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Just found this thread... before I jump in, what's the rule on spoilers (ASOIAF vs. game of thrones)?
If I were a betting man, I'd bet that they probably cut and sew a big batch of BCDRs at the same time, depending on customizations (quilting, etc.). So they might be rolled into the next batch of BCDRs, women's and men's (so along with my BCDR). Both of my orders aren't quilted, but she didn't want excellas or bemberg, and I have silver excellas and bemberg on mine.
Very serious. I knew the wait was a while, and I wanted to have as accurate measurements as possible. A lot can happen in 6/12/however many months.
Gotcha. Looks very cool. I don't follow Schneider at all, but that jacket (and a lot of the stuff I saw while perusing NMWA's offerings) is very enticing.
That Bonastre portfolio looks incredible... I might have to grab one in black.
Everything looks very cool @cyc wid it That's the Schneider from NMWA, right? Was that preorder only?
I have two jackets a little over 11 months, a lamb BCDR for me and one for my girlfriend. Do you think now's the appropriate time to send measurements?
I've never been able to find SLP on Yoox...
Good to hear everything's good with your Mom Mauro. I didn't see the blog post above so here's a link: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15322733-on-the-same-page We're 5 weeks out from the Pig Roast. I don't know about the rest of you heathens, but I'm pretty excited. I haven't been in a couple years. Who's going to be there?
Cool, I'll go with a 43, thanks!
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