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Probably due to customs/duties. But with the presale and VAT deduction they're under $250 with shipping included
My LGS charges $20 for transfers (they do a lot of business via gunbroker), but if you buy a firearm from them, they obviously wouldn't charge you for the check. I figured everyone was like that
^No kidding. I have medium colored skin (read: Indian) and I skipped the "sunburn" part of being in the sun and went immediately to "sun poisoning" on the tops of my arms while I was in CA for a week. I've probably gotten sunburnt once before in my entire life, and that was on the top of my nose. This includes multi-week trips to India and summers of two-a-days for soccer. Talk about some major sun.
Haha well @RegisDB9 I did spend quite a bit of time in the Cartier shop on Rodeo while I was there. My better half loves the pink gold love bracelet, and I have my eye on a couple of things they make as well... So I might be dipping my toes in that pond at some point. I tried on the green sweatshirt in a 52, and the navy in 50... Liked the color of the navy but the 52 over the 50, so I had them order me one from the NY store. It was here before I made it back But first...
After a weeklong trip to LA and Pebble Beach: Sweatshirt: Belt:
Yo man @jet, it's cool. We'll definitely make it happen next time I'm in town.
I finally got my first smoke in while I've been in LA... The only NC I brought: a new release tatuaje black. I was relegated to the smoking section of the SLS pool where a bird flying over shit three feet from me. Wonderful. This city, for having a TON of smokers, isn't very smoker friendly.
Picked up the Charly tees from my mailbox before I started packing for LA yesterday. The tees are legit. I've gone from a true M(48IT) in the past couple years to just about a true L, and I can say these tees fit spot on. Fabric is beefy but breathable, the attention to detail is great (seams are well done, raw hems on sleeves and bottom hem), and the length is perfect for a "long tee" à la Rick, Odyn Vovk, etc. For the price, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any...
I know there are a lot of Los Angeles locals around here. My girlfriend and I are going to be in town Sunday through Thursday before her cousin's wedding in Pebble Beach. We're staying at the SLS. I have a couple questions though regarding visiting, and shopping & dining. What should we see/do? I imagine there's a ton of good dining and shopping to be done in Beverly Hills, but what do you guys recommend? (Not necessarily in BH either). Right now all we have is...
Shit I had been drinking (margaritas and tacos). I meant the tees à la Rick that your gf made. Sorry it got garbled in translation
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