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Shout out to the NMWA crew for the MTO service for my Inglese tux shirt and my CMT MTO Formosa. The tuxedo shirt turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted, and the jacket looks incredible; when I bought the fabric I sort of had an idea of what it would look like, but I think it looks better than expected. Here's a quick pic in some natural light Loro Piana summer gunclub fabric (via @edmorel), half lined, patch pockets/barchetta chest, brown horn buttons
Looking for a RLPL Henfield tobacco suede jacket to fit a size US 40. Should be a medium or large. I am located in the Continental US. Thanks!
Congrats on getting married noob!
I faintly recall that Rota cotton trousers fit slimmer than the wool ones. Is that right, or do they fit the same?
Been buying a lot of CM clothes and no SWD clothes for a while now (almost all year). Feels weird because I identify as a SWD guy but yet my recent purchases say otherwise
Doing some studying for an exam I have on Monday with a QdO of my own
How much for both @venividivicibj
Me too. My city's allocation was less than the PVW release, so no bottles made it to retail shelves. I would like to get my hands on a bottle but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, which is pretty much inevitable in the secondary market nowadays
I didn't think so either until I bought a pair of beater BB ones for the derby this past spring. Wore them with a white pinpoint OCBD and a navy blazer to the derby where it was insanely hot and humid and I thought it worked well and looked passable. Certainly more comfortable for the weather than the raw denim I wore to dinner the night before. I figured if a pair of "traditional" leg opening BB pants can work with my beater navy BB blazer from college (my friends wanted...
Finally got my Rota preorders in. Did the beige linen, seersucker, and the lightweight wool in navy and light grey.
New Posts  All Forums: