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Yeah I wish I had more flexibility on dinners, but my girlfriend's cousins, grandma and aunt and uncle were just in the city and her mom asked them for recommendations... I'm already ignoring their Italian recommendation (they said Due was good, but I have a connection to Giovanni) and my girlfriend and I take a night out every time we're in a city with a Nobu for dinner there, or at the very least for some drinks and the yellowtail and jalapeño. I will keep Strip House in...
Going to be in Manhattan (Midtown) 1/2-1/6 with my girlfriend and her family. Any recommendations for cigar bars to go to at night/after dinner? We're eating at Charlie Palmer's at the Knick (gf's cousin's recommendation), Giovanni Venti Cinque and Nobu Fifty Seven for dinner so far. I read about the Carnegie Club, Club Macanudo, and Merchant's, and of course Grand Havana but I don't think I know any members of that place. Any place I can bring my own cigars would be...
Yeah I know what you mean. I actually have the DB chalk stripe that I have yet to take to my tailor, and that's the reason why I want the three piece navy one so much. The fabric is fantastic, and I think it would make a great addition to my wardrobe. I know what you mean about tailoring, I waited a while to get my first couple done to lose a couple lbs so I could be the size I wanted and also so I wouldn't have to get too much done (especially at the waist, trousers and...
Navy chalkstripe is my next Formosa purchase. Then I'm going to have an MTO jacket made up with a Loro Piana guncheck fabric I just got in. Can't wait. And then get the white end-on-end Inglese in the meantime as well.
Amongst other things, got a blue Inglese shirt and a navy Gansey for Christmas.
On the same note, I'll be in Manhattan 1/2-1/6, and would love some recommendations for good bourbon bars while I'm in town. I'll be with my girlfriend's family, but I can take a detour if need be, especially if said bar allows cigar smoking
Is this supposed to say Dec 24-Dec 26?
Holy smokes; you're right, they dun goofed. But from what I hear, they move fast anyways. A lot of good reviews and a sort of "finally a rare release I got here in time to get" makes it a release that people pick up. My liquor store had 3 left the day I bought my two (got the other on a trip to visit @bdeuce22 from his local store) and I can't imagine they lasted more than 24 more hours
New Posts  All Forums: