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Is there a dress code at any of these places? If I'm wearing Rick Owens (debating on packing some Rick with me for easy wearing during the day), will I get turned away?
Awesome, thanks for the recs dudes. We're staying in Mayfair near Buckingham Palace and kind of close to Hyde Park, and I've got a ton of free time so I'll be checking out a ton of these places. Thanks again!
Alright guys, on the topic of London, any recommendations for cigar bars I should go to? I'll be in town later this month for a couple weeks with little to do during the day six days a week. So any recommendations are helpful but places open during the day/morning would be wonderful
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I got my dad the non-slim fit polos late last week. He called me yesterday to talk about some business and mentioned how much he loves the polos. Coming from my dad, a man who cares little about high-end clothing and the like, means that these polos have to be something incredible. Don't sleep on them, they're incredible, especially for the price
My girlfriend's family all has Briggs and Riley luggage, which is the power traveller's bag of choice. Great warranty, good bags. Downside is that they're ugly as sin. I'm fine with the damage taken by my Rimowa, though I can definitely see why people would be concerned. All of it is cosmetic on mine thus far.
That's more than minimal use in all but the third pic. Corners really do get beat, and the metal shows through. Everything else is stuff that would happen after probably a year of constant travel. I love my Topas Stealth, but at the same time, I like the beat up look. My girlfriend does too, she's buying a bigger version of mine before we leave for a month in June
I like my Rimowa Topas Stealth. Minimal branding. Black, with the aluminum showing through with wear. Goes well with my black suede Toj daypack and my black calf MMM weekender
I had a Toj wool MA-1 that I liked and wore a ton for the years that I had it, but I eventually got tired of how "puffy" it looked, and wanted something a little less slim and longer (like how the Rick ones fit). I have a blistered lamb Bauhaus and figured a MA-1 would work great with the look I'm going for. And would wear well with other stuff too (see DLester's fit pic from last night in WAYWT)
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