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At this point being friends with my friends long enough, I would expect nothing else from them, as they would expect of me. Tux it is. Thanks for the support, I was waffling on the idea but fuck it. Formal is formal. And there are only so many times I can wear a Formosa tuxedo at 24
I have a wedding later this month of a fraternity brother of mine I am going stag to (gf's going to the biggest conference of the year for her business) and the dress code is "formal". It's at a lower tier golf course (I hate myself already for saying that) but does the dress code itself give me enough reason to get the Formosa tux I just got in altered and rock it and my black Lobb oxfords to the wedding? Or should I just do what my friends are doing and wear a dark suit
Speaking of, my Formosa tux should be in today! it's a good day
I really hate to be this guy, but any future plans for an unfilled (aka not down/poly filled) fabric MA-1? That's next on my list of jackets to buy and nothing currently available fits the bill
Emailed last week with regards to the three pack of Drake's linen handkerchiefs, as Drake's customer service told me that The Armoury is the only stockist in the States that carries the linen hankies. Jeff was very nice, and called me and had the hankies to me on Friday. Incredible service and product as well. Can't wait to find something for my next order.
Pour earlier this week to celebrate starting a new job: (12 WLW) sorry about the messy background, gf's baking business is taking off and she's in the process of building out her commercial kitchen
Anyone have any experience with Stubbs & Wootton? Contemplating buying a pair of their UK slippers to round out my black tie rig (for what black tie event I am unsure) but I was hoping someone here had some experience with the shoes themselves and whether they fit TTS, construction/if they're "well made"/etc., and if they look as good in person as online. Thanks
I bought my third and hopefully last (for this year) Formosa this week and I'm incredibly excited to get the tuxedo in. Between the PoW flannel, the Birdseye and the tuxedo I think I have a solid set of suits to last me the end of the year... Or at least until next month when the budget opens up for another suit Also tried on my camel Memory. That wool/cash blend is incredible. Can't wait to wear it all winter to work
If you wear a true size 10 US (on a brannock device), a 43 should be the right size.
I have the 12" Mortimer Shoehorn. I love it as well. Makes it easy to get shoes on, and the best shoe horn I've ever bought. Since it's all one piece, no concern about it breaking due to weak spots or plastic or anything like what happened to my last couple cheap shoe horns.
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