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BCDR orders from Oct 1 cry
^ I found that finding a pair of glasses that fits (regardless of style), then finding the size of the glasses helps immensely. I found that I need 50-51 mm sunglasses (consequently, my two pairs of OPxNDG-1 that are my back up glasses are 50 mm, and my classic wayfarers are 51 mm that I lucked into when I ordered them from Mr Porter a couple years ago), and now I just look for a frame I like, and then try to find that size. My girlfriend got me a pair of Clubmasters, but...
See this:
Yeah I know what you mean, especially re: cigars and I can see the relation to whiskies (not just scotch). I just got my brother into cigars and the cigars I like are not exactly ones that are friendly to cigar noobs. He's smoking lighter bodied cigars (connecticuts, claros, candelas, etc.), whereas the cigars I smoke are not. I'll give whiskies a good real shot. I figure it'll be like wine for me: I just need to find my whiskey that I can drink every day, and then be...
I'll keep that in mind, thanks! I have half of a bottle of HP12 left, and the gf's parents got me a bottle of Mac12 for my birthday. When I run low on one or the other, I'll keep this list as a shopping list to see which I like. I had the Yamazaki 12 in Park City last summer and was not a fan, so I don't think that'll make my list, but perhaps it would be better with a cigar... Who knows.
Uigeadail was great, I split the bottle with my girlfriend's dad at Thanksgiving. He's a huge scotch guy, and I've just been trying to get into it, so he obviously loved it. I enjoyed it as well, but I can definitely tell I would have liked it more if my scotch palate was a bit more refined. Thanks again!
The smell it leaves on you can be fixed by smoking somewhere well ventilated (or outside). The lingering taste thing can be fixed with a comprehensive brushing of your teeth followed by a long rinse of a good quality mouthwash and then chew gum or something and you'll be fine. Also, drinking water during (and after) keeps your mouth from drying out. I like the taste of cigars (and my girlfriend likes the smell of them) so none of these things are stuff that I employ...
How do I size Geobaskets (this season. I don't know if they vary)? I wear 43 in MMM side zips, 43.5-44 in GATs, UK 9 in Lanvin, and 10D on Brannock sizing. Mr Porter says it fits large to size, so should I get a 42, or stick with a 43?
Looks more like a rider to me
Rimowa Topas Stealth 26 (check in): Patagonia diamond quilt snap T:
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