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Is it weird that I want to get a pair of the MMM future high tops in black? They look very clean, and I don't think I have a pair of sneakers in black except for my flyknit free 3.0s for the gym.
Damn that looks really good. Good work kunk
And bringing it to the Pig Roast. How very generous of you.
Isn't that what the "bloodline" moniker denotes?
I won't test one fit-wise.I think Mr. Porter is a good place for Wolf vs Goat, but I agree with the sentiment that their sales shot them in the foot. That being said, they still sell a ton at retail, and have a pretty big customer base. I also think stores at that level (pretty wide market base, diverse but $$$ clientele) would be great accounts for you, since they will get you the most exposure possible.I'm going to text you about something in a minute.
Looks like eBoutique
(Both ZamB)
Still got one hidden away in a closet somewhere.Edit: along with some worn APCs, unworn raw Diors, and a Toj0 and white tees. Talk about SF 2008-2010.
The rogue one in the pink bottle? Yeah it tastes like what you'd expect maple bacon beer to taste like, in the worst possible way
Sorry to break up the pho/ramen talk, but my Anovas come in some time next month and I'm thinking up ideas of stuff to make with them. Steak will be a great move given the time I think (and a quick sear after), and I like the glazed carrots on serious eats (was thinking about making them as part of thanksgiving lunch since it'll just be me, my girlfriend, and my dad this year). Eggs are going to be done SV a ton too. Anyone have any other recommendations on good things to...
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