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Moderated approval for posts would benefit this thread greatly.
I put in an order earlier this week. everything went fine. They shipped my order next day air.
You can pay for a jacket now and send your measurements later you know.
If it helps, I'm a 44 in MMM GATs, a 10D in brannock sizing (AE sizing too), and a 43 in MMM boots. I wear a UK9 in Lanvin too, and an 11 in nikes.
Selling a pair of 3Sixteen SL-200X in black selvedge in size 34, new without tags. They are brand new, all I've done is try them on once (and took the tag off). I found that the straight leg cut wasn't exactly as slim as I wanted from the knee down, and though I had planned on getting them cut by my tailor, as you can see from the pictures, I never wore them or got them cut or anything again. Plus, my direction in SW&D doesn't really go well with thick, slubby selvedge...
Selling a pair of 3Sixteen SL-200X in black selvedge in size 32, new with tags. They are brand new, never even tried them on. I bought them last summer but never ended up wearing them, and decided I might as well send them off to someone who would treat them better. They don't really go with the look I'm going for (see my most recent RP post), and figured someone else could benefit from it! Here are the measurements from the 3Sixteen webstore: Size 32: Waist: 33" Inseam:...
One old purchase plus two recent ones: From left to right: MMM cashmere blend denim, SLP 19 cm black overdye denim, ZamB black overdye DNA jeans (thanks @sinnedk) Along with the black Dior raws I have in my closet, probably won't need any more denim this year. Pretty stoked.
Pizza in Florence (well, not Mr. Pizza because it sounds sort of like Pizza Hut but you know what I mean) I had the best neopolitan pizza I've eaten outside of Naples in Florence. Yum
The MMM jeans are incredibly soft, which I imagine comes from that 3% cashmere... A tad slimmer in the top block than I expected, but that may have also been from the holiday weight I inevitably put on. Great jeans though! I had been scoping them out all season long, waiting to buy them at $300 or below. 50% at ssense was all I needed.
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