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From my limited perspective and experience with suiting and tailored clothing, I'd say there's a ton that goes into those excellent fits, whether it's the meticulous tailoring (and subsequent alterations), appropriate matching of accessories with patterns, or even things as small as collar size of a shirt which can play a pivotal role in making (or breaking) a fit. I have much respect for those who do it well because it certainly is not as easy as it looks. And the same...
I think so long as everyone is open-minded, I think a cross "divide" WAYWT/WAYWRN would be constructive and beneficial for everyone involved. For those of us that skew SWD, it allows us insight into the thought processes behind CM fits, and gives us a platform to ask questions and help ourselves in the process. And I imagine it would be just as enlightening and beneficial for those of us that skew toward tailored clothing. Open-mindedness is key though imo.
I think all of these questions are great guys, but they're probably best answered by emailing Si-Jin, since she's the customer-facing member of the WvG team according to the most recent newsletter. sijin@wolfvsgoat.com is her email.
Here's a quick and dirty iPhone pic of the pinot noir/burgundy high top. The color is much richer in person, a rich burgundy with hues of purple and red in it. Shoes are incredibly comfortable, and fit me to my brannock size (I'm a 10D and these are 10s). The sample doesn't have the padded tongue that the production models will, but I can assure you that these are some insanely comfortable shoes. edit: got multiple compliments on them at the bar on Sunday when I was...
So if I wear an 11 in Nike, a 43 in MMM boots (I wear a 44 in GATs, but could probably swing a 43.5), 9 in Lanvin, and my brannock size is 10D, I should go with a 9/43 in the tech runners? My geobaskets are a 43, and I have space in the toe but they fit well otherwise (think that's how they're supposed to fit?)
My father has a 2012 diesel X5 that just ran out of the factory warranty/maintenance plan. I've been trying to convince him to trade it in for another car (either the P85D tesla he's been eyeing or a MB SUV for my mom; she hates driving the BMW) because he's had issues with the car that have been replaced by BMW, but all of those will be out of pocket for him. I think he might give the car to my brother though, in which case my brother will trade it in toward the 4 series...
What about the tech runners? TTS also?
I got all sorts of compliments on the high top Pinot Noir Wolf vs Goat chukka sneakers today. As comfortable as can be. You guys should jump all over these when they go on presale.
I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee. Put 10.5k miles on it since I got it late June 2014. Like the car, drives well, decent mileage, has a little kick to it (don't have the Hemi). Thought it was the best car at the price range I was looking at. Comfortable for long drives too, and the uConnect system is intuitive and easy to use.
Holy smoke Dino, great looking BLNR
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