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Honestly I don't believe anything is going to happen to the market regarding quality and price... For now. As long as there is a restriction that it has to be from travel, and normal duty rates apply on importing them, the numbers that come in that way will be low. Higher than they are currently, but still low. This may be a good time for Habanos to increase production (if this is even possible. I have been privy to speculative discussions about Habanos production, and how...
If camel includes tobacco, I'm in! [[SPOILER]]
Here's a quote from the Treasury Dept's press release:
Well, it's in progress. My main store, the one I was going to camp out at, ended up pre-selling everything over the phone, even though they told me for the past 3 months that they're going to do first-come, first-serve for it. So that was cool (aka I ended up with nada). I staked out store #2 today and got myself a Sazerac 18 for my trouble. And store #3 is releasing theirs at 8 AM tomorrow, so I'll have another early morning tomorrow to get there before they open at 7 to...
http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/10/14/obama-cuba-regulations-expands-trade-travel-rum-cigars/92042662/ Obama lifting travel restrictions for bringing back Cuban cigars and rum. Buying online still illegal (and therefore untaxed).
Tomorrow's BTAC day, so in the name of democracy, I'll be on my way to my store around 3 AM tonight to be there until the truck comes in in the morning. I've been burned on both ways (waiting at stores that keep everything for their good clients and being a good client at a store that gives things out either first-come or by lottery), so I guess this is the best chance I have of getting anything.
I would wear this gunclub I had made up with denim. If it wasn't already fall I would be already. Haven't yet had time to take it to my tailor to get the sleeves done:
Caldwell Anastasia is excellent. Just had one today. Picked it up at The Party Source on my way down to school. I also very much enjoy the L'Atelier Côte d'Or La Tache. I know I've talked about both on this thread but both are IMO the best NC cigars of the past few years
That Vina Tondonia from Lopez is one of my favorite Riojas. And I've been on tobacco brown kick as well (contemplating a suit for S/S, an EG MTO in tobacco suede, and just bought a bomber jacket from RLPL in tobacco brown suede). Looks good!I would be in for 3.5 meters
That's awesome, I love Slowboy's work. Even have a piece I commissioned from him hanging in my living room
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