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I was in your position a few months ago. I have three pairs of black jeans now: the MMM cashmere blend angled seam denim, the SLP overdye 19cm denim, and a pair of black ZamB DNAs. All of then fulfill different roles, but I like them all.
My daypack goes well with all of my jackets, including my MMM. Since they're all black (backpack and the jackets), it's a matter of contrasting texture.
@reedobandito They said the same thing to me. I placed my order on Wednesday or Thursday, got a shipping notification on Friday. Ended up getting my boots yesterday. They shipped from Jamaica, NY. They shipped it the day that UPS estimated the delivery date.
Got my last pair of black boots in (on the far left): MMM, MMM, Guidi
and get your Zam scarf back
Moderated approval for posts would benefit this thread greatly.
I put in an order earlier this week. everything went fine. They shipped my order next day air.
You can pay for a jacket now and send your measurements later you know.
If it helps, I'm a 44 in MMM GATs, a 10D in brannock sizing (AE sizing too), and a 43 in MMM boots. I wear a UK9 in Lanvin too, and an 11 in nikes.
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