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Screw it. Put in an order for the Moonbeam. Couldn't miss out on it.
Hey Kirby, any word on how the Foster slippers are going? Any updates on ETA?
Summer gunclub
Yeah I wasn't enthused about the Moonbeam initially, but it grew on me and is definitely one of the next two I purchase. At this point just have to hope it's still around next month, two Formosa purchases a month is plenty for me!
Not that I need to buy another any time soon (aka until next month), but any plans to restock the houndstooth Formosa or stock a guncheck Formosa sport coat? I have the 3 piece and the moonbeam on my radar next but a guncheck jacket would be great and the houndstooth looks very cool
Just ordered a Navy hopsack blazer and the grey pinstripe DB suit, both from Formosa. Happy Thanksgiving to me? The real question is, should I change the buttons out on the blazer for brass ones for a classic look or should I keep the MOP ones on? Also, should I upgrade my BB khaki chinos for something "better" or will they fly with the Formosa
I drive a Grand Cherokee, but I think when I buy some property out in the country I'll buy one of the Filson Wranglers. Probably not the brute though, don't need that much firepower
I have a Burberry camel trench from years ago that I wear when it's chilly and raining, or if I'm working out I have a north face rain jacket for keeping the rain off me. Boots/Bean boots for the rain, and a decent double layered/not cheap flimsy umbrella should keep you fine
Just sent payment for 3 bottles. Thanks for your input on my decanter situation!
Got an old decanter of 1960s Eagle Rare 10-101 in today, but the fill level was terrible (~350 mL) and the liquid was cloudy. Since I work in a research lab on bacteria, I was thinking about bringing in an aliquot of it and streak plating it to see if any bacteria grows. Any advice on what I should do? It smells phenomenal, and I would really like to try it if it's safe
New Posts  All Forums: