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Some of my friends who are from Columbus grew up with him, and my girlfriend's brother coached him in high school. Very saddening, by all accounts he was a great guy. "Gentle Giant" was used to describe him by more than one person.
Got some gear for the 5K I have on Thanksgiving.... Wasn't sure about Gyakusou sizing so I got Ls and XLs:(shirt and shorts) [[SPOILER]]
Woke up to a pleasant surprise that Oregon State beat Az State. I'm expecting Miss St to still be ranked above Ohio State (but would be pleasantly surprised and happy if we jumped more than one spot). Up until the Michigan State game I was kind of hoping we'd be ranked 5 or 6 at the end of the season, but if we work out the kinks we have in special teams (I'm looking at you Jalin Marshall, since Dontre is out for the rest of the season), we could potentially keep up with...
I think I narrowed down my list for a first watch to a single one: this Seamaster (ref. 2254.50): [[SPOILER]] It's been discontinued but there seem to be a good amount of them going around the forums. Is there anything I should know about this model that would sway my choice from this model? Also, any recommendations for how to best purchase a watch online (and to make sure I don't get scammed)? Thanks!
I couldn't imagine what I'd do in that scenario at all, which is probably another reason why it's for the best that I will be in school or scrubs for the next decade or so.
God damn Regis, the pattern on that suit is on point. Is that this season?
At this point I'm hoping for my early October orders by my birthday (mid-Feb). I would have been ecstatic to have them before mid-December, but it's all good. It'll arrive when it arrives.
I've talked to Mauro about sizing, he'll have a good comprehensive sizing chart set up for us all. I'm really excited about the shoes, and you all should be too. These are going to be some sort of incredible. We all need more information I know, but make sure you don't sleep on the pre-orders for them; good turnout for the shoes means we'll have more awesome shoe offerings from Mauro and Wolf vs Goat in the future!
Fuji (or anyone else), do you have any good resources you could point me towards to read up on gear (background, dosing, plans for cycles/pct, expectations, etc.)? I'm interested in the stuff from an academic point of view and potentially would like to get on to see the differences from basal levels myself, and would love a good resource for familiarizing myself with everything.
New Posts  All Forums: