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Are the sleeve zippers supposed to be on the front of the sleeve? Just wondering if that was a conscious expectation of the design. IMO, it might look better with the zips on the side (or back) of the sleeve, but that's just me. Feel free to ignore said advice.
A lot of people like the John Elliot + Co wares when it comes to sweats/hoodies. I have no experience with anything of theirs except tees. I'm partial to the MMM leather elbow patch sweatshirts, but I realize they aren't hoodies. They're pretty thick, comfy (I sized up one from my usual Margiela size), and generally make it to sale time (I bought a navy one last season at retail for $495, and a black one for $170 on sale). Can't help you with gym bag, sorry
Does anyone know how the Wyatt boot fits (relative to other boots)? I wear a 43 in MMM, a 10D in brannock sizing, and a 43 in the SLP sneakers.
No not my thing at all, but very Margiela. Plus I've probably got way too much F/W outerwear already.
TBS got some F/W Margiela in. Pretty weak buy. I usually buy at least 4 or 5 pieces from them each season, but I don't think there's a single piece they bought that I'd pay retail for. Already have a 5-zip that I bought from them a couple years ago. Maybe the black briefcase or something, but it's disappointing, at least for me.
Fixed this for you
Thanks Fuuma
I've liked the SLP leathers since they came out, and I think I want to get one some time in the coming months. Couple questions for you folks: How much should expect to pay for a (new) one? I'm expecting somewhere between $3-5k for one of the standard biker jackets (L01 maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong) in lamb or calf, but a more accurate number would be great. And which leather is generally accepted to be the "better" material for the design? I have a black calf 5 Zip now...
I saw those in person in the LA store. I was contemplating buying them myself, but the brush strokes in the paint kept holding me back every time. Just don't think it'd work with my style. I'm sure you'll find a way to make them work that'll make me face palm for not grabbing them for a couple hundred $
The leather MA-1 isn't filled like the suiting wool one, so it should fit true to size. The reason why the suiting wool one fits small is because of the fill that makes it "puffy", so the external measurements should be larger than what you'd normally expect for a (non-down/poly/whatever filled) piece of outerwear.
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