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Hey, I am selling my size 50 Toj Suiting Wool MA-1 in Black. It is a stock 50 in every way but has 0.5" added to the sleeves. This made it a great fit for me at 6'1" 195 lbs, but with the elastic at the waist and the sleeves it could fit a variety of sizes. Unfortunately, I'm no longer a size 50, so my loss is your gain. I purchased this jacket 6/11/2013 and received it in 11/2013, and wore it sparingly (ended up getting too big for it within a couple of months). The...
Man. I have been drinking (and buying) a lot of Demi Sec champagne. I never really liked brut champagne or any of the extra dry stuff, and this seems to be the ideal sweetness for champagne for me. Bought Gruet, Laurent Perrier, and Veuve Clicquot demi secs... Fell into this because the LP was on sale at my local grocery store for $40. Anyone have any good recommendations for other Demi Secs, or any other champagnes/sparkling wines like this? It's curious because although...
I've got two scars on my nose from college shenanigans (split my nose open once, broke it getting sucker punched the other time). Got surgery to fix the 13 or so fractures underneath, but haven't gotten around to getting the scars worked on. From what I've been told, I notice them a lot more than anyone else does (and I imagine that's the case for everyone and their scars). But I can understand the hesitation.
I like my knits like knits, but the more handwork to the suits the better imo. I'll be needing at least a couple suits soon and I want all the bells and whistles
Thanks! The watch is discontinued, so ADs might be out of the question for me; I could call my local Omega dealer and see what the word is though. They might have one sitting around? I'll start searching through the watch forum classifieds, starting with the Rolex Forums. Thanks again! I appreciate the help!!
Looking to sell my black/black Toj0. It is a stock size 50 with 52 lengths. I ordered it when I was 6'1", 195 lbs and it fit perfectly, but I never really wore it, and I figure it might be great for someone out there that would otherwise order one and wait months to get it. Paid $380 for it on 2/27/2013, and received it in early July 2013. Any more information, please PM me. Thanks! Note: the first picture is the Toj stock picture. The others are my own.
I think it's time for me to buy that Seamaster (2254.50) that I want... Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to find a good one that isn't overpriced? And where should I look for one? Forums? Dealers? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I still have a pair of the last WvG raw denim on ice right now (alongside about 10 pairs of deadstock Dior, Saint Laurent, LVC and Margiela denim) and I think these are definitely going to be an instakop for the Fish. I was looking at the 3sixteen CT cut but I'm probably going to have to buy a pair of each. I'm really excited, especially with the 36" inseam option.
I'd go with Trini Reyes or Bolivar RCs over Monte 4s, but that's just me. They are my two favorite marcas.
Not too far off from the interior of the G550 my girlfriend and I test drove when she was looking for a new car... We weren't impressed at all. Thought the M-class had a better cabin.
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