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My suits are Formosa size 50R/L (with the otr matching size 52 trousers). I take a size 50 in Rota
Oh my that is nice. Even better than I envisioned from the "in-progress" preorder picture. Hopefully one of the 4-5 for the rack is a size 50...
^ Have you thought about going MTM? Might be the best route this side of bespoke to get trousers cut that truly suit your leg shape
If I had that jacket, I'd wear it every chance I got. It got me thinking about the idea of getting both an odd ivory DJ and a green upside down velvet one, similar to Andy's. I think it looks fantastic, and in my opinion (whatever that's worth), I'd say wear it as often as possible
Now that we're coming up on S/S drops, is the DWW summer tweed Formosa going to be run as production, or was it preorder only? Kicking myself for not preordering it, because it looks like it would be a perfect odd jacket for the summer
Anastasia after the driving range after a big exam. Feels like it's been a hell of a lot longer than 8 weeks
I've grown fond of JLCs for a while now, and putting a reverso on my wrist only solidified my desire to get one as my next watch. I think a RG day-night reverso duo is in my future in the next 18 months: Yours look great! Stock pictures don't do JLCs justice in my experience compared to seeing them in candid pictures or on wrist
I'm interested and excited to see what the results end up being for the 150 lbs or so of stuff I sent up to Spoo & co a couple weeks ago. Mostly SW&D kind of stuff (RO, MMM, SLP, some SNS Hernings, and a ton of baller sneakers) but it felt really good to get it all out of my closet.
Oh my. That looks great. I don't know how I can choose between that and last summer's PoW.
I want the suit(s) for more than just this upcoming trip to London as I don't have any summer weight suits at all (Drago might work as Six said above. It's fairly light and breathable, and I always seem to remember it being half lined instead of full so it must wear light), but it's the impetus that has me looking at summer weight suits in general. I think I'm going to go with the Fresco for a navy (at the very least, it'll work for the dog days of summer back home even...
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