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Is it possible to MTO a Formosa sport coat in a self provided fabric? I could see both sides of it, which is why I figured I'd ask.
Some accessories:
Just ordered the pocket wallet and key holder in the Russian Reindeer. I have a Bottega Veneta travel wallet and like it plenty but I think it will be nice to have a bit of change, especially now that I put my Goyard card case into retirement. Plus the key holder will keep my pockets a little more organized than the BV key ring I have now
Decided on just the houndstooth; the other two just didn't pop out at me like this did. Plus paying the balance on an Alden boot preorder today made the decision of one vs. two a bit easier.
I will iff you send me your WLW
I'm contemplating between a suit (VBC revenge) and two sport coats (houndstooth and green linen), but I have 6 (PoW, birdseye, tuxedo, navy blazer, moonbeam, DB chalkstripe) in my closet and potentially a seventh, the three piece chalk stripe, if I was good this year (for Christmas). Decisions decisions. Also what's the word on MTOs for Formosa pants, or stocking any more *Formosa* trousers?
Sell it to me.
Sorry should have worded it better. I can't remember what the price was exactly but it was one of the two. Not a choice.
Local roasts are the shit. Brioso, a roaster in town, is literally right down the street (as in, two blocks away) so I can just walk down in the morning whenever my grinder tells me I'm out. The only problem is my girlfriend's favorite roast of theirs is a private label for a pastry shop in town... And they sell it for either $10 for 12 oz or $12 for 10 oz.
That and the blue version of it are my next two Inglese purchases. Love them and think they'd look great with Formosa and Drakes accenting the shirts
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