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I have a pair of Formosa trousers made in Fox Bros. oatmeal flannel, and NMWA has a run of the fabric in stock right now (unsure if it's the same run of fabric or different), so I purchased 2.5m to have made up as a DB jacket. Is there a concern that the jacket fabric will look markedly different from the trousers, should I not worry about it until the fabric is in hand so I can compare to the trousers, or am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill/should I just get...
I had a Keurig, but with the crappy Green Mountain et al. pods. Hated it. Eventually bought a grinder (electric) and a Technivorm, started using local beans instead. Now I'm hand grinding and making pour overs in the morning. It takes about 5-6 minutes longer than popping a pod in and letting it go, but overall quality of my coffee (and having a routine in the morning to wake me up prior to 4 hours of classes) makes it worth it, at least in my opinion.
Yep. I have the grey birdseye; it was my preorder suit for the fall/winter. It's a great one. Still haven't had time to take it to my tailor to get it hemmed but the weather hasn't been appropriate for it yet either, so no harm no foul. Just bought 2.5m of the oatmeal flannel to get a jacket made up that I could wear with the trousers I have, thanks to that pic of @UrbanComposition that G posted. Might have to go DB as well.
Nice! I have a pair of the OG run (via Newc), which is why I asked. They're awesome, awesome trousers. Anyone who (like me, at least initially) missed out on the first run should definitely grab a pair ASAP, because if they're anything like the first run, they'll sell out quickly.
Are the oatmeal flannel trousers the same fabric as the first run?
How is the Club Allones? I see them for sale around a couple places and am curious
Black jeans and white sneakers could work fine too
This La Rata is my first Full Pull order.
Got a notification that 2 bottles of La Rata are allocated for me. Excellent
PL MC? Good price at one of the usual spots right now. The boxes I got and split with bdeuce22 were fantastic. Might be time to stock back up on them
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