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I had to wear a jacket on Wednesday for class, and I felt strange not having a pocket square in. Almost always wear one whenever I wear a jacket as well.
Just wanted to give a shout out to Kirby and the team at KAHP. Had a snafu with my EGs where I had a particularly rough scratch on the toe of one of the shoes. Ordered some products to fix it and some other stuff I had been meaning to order this week. Quick shipping per usual, and the product and service is top notch as usual. Here's a picture of my Lobbs and EGs after I did some full service work on both. Both with the KAHP shoe trees in them, and treated with Saphir...
I think you mean @Synthese
It is interesting. I had a pair of New Standards 7 years ago (good god, was 2009 really that long ago?) that I wore to shreds and they never felt wide at the hem at all. Didn't get them altered at all
I have a pebbled grain black MMM weekender/duffle that I love. From a couple years ago, it's been a staple for me every time I've traveled since.
I went with the 14.8 oz. "twisted weft". I can't remember the last time I bought denim head denim, but I forgot about all the options and info there is about the different weights and weaves of denim. I thought the 14.8 oz looked like a dark denim that wouldn't be absurdly heavy, but that also won't fade very quickly. We shall see if the fit works for me though. The club my girlfriend and I belong to allows denim in their club room for dinner, but it has to be dark denim,...
I have a pair of the JBJ high tapereds coming in, speaking of denim. Synth's post(s) about them had me curious, and the fit looked like exactly what I wanted. We shall see if they work for what I want them to do. I do want to get a pair of the Levi's MTM when I'm in London in the summer. Seems pretty interesting and the price, though high, isn't ridiculous.
Man. I have a two piece PoW flannel Formosa but that 3 piece has me thinking if two PoWs isn't too much in a wardrobe...
That PoW 3-piece Formosa from Instagram is incredible.
I put in an order for the new clamping trouser hanger amongst other things (I apparently got a fairly bad scuff on the toe of a pair of shoes and wanted to order some stuff to fix it, and I needed more shirt hangers). The trouser hanger is fantastic, I definitely need to order more when the mirror wax is back in. Bravo on the design, best trouser hanger I've ever used
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