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Same. Hopefully I can get a couple finished before I head out to the Bay Area late next week
Holy shit that looks incredible
Well with estate laws the way they are nowadays, it appears that every dollar you get in inheritance when your parent(s) pass away is $2 that they didn't spend. Or perhaps even more. Unless your parents have a well thought out plan for avoiding said taxes, it doesn't seem worth it for them to not enjoy their money post-retirement, even if they are concerned about leaving behind a monetary legacy. I'd rather my parents retire incredibly comfortably (we're discussing time...
On the topic, isn't Laurent Ferrier independent as well? Prices are again extraordinary but their pieces look incredible. That's an aspirational piece near the end of my list, right before the PP perpetual
Nahneun fit pic? or maybe just kpop gifs on a loop?
Yeah: NMWA's Fox Oatmeal Flannel Just have to add it to your cart 1 meter at a time if I recall from when I bought the fabric.
I always envisioned having one either at my desk at home or at my office, but I've got many moons from being out of school, let alone residency or actually owning my own practice (if anyone even does that a decade from now). The moon phase (annual calendar?) ones always seemed to catch my eye
I think the Atmos clocks are very cool. My local AD had one beside the Reversos I tried on while getting my OP bracelet resized, and they are very cool looking pieces. Expensive as hell but cool nonetheless
That was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Andy! I'm planning on getting married next year (black tie dress code if I can get my way) and I have a tuxedo that I like very much, but I thought it might be nice to get a good set for my wedding that I could wear essentially forever. I'm not spending anything on a tuxedo or shirt/shoes/etc. so might as well go all out on a dress set, right? The longmire enamel monogrammed links look intriguing...
I've got a relatively inexpensive set of studs and links. If I want to upgrade to something better, where should I look?
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