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GF and I just booked a trip to LA and Pebble Beach. We're going to be at the SLS in Beverly Hills for 4 nights, and then flying to Monterrey for a wedding. Any recommendations for stuff we should do/see/eat/drink/buy?
You don't need any of that. My daypack has been through multiple rains. Just let it dry out the rest of the day and brush it if you want once it dries. It looks fine. It's still leather, it isn't going to fall apart because it got wet.
Get me a pair of those shorts Mauro. 8" inseam plz.
Just got an email from Patagonia. RUBY1 gets you 15% off through April 22
And the MMM krayzeez posted I'm pretty sure is this season's version of the one Drew and I both own (in my pic a couple pages back). The MMM is pretty incredible. Even though I paid rimowa price for it, I can't say either one was a better value for $1k+
Sure, I'll take them when I get back to my place and edit this post.
By the way, if anyone is waffling on the daypack, buy it. Here's my travel set up: MMM weekender, Rimowa Stealth, Daypack: I've gotten more wear out of my daypack than I have anything else fashion related, and I love it. It's the perfect size, and understated, and has withheld the test of time thus far. I've used it just about every day for the past 10 months since I've got it. Buy it. It's worth it
Got the same pm... Hmm
Fuck, I just bought a Fishtail from NMWA, but I'll buy a Toj one.. And a zip wallet... And a soft-sided briefcase. Right now my Daypack gets daily rotation, and my travel is all set with Rimowa Stealth, a black MMM weekender, and my daypack. Just need a soft-sided briefcase when I need to be presentable.
New Posts  All Forums: