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I wonder which digits I can't dream of... 6? 9? Maybe it's 2. That's always my favorite. Or maybe he means anatomical digits. In which case, that doesn't sound like a particularly safe (or legal) field to be in, nor does it sound like good compensation for any work. Good luck.
@Distorbiant Yeah I could have for sure, but I had plenty of outerwear (and still do), so it basically ended up getting rotated out. Just made sense to sell it after a couple months of seeing it hanging in my closet. I wore it often for the first month or so I got it, but it didn't "settle" much in that time. Maybe if I did some yoga or stretches or some shit in it, it would have broken in easier (8)
I had a black calf Moto (OG moto, not the more recent model) and I have a black calf 5 zip. The Toj calf didn't have as much "grain" to it as my Margiela, but it was thicker and "stiffer" (was resistant to movement, thick, sturdy kind of leather). I ended up getting rid of it because it was too thick and stiff for me (felt like I was wearing armor when I wanted a jacket I could wear to the bar), but it was by no means bad; just not what I wanted at the time.
Yes you can change the order completely as far as I know. Model yes, measurements yes, leather yes. If you buy the place for one jacket, you get that spot on the queue. You'd have to buy another spot from someone else to get another jacket.
Yeah I have an esemplare fishtail for non-layering, but I was fully intending on wearing the Merino when I'm layering with a thick knit and a shirt under. Aka when it's incredibly cold out. We'll see how it fits, but I'm not too concerned.
Holy crap... I am envious of you and your bourbon finding skills (and obviously the wall of 4R)
I took a gamble on it. Figured I could layer under it (since I fit a 50 or an L generally) and be fine.edit: my first Schneider piece, so not really sure what to expect
When I was in town in May, I was staying at the SLS and the valet lot out front was filled with them, presumably for an internal test drive/info session
I like Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free line. No fragrance, and I like the stuff. My girlfriend uses Kerstin Florian, and I've tried hers a couple times and it's really good too.
@in stitches dat fit pic. Incredible. Where2kop pants? edit: just saw the post above me. Thanks. That fit is magical.
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