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Where did everyone buy the tech runners recently? I've been away for a while but have had an eye on these shoes unfortunately since that season was over.
I had a couple bottles of 2012 Tignanello on vacation, and I very much liked it. Also stayed at the Baracchi estate for a few days for a wedding. Their wines were a lot more interesting than I was expecting. I really liked their cab/sangiovese blend and their merlot. Their sparkling wine was very good as well imo. Sabered a bottle on the wine tasting/tour, which was fun.
One in black that is for sale you say? Sounds right down my alley. Any way I can buy it and you guys can ship it with my black briefcase?
Quick question: is the tote going to be offered in black? I saw that the indiegogo campaign said it would but the linjer website only has the option for navy. Finally ordered my black soft briefcase. Can't wait for it to come!
Anyone know of anything cool I should see or do in Rome? I'm here at the St Regis until Thursday and all we have on the schedule is a Vatican tour and dinner plans. Thanks!
I very much like the new 39mm Rolex OP that was released at Baselworld this year. I think the grey face one might be in my future. I was just in London and Switzerland, probably should have looked around to see if anyone had any in. Ah well, maybe Rome tomorrow will have something for me
My girlfriend and I were just in London for two weeks. Here's what we did. London food recs: Gymkhana was good for Indian. Their cocktails are incredible as well. We went to Nobu (Berkeley St) a couple times as our standby. Easy and we know what we're going to get. Added bonus is that their spirits list has the 90 proof W.L. Weller 19 on it, which is by far the best bourbon I've ever had. The Caviar House was great for a some champagne and caviar. But certainly is not...
Had a pour of Weller 19 at the Nobu on Berkeley St after dinner. Spectacular, and wasn't absurdly priced considering what we're talking about here. Going to be chasing that dragon for a while now
I smoked one today at Dunhill and have the one from JJ Fox in my travel humidor. Have to say I wasn't impressed, especially with the £30 price tag. Not a lot of the body or flavor you'd expect from an Allones release, or the complexity one would expect for an H&F exclusive release. Got a week left in London so going to make the most of my time here!
'98 Hoyo du Dauphin at Davidoff. Wonderful smoke and only £15. Ended up picking up the leather case I wanted for my ligne 2 while I was here as well
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