
OP NDG-1. My go to rec (and my two pairs of prescription glasses for the past 3 years or so)
Edit: I r wrong
I have to disagree. I used to be pretty vocal about my distaste for the X3 until my girlfriend leased one late last year (albeit the 6 cylinder one... MSRP more than my dad paid for his '12 X5 diesel back in the 2011). The car has pep, the new ones are very comfortable and have really good looking lines, especially compared to the previous generation that was bland, didn't look or feel sporty at all, and bad cheap finishes. That being said, she was between the Macan S and...
Jenn & Roman, I noticed the black briefcase isn't part of the current indiegogo campaign. It's still offered as a product/won't be discontinued any time soon, will it? I'm going to get one, but was going to wait until the summer so it could sort of be a present to myself before the medical school semester starts in the fall
I'd say that's pretty accurate. I have the pinot noir high tops, and other than the burgundy stitching, indoors they pretty much look black. Outdoors/in sunlight is where the richness of the color really shines. Gorgeous deep rich shades of burgundy. edit: I think @bdeuce22 got a pair in pinot noir too, and has a pair of #8 shell aldens that he could probably do a side by side for color comparison with.
And before anyone gets an aneurysm thinking about it, by even size Mauro means whole sizes (aka no half sizes, quarter sizes, 1/3 sizes) between size US 7 and US 12. (Yes, I've seen sizing by thirds before. Last season's Rick Owens x Adidas tech runners ended up being 42 2/3 in my size)
PM sent. Thank you a ton. OWA is my favorite bourbon, and I can only imagine that the "flagship" is at least as good, if not better, and has the same flavor profile. I'm not really concerned about the rarity or prestige, but more about wanting some variety so I'm not just drinking 4R private selections and OWA all the time.
I actually laughed when I saw that the pants were attached. It is pretty comical, and very Margiela to make a tuxedo jumpsuit.Sorry to disappoint though, already dropped it off at the UPS store
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