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Sorry, only experience I have was with a singular Cohiba Piramide EL 2006
Ordered a box of each of the three we talked about earlier. Should have enough rest on the BPCs and the Monte 4s to try them by the time these arrive
Scratch that. Will be at the game too. I'll be the guy wearing black in the club section
As will I... Well probably at Varsity Club, maybe at the game.
Magic eraser over dish soap and toothbrush? I know they're both abrasive, but I get a little weirded out using magic erasers at all knowing that's it's basically sandpaper
What about Rota in a houndstooth flannel? Or a white/black/grey multi tone herringbone?
I saw the Cohiba Robusto Supremos when I was in London and Switzerland. Absolutely ridiculous size. You can count me among those who have never had RyJs either. I haven't heard anything unequivocally good about any of the line, but I would like to try some at some point.
I won't disagree that JE basics are overpriced, but for me they seem to be the perfect cut, whereas everything else I've tried has something wrong with it one way or the other. Just well refined, good cut, and decent enough fabric that I won't mind spending the $ for it
I'm trying to do all JE, SLP, MM(M), and RO. A couple very different looks but I think the pieces I buy they'll work out My CM is a bit more tough: Formosa, BB, Alden, Lobb, Drakes. Trying to do all Formosa suiting, all Inglese shirts, Alden shell or Lobb calf, and all Drake's accessories, but this is going slower than anticipated.
Anyone know the best way to clean a pair of Geobaskets? I wore mine to my university's homecoming football game/to the bars during the game and now they're covered in all sorts of crud and dirty as shit. Water, Reno, brush?
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