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I think the NMWA folks would be able to help better than me. But I wear a IT50/US40/etc. generally, and am a pretty normal size L. I went with a size 5, which was noted on the website as a L. I don't think it's a particularly slim fit, though Greg or Kyle could probably speak to that better than I. For reference, the GRP knit is a size 5, LBM is a size 52 (sized up 1 per the NMWA sizing instructions), and I wear a size 50R/L in Formosa
What's the word on the Leonetti's? Prices are steep, especially for the Bordeaux blend and the Cabernet, but are they worth the $$$ or should I be looking toward something else to fill the high end of my cellar?
Quick mirror selfie. GRP navy rollneck LBM navy cashmere coat So soft Edit: texture:
Or when people order wagyu or dry-aged meat well done... There has to be a cheaper piece of meat on the menu that will taste the exact same after being under flame for that long.
Unfortunately not up to me
I'm in charge of our reservations in SF but could have a fair amount of sway with Napa. We're going with my girlfriend's parents, and her mom is more of a traditionalist when it comes to food (so it's italian, traditional American, French or bust), so Quince, Benu and Saison won't make the cut unfortunately. We are going to TFL so I'm chalking that up as a personal success, though I would love to eat at one of the many omakase style sushi joints.We are staying at...
I'm going to be in Napa and San Francisco in a couple weeks. Any recommendations on places where I can get a drink (cocktail or good bourbon selection would be ideal, but I'll take anything at this point) and smoke a cigar? I'm staying in Yountville and my hotel's property is "100% smoke-free" much to my disappointment
What would you say were your favorites above it? I ask because I'll be in SF (and Napa) in a few weeks and still haven't finalized everything.
How is this camelhair polo coat still around at this price, and at in almost a full size run! (well sizes 50-56, so fit 48-54) If I didn't have this jacket in cashmere, this would have already been in my closet at full price, let alone at the price + discount. People talk about having a camel polo coat, and it being one of the staple outerwear pieces you can have. Imagine having a camel-tone camelhair polo coat. If you have space for a polo coat in your closet, or...
If that's not a "WTF" face, I don't know what is
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