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Finally got my hands on one and it's in! Very pleased with my first watch, a Seamaster 2254.50:
I have two of the new Anovas. Love them, cooked all sorts of things from veggies, protein, eggs, etc. My girlfriend, who wants to start her own bakery soon and is fantastic in a kitchen, is meh about it but doesn't hate the results.
I have a ton of B&b stuff and it's great. Have the surf spray in today just to give my hair a bit of hold, but I haven't really found the product that speaks to me the best. It might have to be a combination of the mousse and a finishing product along with a hair dryer... KOY: A hairstylist or someone who works with hair and product every day would best be able to turn what you want to do with your hair into reality, and the immediate feedback you can have in the process...
That has happened way too much for me. Lost all sorts of things, not just clothes in the process of moving, and some have never turned up like my Rimowa travel humidor, which is now discontinued, and a Dupont lighter. It's the worst.
I have one of these on the way this week. Should be here on Thursday. It'll be my first watch and a sort of late birthday present to myself, so I'm pretty excited.
Putting walls in isn't so bad
They don't cost much if you don't have much ducting to run, and especially since you probably won't even need an extra HVAC for your set up (nice weather in the bay area and all). Just need a exhaust fan and a fresh air intake, and a good seal keeping the air from the rest of the house. An airlock room wouldn't be the worst idea to keep the smoke out of your house. I've thought about this a lot, if you can't tell.
I see the right pricing $762.75 for parka, and $672.75 for field coat
Just noticed that they called him "Martin Marguila" once you said something,... huh.
Damn it, I wore my Geobaskets today to dinner and forgot how comfortable they are. Should wear them more often. Unfortunately, I say that about a lot of things. Still have my SLP high tops from Hedi's first season in the plastic bags still unworn, a pair of suede black/white Geobaskets unworn, a pair of birdshit GATs that I only wore on my trip to LA & Pebble Beach, a pair of unworn white/gray GATs to replace the beat up pair I wore through, two pairs of Lanvins I've worn...
New Posts  All Forums: