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Roose just gave Ramsey what Roose thought Ramsey always wanted: assurance that he is always going to be his heir. Even though he is a crazy dude, Ramsey was always afraid of his father. No reason to suspect the combination of the two would cause him to kill his father.
I think you can PM Fok and he can make it happen
Hell. I need pajamas with a cigar pocket. Perfect for the mornings. Take the dogs out. Water the plants. Smoke a cigar with my morning coffee
I disagree. I got two bottles of their Russell's Reserve pick the last time my buddy was there, and their Four Roses picks have been pretty solid in the past. Plus I like their wine and beer, and their cigars are pretty well priced compared to Ohio. Not to mention their prices are a ton lower than Ohio prices.
Excuse the wrinkles please, just pulled it out of the box.
Got my Draper's Houndstooth summer jacket in. It looks perfect. Has a little more blue to it than the fabric lets on, in the best possible way. I can't wait to get it to the tailor and then start wearing it. Half lined is perfect for the weather.
It's funny you say that... Though that's not the field of medicine I'm going into.
Saw a whole set of book cigars on my recent trip. Insane. Didn't even know they existed.
I wish the IM tunic worked with my everyday wear. It looks awesome and comfy. Just don't know how I'd wear it with what's in my closet
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