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I'm planning on wearing only RO during the day when I'm in London for two weeks next month. Am I going to have issues with my attire while there? Aka will I get turned away for wearing sweats or shorts, a tee, Geos/Nikes, and potentially a jacket from restaurants, pubs, and/or cigar bars? Thanks
I finish my meats with a sear when I sous vide. Ideally I'd have a torch too, but a super hot pan on the stove works for me (or maybe grill too now that the weather is nice). Sometimes the meat looks a little funky post-SV, but after a sear it looks and tastes great. This summer, when I'm not on vacation I'm going to try to get a lot of cooking done... So far all I've done sous vide are carrots (like the Serious Eats glazed carrot recipe), eggs, and steak.
What's the cost going to be like? I could be down for a sweet reverse calf pair if the price wasn't exorbitant. Got a pair of horse MMM sidezips, a pair of stag Guidi backzips, and a plasticky feeling calf MMM sidezip pair, so reverse calf backzip or side zip would be a great addition. And would wear well with all the Rick I got in recently
Yeah hard to find is right. I found one bottle at the Bevmo down the street from me when I was staying at the SLS in LA last May, but never found it anywhere else since. Liquor stores in OH had it on the discontinued list, so it was gone before I could get home and stock up. Stumbled upon two bottles marked up and had to have them, since I figured I couldn't find them any other way.
I have a Yeti. I also have a couple pairs of cool boots (and am eyeing a pair of SLPs as my next pair). I would say get the Yeti. Unless you don't like carrying heavy shit, in which case get the boots. I think once I kept beer cold for 10 straight days in there. Serious insulation. And once you break in the seat cushion (get the seat cushion), it's incredibly comfortable. (It also works for things other than beer, but I haven't tested that out yet)
I'm not really a scotch drinker (I prefer Bourbon, as does apparently everyone else in the world since the good stuff is getting so hard to find), but I do love the now discontinued Macallan Cask Strength. Just got my hands on two bottles of the 59% stuff and I'm very excited to crack one open and keep the other one stored away for a while.
Spoilers for those who don't want book stuff combined with speculation for this season of GoT. Click at your own risk: [[SPOILER]]
In those pics above I like the Chucks, the Ramones (I think those are Ramones on Rick), the Nikes in the first pic, and the sandals.
Jeni Britton Bauer is from Columbus, OH, and has a couple scoop shops around town. I say this because my girlfriend and I got ice cream from one on Sunday and she had listeria poisoning from Monday through Wednesday and finally started feeling like normal yesterday. Not fun. The scary part is that I had the same type of ice cream as her, and thus far I feel fine. Strong immune system I hope
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Really appreciate it
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