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They didn't have the lanceros last time I was there. Hope yours are great!
Now how do I pick. I have a set of black studs on yellow gold, do I go with the MoP or the black? These in black are still different because they're on a silver link, and don't have the gold outline like my current ones... Decisions decisions. I like that Greg thinks about these things as much as I do. I spent hours looking for the right set of studs/cufflinks before just settling. Until now.
Are we still doing phrasing?
Handed off a case of what should be daily drinkers to my girlfriend to take home (I'm at school 5 hours away): half a case of the San Felice Chianti and half of a case of Chateau Toulon red blend (both from FP). I have a half case of the 2010 Torre Oria and a half case of that Italian Rose. Hopefully they'll be in before I leave for Thanksgiving so I can take them home with me. I think I might put together a case of the stuff that absolutely isn't ready to drink for at...
Same bathroom, different outfit. Formosa Inglese (Vineyard Vines & Tom Ford from my girlfriend) Rota (Gucci)
That square is great Murl. Kimber?
Ack. My dogs had a bout of giardia not long after we got the younger one (we have two shih tzus, both boys from the same parents, but a litter apart). It's not fun, I don't envy you.
By the way, the High Tapered came in on Friday and is the best fitting denim I've had. The higher rise is awesome. The fit is looser than I'm used to, but not baggy, and is incredibly comfortable. Good call on them Synth. 14.8 oz. "Twisted Weft" is a great weight going into fall/winter too.
I bought my OPxNDGs from Oliver Peoples and had my eye doctor put prescription lenses in them. I assume you mean sunglass lenses but I assume any optometrist (or I'm sure there are plenty of websites) that can do it for you.
Can you tell I like Inglese's shirts? Blue end-on-end getting a button replaced and cleaned
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