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I haven't tried them but I recall someone saying they're very slim. No firsthand knowledge though.
The minimalist valet looks right down my alley. Living in a brownstone downtown, space is at a premium and the smaller the better. I've been looking for a good valet and may have to wait for that one. Having converted the second bedroom to my office (and the third, more spacious one into my girlfriend's), I can think of the perfect space near my closet to put the valet.
Yeah I figured the same; with the black velvet slippers I'd probably wear either one or the other if I got both in black. I'll shoot off an email right now to switch the cashmere order to navy. Thanks again!
No rush, if nothing else I have a pair of black Lobb City IIs that will do the trick in a pinch. Your monogrammed cashmere ones had me right away though and I had to get a pair of my own. Contemplating the switch from black to midnight cashmere though
Preordered a pair of the black velvet slippers and a pair of the monogrammed black cashmere ones. I'd been looking for a pair of evening slippers to go with my now complete black tie rig, and the combo of these two will be a fantastic set to work with them. Maybe they'll arrive before my girlfriend's family Christmas party Valet looks great, need to see the final products and see which of the two would fit my needs more appopriately
Put in an order that's long overdue for some BPCs and Monte 4s. I'm trying to fill my new desktop with petit corona sized CCs exclusively (5.0x42) and these two boxes will start that process. I think JLPCs and RGPCs might be the next acquisition. Another box of Reyes will be in there at some point, and I'll have to make a size exemption on Party Shorts and RASCCs, since they would be most welcome in there. Then I think with the appropriate Siglo, Party Mille Fleurs and the...
Yeah. PLs.
I believe the RR Ghost is billed as a self driver as well. Though I am ultimately at my core not a self driving kind of guy, the Ghost is my favorite of the RR line. That said, I was car shopping for my dad the other day at the MB dealership and they had a couple cars that tickled my fancy (he ended up building a GLE). A S600 Maybach on the lot looked wonderful, and a E AMG (sold the S63 AMG that was in there last time I was there with my mom). The S coupe is a hideous...
Nah. Not going to over do it, but I am lacking a proper tuxedo shirt. Closest thing I have is a wing collar hidden placket MMM piece from a couple years ago. I picked up all the appropriate accessories at Drake's off Saville Row earlier this summer so it'll be more CM and less goth prom. Might just co-opt a Zegna spread collar if it looks right with the bow
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