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2013 William Larue Weller (courtesy of @bdeuce22 and 2011 Mexico RE Edmundo Dantes El Conde 54 Got a box of the 54s coming to me this weekend so I figured I'd try the one I picked up in Mexico in December
I was going to get my brother a Savoy humidor, a Palio, and 10 packs of Monte 4s, D4s, and RyJ short churchills for his birthday. He's smoked some of my Cohibas (without my knowledge. 05 lancero and one of my esplendidos ) but he barely knows anything about cigars so I was hoping I'd give him a couple ten packs and then an assortment of non cuban cigars I like to fill out the rest of the humidor. And maybe this way he won't smoke any of my cigars either.
Get your wheel fixed
Random Health & Exercise Thread
Orange/blue/yellow birdshits look good. I have the blue/light blue/yellow ones from last year... I wish I could get my hands on the white paint ones but I think trying to get them NIB in a 44 is a pipe dream at this point.
(It's a joke)
Brannock Size: 10 D WvG shoe size: 10 Allen Edmonds 65 Last (Park Ave, 5th Ave): 10D Rick Owens size: 43 MMM boot size: 43 Lanvin size: 9 UK Saint Laurent size: 43 Converse (x MMM Jack Purcell) size: 10 Nike size: 11 Hope that helps
I thought we were talking about Emory
I love it. I just tried to topple it over, and it was pretty secure. The holder for/plastic underneath the thermal carafe is a little flimsy, but you probably don't even need it. It's easy to use, the carafe keeps coffee warm and tasty for hours, and it makes a mean cup of coffee. Not sure about replacement parts tbh, and hopefully I won't have to find out
Got one of these earlier this week: Makes the best coffee I've ever had. Truly remarkable how much difference a coffee maker can make when compared to a cheap drip machine or a keurig.
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