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Anyone have any ideas where I can find last season's RLPL tobacco suede bomber? I called one of their stores a week and a half ago to see if they had it in their inter-store inventory system, but I have yet to hear back from them. It's pretty much the only bomber that checks every box for me, and of course I found out about its existence weeks after the season is over.
Thanks! They fit perfectly, a little wider than my Lobb City IIs, which is exactly what I was hoping for
What color Saphir cream and wax should I use for Edward Green Dark Oak Antique Chelseas? I have black already, but was concerned about the brown. Should I be looking at dark brown, tobacco, medium brown, or some other color?
I'm a size L generally speaking, take a 50R/L in Formosa, and a 16.5 shirt. I take a 42 in Inglese
Shout out to the NMWA crew for the MTO service for my Inglese tux shirt and my CMT MTO Formosa. The tuxedo shirt turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted, and the jacket looks incredible; when I bought the fabric I sort of had an idea of what it would look like, but I think it looks better than expected. Here's a quick pic in some natural light Loro Piana summer gunclub fabric (via @edmorel), half lined, patch pockets/barchetta chest, brown horn buttons
Looking for a RLPL Henfield tobacco suede jacket to fit a size US 40. Should be a medium or large. I am located in the Continental US. Thanks!
Congrats on getting married noob!
I faintly recall that Rota cotton trousers fit slimmer than the wool ones. Is that right, or do they fit the same?
Been buying a lot of CM clothes and no SWD clothes for a while now (almost all year). Feels weird because I identify as a SWD guy but yet my recent purchases say otherwise
Doing some studying for an exam I have on Monday with a QdO of my own
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