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Hey Kirby, any word on how the Foster slippers are going? Any updates on ETA?
Summer gunclub
Yeah I wasn't enthused about the Moonbeam initially, but it grew on me and is definitely one of the next two I purchase. At this point just have to hope it's still around next month, two Formosa purchases a month is plenty for me!
Not that I need to buy another any time soon (aka until next month), but any plans to restock the houndstooth Formosa or stock a guncheck Formosa sport coat? I have the 3 piece and the moonbeam on my radar next but a guncheck jacket would be great and the houndstooth looks very cool
Just ordered a Navy hopsack blazer and the grey pinstripe DB suit, both from Formosa. Happy Thanksgiving to me? The real question is, should I change the buttons out on the blazer for brass ones for a classic look or should I keep the MOP ones on? Also, should I upgrade my BB khaki chinos for something "better" or will they fly with the Formosa
I drive a Grand Cherokee, but I think when I buy some property out in the country I'll buy one of the Filson Wranglers. Probably not the brute though, don't need that much firepower
I have a Burberry camel trench from years ago that I wear when it's chilly and raining, or if I'm working out I have a north face rain jacket for keeping the rain off me. Boots/Bean boots for the rain, and a decent double layered/not cheap flimsy umbrella should keep you fine
Just sent payment for 3 bottles. Thanks for your input on my decanter situation!
Got an old decanter of 1960s Eagle Rare 10-101 in today, but the fill level was terrible (~350 mL) and the liquid was cloudy. Since I work in a research lab on bacteria, I was thinking about bringing in an aliquot of it and streak plating it to see if any bacteria grows. Any advice on what I should do? It smells phenomenal, and I would really like to try it if it's safe
Yeah I paid retail for a navy one and then got a black one on deep discount from Ssense the same season. Like 70-80% off. I'm fairly tall though (6'1") and I didn't think they were too short in the body. I did size up to a 52 from my usual 50 though, so maybe that had something to do with it
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