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I do need to find some more places or events to wear it. I'm going to push as much as I can to get as many on the calendar as possible
This is how it begins. I started with one Formosa (Prince of Wales flannel), and now I have 10 (between 1 on the preorder, 2 from fabric I have on order or on hand that I need to send out for an MTO, and what I already own), three Inglese shirts with two more on the way, a pair of Rota trousers and another two preordered. Whew.
Damn, that's disappointing. Sorry to hear that J, I've heard incredible things about the Habanos2000 releases.
Must have been a gun themed birthday, because along with me buying myself a Glock 43 for it, my girlfriend let me pick out whatever Beretta I wanted and we're going to a local shotgun course to do their sporting clays course. I ended up with a 30" 12ga 686 Silver Pigeon I with vented barrels (not really sure how to describe it, but there is venting between the two barrels. They had another SP model that didn't have the venting but this one seemed to fit much better)
My brother got me a pair of Rota (my first!) in a light grey flannel for my birthday. Fits great in a 50. So I preordered navy and mid-grey flannels to round me out. Would have gotten fawn but I think I'll wait it out to see what Inglese preorders look like.
People hate veggies because they haven't been exposed to them prepared in a way that is tasty. If all you've ever had were steamed or creamed or wilted veggies, you aren't going to be very excited about eating them. My mother is vegetarian, and grew up vegetarian in India but wasn't when I was growing up, and made some awesome vegetable dishes with veggies that people generally hate (spinach, okra, broccoli, etc.), and as a result I really don't have any hate for...
I've never gotten sleeve work done on a shirt... Can my tailor make the sleeves of my Inglese shirts shorter? Is it a lot of work for them? I tried to wear one with a jacket the other day and noticed that they're quite long on me, but fit beautifully everywhere else.
Thank you NMWA crew for the wonderful birthday present added in with the Rota trousers and Inglese my brother got me for my birthday. The calabrese square is definitely not something I'd pick out (Kyle and I had a discussion about this last month about how I need to branch out from the same set of patterns) in the best possible way and I can't wait to put it to use and in my rotation! Thanks again!
I like DD a lot as well when it comes to parts for ARs. I'm having a hard time right now recalling what's on it, but I'm fairly positive my AR build was pretty much Mega upper and lower, Bravo Company BCG, barrel and comp, magpul grips and stock, Eotech 512, Troy tritium folding sights and DD rail. I liked my build a lot. I was trying to decide between the DD 10.3" 300 barrel or the Noveske for my SBR build, but I'm pretty sure I might replicate just about everything else...
I've been thinking about the same thing for a while (SBR build 300 blackout with a can). Have my trust set up, but haven't gone forward with any of the steps yet for some reason. Not sure why.
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