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Don't take my word for gospel, but that's how it was a year or so ago. Don't know if they changed their policies or if it is dependent on the brand/etc., but just wanted to let you know my experience
That looks really good DWW. One of those things that I never knew I needed until I saw it. I assume you got the fabric from Drake's and had Ascot Chang make it up?
It should be super easy to replace the lining of your jacket, and honestly if you went to the right tailor for it you could probably get a better/more breathable lining put in.I say if the store has a return policy, you have nothing to lose trying the jacket. Might be exactly the right weight and be significantly lighter than the suede 5 zip. The suede RLPL bomber that I posted about a week or so ago was what I got to wear for midwest spring and fall, and it's the perfect...
I believe Barney's online does their shoe sizing in US sizes. During one of the sale glitches they had, I tried to order a pair of Lobbs in a 9 thinking it would be tagged size, but when I talked to their online support, they confirmed it was US sizing.
Lightweight (lamb or the like) suede jackets would be perfect for Caribbean winters. I just got a suede jacket in that would not be too heavy or hot to wear in the fall or spring up north, so I figure they'd be fine in the winter down south
I'm not a fan of the Davidoff Nicaragua either. I prefer their other lines (haven't had the Chef series or the Yamasa or any of the new releases). I hate when reps do that kind of shit though. It makes me less likely to believe what you say when you're constantly telling me your shit is so much better than either something I truly enjoy smoking or something that I know I like. Tell me it's good, tell me what it smokes similarly to, and let me decide how I feel about it...
I'd say fit-wise it's not boxy but not fashion slim. Doesn't fit like the repro company stuff or fashion bombers. The ideal fit if you ask me. Something you could wear with denim and a t shirt or with a button down & trousers and it wouldn't look out of place with either
And the end of the saga that no one cares about, the RLPL suede bomber came in. Exactly what I was hoping for. It's fantastic, and the fit is spot on. Here are some pictures from tonight (one from the late evening with some sun to show the color). The suede has so much depth of color, super soft, and only lined on the sleeves (the leather backing on the suede is super supple as well). Suede ribbing on the sleeves and hem too.
Just got this RLPL bomber in. The best suede I've ever put my hands on. Suede ribbing at the hem and the sleeve and no lining except the sleeves. The leather backing is super soft as well. Incredible. Almost didn't get it too.
I would be fine with shantung or wool. If wool, something with a little character to it.
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