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I moved my suits to Hanger Project hangers and garment bags and use the NMWA hangers and bags on my old suits and jackets. Keep the jackets in the NMWA garment bags. I kept my sweaters in their bags until I moved at the beginning of the summer. Contemplating moving all of my sweaters, especially my Ganseys, SNS's and fine wool/cashmere sweaters in sweater boxes, but one thing at a time. I was graciously given a small closet in our condo (my GF has the whole master walk-in...
Bought a ton of Saphir shoe care stuff the past couple weeks, along with some Hanger Project hangers and garment bags for the Formosas I bought recently. Finally got around to cleaning up the drivers I've been wearing to work. Holy crap does this stuff work wonders. These drivers needed a ton of love, but now they pretty much look better than the day I got them. I've used Reno on products for a while but doing the whole procedure made these shoes glow.
Just paid my balance too. Can't wait for my camel cost to come in
Grey camo looks like it would be a cool liner for the Daredevil
One of the weddings is right outside of town in the country, and cocktail hour and the reception follows the ceremony so I figure one suit will work for that. Maybe the PoW with some black Lobb City IIs. And for the other wedding I was thinking the Birdseye navy with #8 LWBs. Might be able to do a two suit day for that one though Contemplating trying to get a shawl collar Tuxedo MTO'd by Formosa though sometime through NMWA. Could wear it forever if I keep the same size
Forgot I had talked to Kyle about the birdseye Navy Formosa until I stumbled upon the email... So I bought it in 50L. 2 Formosas in... Can't wait to get this guy! Figured 2 cm longer in the jacket would be fully fine, and might make it look a bit more conservative. Can't wait for it to come in. Gonna have a hard choice between the two for a wedding next month. Might have to do one that wedding and the other for a German wedding in October.
Any time table on a Formosa restock? Specifically thinking about a navy suit (nailhead perhaps)
I've been drinking quite a bit of bourbon recently when I do drink. Ohio's getting some of the less rare limited bourbon releases, which is kind of nice. The OYO bourbon that is distilled here in Columbus is quite good as well. Had it at a tasting and it was remarkably good. Wheated bourbon. I had some Col. EH Taylor Barrel Proof at the whiskey bar yesterday before my girlfriend's cousins' band's show. The owner of the dive bar I frequented in college purchased the...
Thanks for the info Roman, I'll wait until the 21st before I send you an email. Hope the new campaign is going well. Thanks again.
Did everyone in the US receive their packages from the last release? I only ask because the tracking for my soft briefcase hasn't updated since the 12th when it left Singapore(?). Just wondering if anyone else is waiting and if I'm just being impatient (which I don't doubt either way) Can't wait to get my black briefcase though! Love the black tote, figure the briefcase will be great for bringing and taking papers and documents to and from the lab, along with my laptop.
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