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Yeah supposedly according to someone in the industry who I believe, in the process of drying/curing the leaf they supposedly spray with some sort of water/nicotine (or something else, can't remember off hand what he said the spray was but it could have been nicotine in water) while it's drying, so you get that super dark leaf that smokes a ton. Similar to how some cigars are so dark and then when they get wet it feels like the color rubs off into your hand (and it's not...
I was told that there is something they do to the tobacco for the LPs to get that insane smoke output. Not exactly something artificial but some sort of treatment nonetheless
Did a kitchen remodel of sorts last week... Replaced all the "contractor-grade" (according to the appliance installer) GE appliances and replaced with Viking (hood vs. GE microwave-hood, gas range, french door fridge/freezer vs. side-by-side) and Kitchenaid dishwasher. Put a microwave in the pantry now. Also pulled out a cabinet and put a wine fridge in, so we have a lot more wine storage now. I got some Spiegelau glasses to replace our C&B ones that the old dishwasher...
Amen. I fully understand the e-cig industry needed some regulation. But cigars are 100% tobacco. Doesn't make sense. Apparently there's an Ag Appropriations bill that has a little pork in it with the purpose of exempting cigars (or maybe just "premium" cigars) from the FDA regulations.
Roose just gave Ramsey what Roose thought Ramsey always wanted: assurance that he is always going to be his heir. Even though he is a crazy dude, Ramsey was always afraid of his father. No reason to suspect the combination of the two would cause him to kill his father.
I think you can PM Fok and he can make it happen
Hell. I need pajamas with a cigar pocket. Perfect for the mornings. Take the dogs out. Water the plants. Smoke a cigar with my morning coffee
I disagree. I got two bottles of their Russell's Reserve pick the last time my buddy was there, and their Four Roses picks have been pretty solid in the past. Plus I like their wine and beer, and their cigars are pretty well priced compared to Ohio. Not to mention their prices are a ton lower than Ohio prices.
Excuse the wrinkles please, just pulled it out of the box.
New Posts  All Forums: