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It would really be easy to do. The guy I buy my SLP from at the Las Vegas store is incredibly nice and very cool. Would do that in a heartbeat if asked.
Humans CAN use the protein from raw eggs, but the amount of protein that is processed by the food is roughly 80% more if you cook it. If you want the most protein from your eggs (and your macros to be right), cook them, but don't think that drinking them will mean you'll get 0 protein from it.source: http://jn.nutrition.org/content/128/10/1716.fullThey say no data is available for in vivo, but it's pretty reasonable at this point to note that you can digest raw egg protein.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/394687/the-what-are-you-wearing-today-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/4200_100#post_7371208Kind of fit I could definitely see myself wearing in the summer when I'm not in class
Man, the 3PW fit in WAYWT made me realize that I missed out on buying pod shorts this summer when they were available practically everywhere. Anyone know where I can find a pair in grey or black in a 50? I could probably do 52 too. At some point I have to offload my BNIB white Geobaskets to get a pair of black/white ones too. Not sure why I even bought them, I always wanted the black/white ones. I think they probably would have been fine if they weren't the paper...
Ooooh. I was wrong. My bad!
I haven't bought anything from PE in a while, but the last thing I did buy was a box of Esplendidos and I'm sure they aren't fake.
I don't think RO's made dunks in a while but here's a comparison:Dunks: [[SPOILER]] Geobaskets: [[SPOILER]] I think (don't quote me on this) dunks were named because of the similarity to the Nike swoosh on the side, whereas geobaskets do not have said "swoosh"
Looks very good dude. Told you it'd look good!
The jacket does look ridiculously good, but to be fair, @Synthese makes just about everything look good.
It has to be a stock mistake. All of their Margiela sneakers/shoes are all "sold out" and without a thumbnail picture also.
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