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Is there going to be another tobacco linen Formosa for S/S 17? I missed out on it last season and my size is sold out now... I feel like the Drapers fabric is too close to my skin tone but the Caccioppoli would be perfect for London next summer.
Nice. I've only ever read great things about Grand Havana Room but never heard anything from someone with firsthand experience or been there myself. How is it in there?
If I have a tuxedo that I really like, but I want an ivory jacket made to complement it à la Andy at Guy Savoy, is it going to look off if I get fabric from a different maker? Maybe specifics will help: I have a Formosa tuxedo made from Drapers Barathea, and am considering getting an ivory shawl collar dinner jacket to accompany it for summer black tie. However as far as I know Drapers does not make an ivory Barathea fabric, though H&S does. If I get the H&S fabric made...
Anyone have any ideas where I can find last season's RLPL tobacco suede bomber? I called one of their stores a week and a half ago to see if they had it in their inter-store inventory system, but I have yet to hear back from them. It's pretty much the only bomber that checks every box for me, and of course I found out about its existence weeks after the season is over.
Thanks! They fit perfectly, a little wider than my Lobb City IIs, which is exactly what I was hoping for
What color Saphir cream and wax should I use for Edward Green Dark Oak Antique Chelseas? I have black already, but was concerned about the brown. Should I be looking at dark brown, tobacco, medium brown, or some other color?
I'm a size L generally speaking, take a 50R/L in Formosa, and a 16.5 shirt. I take a 42 in Inglese
Shout out to the NMWA crew for the MTO service for my Inglese tux shirt and my CMT MTO Formosa. The tuxedo shirt turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted, and the jacket looks incredible; when I bought the fabric I sort of had an idea of what it would look like, but I think it looks better than expected. Here's a quick pic in some natural light Loro Piana summer gunclub fabric (via @edmorel), half lined, patch pockets/barchetta chest, brown horn buttons
Looking for a RLPL Henfield tobacco suede jacket to fit a size US 40. Should be a medium or large. I am located in the Continental US. Thanks!
Congrats on getting married noob!
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