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By the way, the High Tapered came in on Friday and is the best fitting denim I've had. The higher rise is awesome. The fit is looser than I'm used to, but not baggy, and is incredibly comfortable. Good call on them Synth. 14.8 oz. "Twisted Weft" is a great weight going into fall/winter too.
I bought my OPxNDGs from Oliver Peoples and had my eye doctor put prescription lenses in them. I assume you mean sunglass lenses but I assume any optometrist (or I'm sure there are plenty of websites) that can do it for you.
Can you tell I like Inglese's shirts? Blue end-on-end getting a button replaced and cleaned
Same. I got an extra button from Greg over the summer (thanks again G!) to replace the middle button that chipped on my Formosa blazer.
I'm a single door (fridge; up/down fridge/freezer) fan (a la the Viking below). My girlfriend's cousin has that model below with paneling to match her kitchen. It works perfectly for their set up, and if we had 8 more inches of clearance above our fridge instead of a cabinet, that would be what's in our kitchen now instead of the Viking French Door. [[SPOILER]] We had a in-door water dispenser in our old fridge and honestly I don't miss it at all. A Brita pitcher in the...
I had to wear a jacket on Wednesday for class, and I felt strange not having a pocket square in. Almost always wear one whenever I wear a jacket as well.
Just wanted to give a shout out to Kirby and the team at KAHP. Had a snafu with my EGs where I had a particularly rough scratch on the toe of one of the shoes. Ordered some products to fix it and some other stuff I had been meaning to order this week. Quick shipping per usual, and the product and service is top notch as usual. Here's a picture of my Lobbs and EGs after I did some full service work on both. Both with the KAHP shoe trees in them, and treated with Saphir...
I think you mean @Synthese
It is interesting. I had a pair of New Standards 7 years ago (good god, was 2009 really that long ago?) that I wore to shreds and they never felt wide at the hem at all. Didn't get them altered at all
I have a pebbled grain black MMM weekender/duffle that I love. From a couple years ago, it's been a staple for me every time I've traveled since.
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