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Holy crap... I am envious of you and your bourbon finding skills (and obviously the wall of 4R)
I took a gamble on it. Figured I could layer under it (since I fit a 50 or an L generally) and be fine.edit: my first Schneider piece, so not really sure what to expect
When I was in town in May, I was staying at the SLS and the valet lot out front was filled with them, presumably for an internal test drive/info session
I like Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free line. No fragrance, and I like the stuff. My girlfriend uses Kerstin Florian, and I've tried hers a couple times and it's really good too.
@in stitches dat fit pic. Incredible. Where2kop pants? edit: just saw the post above me. Thanks. That fit is magical.
Does the bull's wool Inis Meain Gansey fit on the looser side? I'm envisioning it as a looser fitting sweater that I could wear slouchy. Thanks! Been on a knitwear kick recently and can totally see myself picking up more than a couple more chunky knits.
Picked up some sticks on my most recent trip (and a connection for future purchases) at the LCDH. An Ingenios, Conde 54, 2002 Party 898, and an incredibly old Monte (box code didn't have either of the two most recent box code styles).
I had great experiences with the Rodeo store this past spring when I was in LA. I agree with you about the people just standing around not really knowing what's going on, but one dude there came up to me and my girlfriend, complimented me on my sneakers (I was wearing a pair of birdshit MMM GATs that day), and basically walked around the store with us showing us what he thought was cool and showing us whatever we wanted. It was obvious he was really into the brand and the...
Unibroue gets my +1. Everything I've had from them is great. I'd been on a hefeweizen/wheat beer kick before it got bitterly cold, and their Don de Dieu is incredible imo.
Some of my friends who are from Columbus grew up with him, and my girlfriend's brother coached him in high school. Very saddening, by all accounts he was a great guy. "Gentle Giant" was used to describe him by more than one person.
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