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I'm contemplating between a suit (VBC revenge) and two sport coats (houndstooth and green linen), but I have 6 (PoW, birdseye, tuxedo, navy blazer, moonbeam, DB chalkstripe) in my closet and potentially a seventh, the three piece chalk stripe, if I was good this year (for Christmas). Decisions decisions. Also what's the word on MTOs for Formosa pants, or stocking any more *Formosa* trousers?
Sell it to me.
Sorry should have worded it better. I can't remember what the price was exactly but it was one of the two. Not a choice.
Local roasts are the shit. Brioso, a roaster in town, is literally right down the street (as in, two blocks away) so I can just walk down in the morning whenever my grinder tells me I'm out. The only problem is my girlfriend's favorite roast of theirs is a private label for a pastry shop in town... And they sell it for either $10 for 12 oz or $12 for 10 oz.
That and the blue version of it are my next two Inglese purchases. Love them and think they'd look great with Formosa and Drakes accenting the shirts
Speaking of, anyone use garment brushes instead of lint rollers to get stuff off clothes? I was eyeing the hanger project's brushes (I've been buying stuff left and right from them) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.
I think the most slept on item still in stock (for anyone size 50-54, since you should size up) is the LBM Cashmere camel polo coat. It's an incredible piece of outerwear I will be wearing a ton this winter. Now if only I could get a MTO LBM evening overcoat for my black tie rig...
I have pretty much been buying everything from NMWA or the Hanger Project recently. Been on a kick of buying more CM stuff, so went a little crazy with Formosas and some hangers and garment bags for them. I think one more pair of Lobbs, a couple more shirts, a few wool trousers a bit better than BB, and one more suit and I could be done for a while on CM kops.
Three piece Formosa is all I need in my life. Maybe a Christmas present to myself closer to Christmas time
Excellent. Thank you!
New Posts  All Forums: