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Had a pour of Weller 19 at the Nobu on Berkeley St after dinner. Spectacular, and wasn't absurdly priced considering what we're talking about here. Going to be chasing that dragon for a while now
I smoked one today at Dunhill and have the one from JJ Fox in my travel humidor. Have to say I wasn't impressed, especially with the £30 price tag. Not a lot of the body or flavor you'd expect from an Allones release, or the complexity one would expect for an H&F exclusive release. Got a week left in London so going to make the most of my time here!
'98 Hoyo du Dauphin at Davidoff. Wonderful smoke and only £15. Ended up picking up the leather case I wanted for my ligne 2 while I was here as well
I picked up an H&F Allones release at JJ Fox's today. They said their renovations should be done next week, so hopefully I can stop in there before I fly off to Switzerland. Going to smoke the Allones with my morning double shot tomorrow but I'll talk to the two stores about their vintage selections before I leave. I asked about them a bit but they didn't really seem open to talking to me about them. Can you buy individual cigars out of the boxes or is it just a "buy this...
Up your budget just a slight bit and buy one of the Savoy Boveda humidors. The large size one is roughly $200 and is very good quality for how inexpensive it is. Had a very good Monte 2 last night at the May Fair and am smoking an Especial No. 2 this morning in the Davidoff store. I might need to order myself some when I get back home. Have great enjoyed them thus far
Had a Fundadores at the Wellesley cigar terrace on Saturday evening while my girlfriend ate a late dinner, preceded by a CoRo at the pub after a solo dinner for me. Haven't yet had time to explore any of the recommendations above but I'm planning on going to St James today to check out Davidoff, JJ Fox, and Dunhill. C Gars Ltd is right across the street from the pub I've been frequenting so I might check it out too. Cigar room in Harrod's was disappointing, but had the...
For the most part there's no way you can wear clothes that are this far from the general population and not elicit any response. I was waiting to grab a coffee and some breakfast this morning and saw multiple double takes at me in my blistered lamb mollino, white tee, prisoner pants and Geobaskets but no weird looks or comments, both of which I'd most assuredly get in the Midwest if I was to wear this fit there
I wore all Rick all day yesterday. Walked 8 miles in a pair of Geobaskets. No funny looks (in London; I'm sure back home in OH if I wore the shorts I was wearing I'd get all sorts of strange looks) but the SAs at Cartier were not happy with my presence when i was hanging out while my girlfriend was getting a watch serviced. Might wear the prisoner pants or swinger shorts today for a less drastic outfit
Gave my buddy who owns my local cigar store one of my BHK 52s for his birthday this past week. Maybe not OR, but pretty damn close. Good smokes. Still have a couple left. Hoping that Londontown will get me in the mood to smoke some of my vintage smokes. Picked up some good shit in a Mexico LCDH at the end of last year that I am trying to save for a really good time. Got something (maybe a Trini 40th or a
Ohio State, and it better not be Urban eats Papa John's
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