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I have pretty much been buying everything from NMWA or the Hanger Project recently. Been on a kick of buying more CM stuff, so went a little crazy with Formosas and some hangers and garment bags for them. I think one more pair of Lobbs, a couple more shirts, a few wool trousers a bit better than BB, and one more suit and I could be done for a while on CM kops.
Three piece Formosa is all I need in my life. Maybe a Christmas present to myself closer to Christmas time
Excellent. Thank you!
She doesn't know much about wine but it's part of a Christmas present so I'd be happier than not going for a higher end bottle that drinks well now than not
Also, thanks to NMWA for the chocolates and the copy of American Psycho
Got the Navy hopsack blazer and the DB grey pinstripe flannel Formosas in (Moonbeam tomorrow). The Formosa cut is awesome, and I love the fact that I can wear a 50 R or L and they both look awesome (6'1") and fit well
No. Columbus, OH
My gf asked me to find her a good Pinot Noir to get her grandmother as part of a Christmas present. Any advice on what I should look for? I'd be happiest sticking under $100 but no set in stone budget.
07 WLW. Nice looking bottle.
Screw it. Put in an order for the Moonbeam. Couldn't miss out on it.
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