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What tools do you guys use for trigger points? I've been having a ton in my back recently, and I want to get a good book and some tools on them. What do I want? I'm looking at knobblers and theracanes but would prefer to get whatever is the most effective tool, or the most effective set of tools (as well as the most effective book). Thanks in advance.
Drew said Sally left Toj. She was the one that sent you shipping info (and i imagine was involved with shipping and packing too). Since she's gone that's going to cause a back up in another couple areas in the line: packing, shipping, and sending tracking numbers out. So I imagine the orders getting sent out will get done this week, and you'll probably hear back late this week/early next week about tracking
The problem with cheap humidors is that they are cheaply made. This means that you could have a bad seal on the humidor, which is the whole purpose of having a humidor in the first place. So no, I would not advise getting a cheap (wood) humidor. Either use a cooler or Tupperware, or a wineador (converted wine fridge), or pony up for a high quality wood box. Or an aristocrat, but I doubt you want that kind of storage space
Want a pair of Black/Off-white geobaskets. Let me know how much you want for them. Preferably new/like new condition. Let me know.
Sorry for your loss @jetdawg.
Got my tropical shorts yesterday. Fit is perfect, and the hand to the fabric is definitely a lot more unique than the pictures show. A very cool pair of shorts. Also, I'm 6'1", and they fit right above the knee for me, so no hemming necessary. I'm definitely going to get a ton of wear out of these this summer.
I have 4 MMM tees for sale in size 48. I have only worn one of the shirts once (the black "boom box" t shirt), the others are either NWOT (white "puzzle", White "photograph") or NWT (gray "notebook page" with tags from Ssense). They fit like normal MMM tees, but having purchased this season's tees in 50, that I should have gotten 50s in the first place. So my loss is your gain. I purchased 3 of these at full price from either Tres Bien or Ssense (the gray tee still has the...
How long of an inseam are we talking here (on the shorts)
Great blog post
Wedding on Saturday. We're getting in Thursday morning, leaving Sunday.
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