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Keeping with the Rick theme:
I do know the impact of Nature. This article is in the British Journal of Cancer, which is the journal for a cancer charity in the UK. It's published on their behalf by Nature Publishing Group, which presumably has little oversight over the approval process for article publication.edit: I'm not presuming that the article is wrong, I'm just saying there are potential confounding variables that could be skewing the data. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened.
Lots of possible confounding variables in that study.
Not sure if this is the look you're going for, but my favorite study sweats (#medschoollyfe I guess) are Homage. Insanely comfy, a local brand back home for me, and they don't look absurd. Not sure if they make black ones though.
Both from Vicious. Now just need to buy a pair of prisoners from this season, a couple tees, and I'm probably in good shape.
RO. All RO.
Lol that is possibly the most asinine thing I've read all day and I spent all day listening to presentations from grad students. Common Projects (founded in 2004) will be around longer Saint Laurent Paris (formerly Yves Saint Laurent, founded in 1961), a brand that is famous outside of the in the know fashion world. Give me a fucking break. If you like them better, say you think the CPs look better. But don't act like they're some diety and run to their defense when...
It's not that all the things you liked and shared went away, it's that most of the time, someone either still has romantic feelings for the other person or harbors resentment for the breakup. It's hard to be friends with someone that carries that strong of an emotion toward you, or hard to be friends with someone when you have that strong of a feeling toward them. Eventually even if you're cordial, something's gonna give, and it'll either be a big explosion or something...
I got my 2254.50 Seamaster for a hair under $2k as my first watch, and I love it. Not a single bad thing to say about it.
All I want to do is wear all Rick all summer long. Worst part is I can't think of a single reason not to. Already have some pod shorts and Geobaskets. Just need some tees and a couple pairs of sweats and maybe another pair of shorts. Maybe a Rick MA-1 too. Would be super comfortable and would be nice to pack light on my month-long trip to Europe.
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