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Hey guys. I have a pair of D03s from an early Hedi season that have been sitting in my closet for years until now. Any idea of how much stretch there is to the denim? Thanks. They're black if that helps
My girlfriend has had one on lease (with the 6 cylinder) since the fall of 2014. New body style. She likes it a lot and it is quite comfortable. Plenty of trunk space, peppy, and the safety features are quite nice.She was between the Macan S and the 35i X3 but the Macan was impossible to get at the time since it had just been released. I think after her lease is up she's going to go up a size, Cayenne or G or Range Rover on the next lease
I think the Eco valet is perfect for my uses. I had been trying to find a place to hang my tuxedo the other weekend to give it a quick brushing before I wore it, and something like the first choice would be ideal for me. I can totally see the perfect corner for it in my second bedroom, between my TV and my humidors across from my desk. Plus with any moving in the future (residency, new home, etc.), I think that it would be the most versatile and fit just about all the...
I'm curious, was there any specific reason why you decided to take them down to the leather and then cream and wax? I only ask because I haven't done that, I just wet, brush, Reno, brush, cream, brush, and then wax and buff if the shoe design takes it. Is it to strip off all the layers that accumulate on the show over the course of doing what I just said in the last sentence many, many times or am I just completely off base
Regarding the chocolates, it's good to know any future orders won't result in my having to order up another size. With my birthday in 8 days, my parents and brother were asking what I want for my birthday. As easy as it was to think of shotguns, impossible to find bourbons (one of which I'm drinking right now, bottle 357/2070 of Russell's Reserve 1998), and G. Cleverley 1786 leather goods, I think Ingleses and Rotas and/or maybe a potential neat charcoal or navy Formosa...
Anyone have any experience with SHTF gear holsters? I ordered one of their protos holsters for my glock 43, but was wondering if anyone had any firsthand experience with them. This gun is my ideal carry gun and shoots like a dream for me so I might be getting a couple holsters to see what fits the best for me. Also, any SF approved gun belts? All the ones I see are either cheesy looking, tacticool, or look cheap
I agree, which is why I imagine it probably isn't. If it was 15, 20, or 23, someone would have bought it already. Or at least, that's how my thinking usually goes when it comes to finding Van Winkles in the wild.
There's a lot of other bourbon I'd buy for $400. I wouldn't spend $400 on a bottle of PVW (William Larue Weller or Russell's Reserve 1998 on the other hand...), but I wonder which bottle they're selling for $400. My money is on Old Rip 10.
Thanks guys.I had a ton of time after I put it all on before we left for the event, and noticed that I have a little drop in my right shoulder and need to get a little padding on that side. I knew that a long time ago, but good to know that now, as I'm getting another suit taken to the tailor soon. Maybe I'll take the tuxedo in with me too.
Quick and dirty pic of my Formosa tuxedo: Ended up taking the watch off. Don't mind the dirty bed and pink bathroom: gf's condo. Smudge is on the mirror
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