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I have multiple of the leather elbow MMM sweatshirts that are very comfy (I sized up to a 52 for extra comfy). Just had a pair of WvG sweatshirts come in (sized up one again) and very slouchy and comfy
How do Formosa preorders work? 50% down and then 50% when the order comes in? I'm intrigued by the idea, since I have a handful of them already and just want to know how logistics work for the preorders
Try the caveman keto shredded buffalo chicken recipe. Just need a packet of ranch dressing powder, chicken, and a bottle of hot sauce. Tastes really good and I think the acid from the hot sauce breaks down the chicken so it isn't tough (pure speculation but sounds about right)
My LBM camel polo coat came in today before I left for work, so obviously I had to unbox and try it on (sorry not enough time for photos. After work though). Sizing up was great over a polo and jeans (got a 52, wear a 50 in Formosa). Is a 52 in the polo coat going to fit over a size 50 suit though? (Edit: I guess the easiest way would be for me to try it on when I get home over a suit jacket huh) Cashmere is so so soft and the color is perfect, as Greg said earlier in...
Those last two.
Went to a buddy's Halloween party. Brought some snacks (courtesy of my girlfriend) and I made a apple pie punch that was fantastic: 1 L Flor de Cana (dark rum) 750 mL Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (or whatever you'd prefer for cinnamon flavor) 1.5 gallons Apple Cider 1 lb apple, sliced for garnish Pour together over ice in a punch bowl/dispenser. Eat beforehand, and don't end up in the spare bedroom at the end of the night because of an extra hour due to daylight savings,...
Can anyone help me with the appropriate outerwear to wear with black tie? I have a pretty traditional black tie rig (all black with white shirt, peaked lapel, cummerbund and bowtie match the lapels, suspenders no belt loops, etc.) but I have yet to find a "proper" chesterfield that would be appropriate for black tie. Am I overthinking this, and would a dark (charcoal, midnight, black) chesterfield that fits well over my tuxedo be good? I purchased a cashmere camel tone...
I'd be in for a few (2-3)
Someone return a size 50 LBM cashmere camel polo coat so I can kop. Please and thank you. Edit: Saw the sizing advice. 52 it is. Ordered
I like the CoLa quite a bit. Have ~25-30 or so sitting in my humidor, some 05 El Lag and some 01s I picked up in London this summer. 05 ones were smoking phenomenally when they arrived (3 or so years ago) and I can only imagine they've gotten better since. 01s I'm sitting on, I am aware that 99-01 was a dark period for Habanos but I'm willing to take the risk and hope that El Laguito was putting out some decent product then
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