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Nice! I have a pair of the OG run (via Newc), which is why I asked. They're awesome, awesome trousers. Anyone who (like me, at least initially) missed out on the first run should definitely grab a pair ASAP, because if they're anything like the first run, they'll sell out quickly.
Are the oatmeal flannel trousers the same fabric as the first run?
How is the Club Allones? I see them for sale around a couple places and am curious
Black jeans and white sneakers could work fine too
This La Rata is my first Full Pull order.
Got a notification that 2 bottles of La Rata are allocated for me. Excellent
PL MC? Good price at one of the usual spots right now. The boxes I got and split with bdeuce22 were fantastic. Might be time to stock back up on them
I'm in grad school and my field is made up of traditionally poor dressers, so as long as I'm wearing a shirt, tie, trousers and a pair of shoes it's passable. So I can have a little more creativity with what I wear, which means the fun doesn't get sucked out like it did when I was working in the real world and had to conform
This is a great way of putting it. Descriptivist versus prescriptivist. Resonates well with the dissonance I was feeling, and explains why I felt that way.
I've been out of SW&D related clothes for a while for some reason, which is strange because a little over 12 months ago I was wearing Rick all the time. I'm now wearing a lot of tailored clothes, everything from NMWA (Formosa, Inglese, Rota) sans shoes and accessories. Which is strange because, as I said a while back in this thread, I feel like I identify as a SW&D dude but my closet says CM
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