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Thank you thank you!
How do the S&C lambswool crewneck sweaters fit (Cossack Green, Rhapsody Blue)? Just saw them and they're stunning, but should I go TTS with my usual size? 50 Formosa/42 Inglese = L? Both of those fit incredibly well, though I know a suit/jacket or dress shirt doesn't exactly have equivalent sizing for knits.
I am very happy then that I picked up the chalkstripe DB and 3-piece Formosas. Both were great additions to my closet and I would have been upset in the future I imagine if I hadn't purchased them. French cuff on the other hand I can do without. In fact the only shirt I have that takes links is a single cuff (as opposed to turn back for FC) for my black tie rig.
I realized after spending $250 at the tailor on them that it might be a good idea for me to go MTM on my Inglese, especially if the markup from retail is less than the $32-38 I spent per to have the sleeves chopped by 2+". Otherwise they are the best fitting shirts I've ever had. Even my tailor was impressed by them, both by the handwork and time put in but also on how well they fit on me.
Signature shitty lighting. This time once again in the Greenbrier casino club bathroom. Formosa Navy Birdseye Zegna shirt Drakes navy grenadine and PS Omega Seamaster 2254.50 Farnese soft calf tubo Pantherella Lobb City II
The Formosa tuxedo at NMWA that I own might end up being what I wear when I get married (though that's a ways off). Might get a shawl collar ivory jacket made in matching fabric by them too to wear with the tuxedo pants as a warm weather black tie as well.
A little more casual: Formosa navy blazer BB blue pinpoint BD AG denim Alden #8 LWB Greenbrier wallpaper in the casino (drinks for me, slots for her)
Check out Boris Custom Tailoring on Bethel Road. The only tailor I trust to work on my clothes. I just picked up two Formosas and dropped off 2 more Formosa suits, a pair of Formosa trousers and a pair of Rota flannels, and six Inglese shirts. They're very good there. Price is a bit high and turn around a bit slow but in this case I believe you get what you pay for
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