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Yep! Pretty excited. I have the DB grey chalkstripe, and I think both are very cool and a great addition to my wardrobe.
Just ordered the 3 piece Formosa I've been eyeing, along with the white end-on-end Inglese and a pair of the NWMA Dents gloves. Pre birthday gifts to myself. I think after this arrives and my preorder and the MTO I want to do are in, I might be done with suiting/jackets for a bit. Maybe just need a plain grey or charcoal suit, but the PoW might be fine for that role.
Pre-birthday kops: Thanks NMWA!
Will (try to remember to) do. It's a charity fundraiser at the museum of Art in town. I actually haven't been to the museum because it was under renovation for quite a long time so it will be fun!
I think it's good for the industry. That many new products means growth in demand for more high quality bourbons. The interesting thing will be to see what makes it once the bourbon bubble bursts and the vast majority of those drinking it move on to the next en vogue liquor
Just found out I'm going to a black tie event at the end of the month. Seems like the perfect time to take the Formosa tuxedo out on its maiden voyage. Very excited.
The party source is always a good one. In Bellevue right across the river from Cincinnati. The liquor barn in Lexington is pretty good, their prices on Opus X cigars were dirt cheap last time I was in there and they have a ton of 4R picks which is nice. Liquor King in Corbin is a bit off the highway but not much more than 10 minutes and has a decent selection. Honestly my luck was best with the little liquor store on the Cumberland Gap Parkway east from 75 in Corbin. I...
Yeah. Columbus. Though I went to graduate school on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky so all the "big" liquor stores were on my way. Didn't have any issues getting stuff like OWA or Sazerac or Eagle Rare, all three of which are either hard or impossible to get from OH liquor stores
That's my favorite go-to bottle. Wish Ohio carried it. Very very good, especially for the price, but even price notwithstanding.
I can completely understand that. Just wanted to throw in my $0.02 to a budding discussion! Given the options you are between, if you feel that you'd wear them outside a black tie rig, I'd go with the black calf wholecuts and then just shine them up to a very high shine for black tie applications. Otherwise, if the black wholecut won't make your shoe rotation, I'd go patent. If your only times to wear the shoe is for black tie, might as well go for the "appropriate" shoe...
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