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I thought we were talking about Emory
I love it. I just tried to topple it over, and it was pretty secure. The holder for/plastic underneath the thermal carafe is a little flimsy, but you probably don't even need it. It's easy to use, the carafe keeps coffee warm and tasty for hours, and it makes a mean cup of coffee. Not sure about replacement parts tbh, and hopefully I won't have to find out
Got one of these earlier this week: Makes the best coffee I've ever had. Truly remarkable how much difference a coffee maker can make when compared to a cheap drip machine or a keurig.
Yeah I haven't worn my high tops (Sorry Mauro!) for the past couple weeks because the weather has been complete shit and I don't think 8" of snow will really help me out in testing them out for everyone. After this weekend the weather will be great though, so I figure they'll see a ton of wear after the ice melts.
That is a valid point re: alcohol consumption/tolerance; I guess that isn't particularly everyone's definition of how to party. But your second point was really what my (admittedly crappy) anecdote was trying to express. Any new news regarding College Football? I heard that Kenny Guiton was going to be a GA under Tom Herman at Houston.
FWIW, I graduated from Ohio State and thought that onion video was hilarious. Also the party school thing is an interesting topic. I never really got into the idea of believing these rankings, but everyone I knew that came to visit for a weekend at Ohio State from a "party school" like OU, Miami (OH), and UK couldn't hang for an entire night of drinking. So I take those ranking with a grain of salt.
I also have a Zojirushi water boiler. It is perfect for making tea, FP coffee, and even heating up a brush before I shave. My girlfriend really likes the new Le Creuset matte collection (coincidentally, finally learned how to pronounce the name of the brand, which is a poor reflection of my decade and a half of French classes), and I got her the 5 qt matte white round Dutch oven. We're making a pot roast in it tonight for dinner, with a bottle of Brancaia Tre Rosso...
Sounds like a good plan to me.
Denim's looking good, G.
Thanks guys... Already got my eye on the next one (thinking a Tank Solo XL), but I am enjoying this one completely. It is truly a watch I've been pining for for a while.
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