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I actually smoked a DPG blue (original is what it's called but it's been the blue label long before they added the "ORIGINAL" second band) robusto today at my local shop. The robusto I had (very recent, in this week) smoked just like the ones of old. Like the ones I smoked 6-7 years ago. Fantastic. Going to the Caymans next week for 10 days or so, going to pack a ton of PCs with me to smoke. And montecarlos, of course.
I too love the Russian reindeer. Wish the smaller pocket wallet was still in stock at ASW so I could wear that all the time. Don't wear jackets every day now that the weather is nice, so jacket wallet is a bit much every day
No, LMU-DCOM. In Harrogate. About an hour north of Knoxville
My girlfriend has wanted to do it. I live in Columbus but will be living in SE KY/NE TN for two years for med school starting in the fall and she was looking at things we could do halfway between. She doesn't really like bourbon but I do.
Omega Submariner 300M 2254.50, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm on the way some time soon as a gift.
TPS is one of the best liquor stores in the country. And Florence isn't far from Bellevue (take 71 north, 275 east and then 471 north. Last exit before the river, take a right and then another right and you're there) Get a couple of tastings of some incredible bourbons while you're there at their tasting bar
Also, what's smoking well right now? The tip earlier (@jet) about the Montecarlos was completely on point, and those are smoking incredibly right now. Anything else smoking like that right now? Going to order a few more boxes this month, just thought I'd ask.
Had a Trini 40th I had been saving for years finally to celebrate something that's been a long time coming. Humidity is a little low (mid 50s %) but the cigar smoked like a champion.
Thank you thank you!
How do the S&C lambswool crewneck sweaters fit (Cossack Green, Rhapsody Blue)? Just saw them and they're stunning, but should I go TTS with my usual size? 50 Formosa/42 Inglese = L? Both of those fit incredibly well, though I know a suit/jacket or dress shirt doesn't exactly have equivalent sizing for knits.
New Posts  All Forums: