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I like going to radioshack because I know I'll find the odd sized batteries I need for my humidor's digital hygrometers. Used to by Y audio cables (RCA stereo to 3.5 mm) cables too from them for parties. Not much of anything else.
True true
To be fair, didn't Drew say he sized up one or two on his 5 zip to give him the look he wanted from the jacket? So I think everyone might be a bit premature in their warnings. Hell, he might look better sized up than we do with ours "properly" sized.
Is it really faster? I looked through all the specs on the Apple website, and other than optical image stabilization and the better battery life (and higher res. screen), everything was the same as the 6. (And the pixel density is actually lower on the 6 plus vs. the 6).
@conceptual 4est Kyle, are the new boots black suede? It might be f.lux running on my computer but I can't tell with much certainty the material or color.
Gold/White seems like it would make more sense with your usual cream/navy/ivory color scheme. And your Cartier cuff.I have the White/Silver 5S, but only because I had a black 5 and didn't like the lighter metal color with the black 5S. And silver makes more sense with the monochrome I wear.
Damn. That's what's up. I usually expect 2 weeks to roughly a month for any order I put in.
Please. If you really have that big of a problem with sweating, go see your dermatologist or local plastic surgeon and talk to them about your hyperhydrosis. They'll prescribe you some prescription grade antiperspirants, or you could move directly to Botox injections to stop your sweating for ~6ish months. I haven't had to use anything more than Mitchum, but I know a handful of people that did Botox injections for their sweating and recommend it without reservations.
I agree with all that NN said above. The only thing I have to add is that it is substantial and thick, but still has enough give to it to be comfortable; the jacket isn't going to wear you, if that makes sense.
Thanks for the info... Looks like they'll be too big for me. Good luck on the sale, they are a good looking pair of shoes at a great price!
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