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Is there any possibility of an ivory shawl collar dinner jacket this S/S from Formosa? I know Greg said earlier S/S Formosa hasn't been finalized, but this might be a nice addition to the tuxedo for summer black tie purposes. Along with another tobacco linen suit (OOS in size 50 for the two on the site )
I do know of a fair number of PS's that have their surgical PAs open and close for their procedures here in the States. Having a desire to join the field myself, though few years away from applying to residency and graduating, I find this topic fascinating and polarizing among surgeons.
Honestly when we redid our kitchen appliances, we got rid of the microwave/hood that was an eye sore and focal point in our kitchen and replaced it with a much thinner Viking hood (with recirculator and carbon filters unfortunately; condo = no ducting for the hood) and got a Panasonic Inverter microwave to put in the pantry. Turns out we use it probably half to a quarter as much as we did when it was above the stove. I think some times it just got used out of convenience,...
I don't know if any BHK is easily available anymore. I smoked my last of my OR BHK 52 box and honestly I don't know if I'd buy a current box, especially at the prices they command ($350/10 cigars was a lot at release, but every single cigar from my box smoked perfectly) and the quality I've heard about them anecdotally or from the general "rumor mill" regarding CCs. I honestly want to try some Dunhill or Davidoff CCs because I've heard such good things about them. The...
In case anyone was wondering about the update on this, I called what I was fairly certain was all of the RL stores in the country that carry RLPL. I found a couple helpful SAs at a few stores, (Bal Harbour, Chicago, King of Prussia) and several unhelpful ones, but no dice on the jacket. Turns out last season's goods were sent back to HQ in North Carolina a couple weeks ago, so odds were slim that there were any left. The SAs at Chicago, Bal Harbour, and King of Prussia...
Is there going to be another tobacco linen Formosa for S/S 17? I missed out on it last season and my size is sold out now... I feel like the Drapers fabric is too close to my skin tone but the Caccioppoli would be perfect for London next summer.
Nice. I've only ever read great things about Grand Havana Room but never heard anything from someone with firsthand experience or been there myself. How is it in there?
If I have a tuxedo that I really like, but I want an ivory jacket made to complement it à la Andy at Guy Savoy, is it going to look off if I get fabric from a different maker? Maybe specifics will help: I have a Formosa tuxedo made from Drapers Barathea, and am considering getting an ivory shawl collar dinner jacket to accompany it for summer black tie. However as far as I know Drapers does not make an ivory Barathea fabric, though H&S does. If I get the H&S fabric made...
Anyone have any ideas where I can find last season's RLPL tobacco suede bomber? I called one of their stores a week and a half ago to see if they had it in their inter-store inventory system, but I have yet to hear back from them. It's pretty much the only bomber that checks every box for me, and of course I found out about its existence weeks after the season is over.
Thanks! They fit perfectly, a little wider than my Lobb City IIs, which is exactly what I was hoping for
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