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Good to hear everything's good with your Mom Mauro. I didn't see the blog post above so here's a link: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15322733-on-the-same-page We're 5 weeks out from the Pig Roast. I don't know about the rest of you heathens, but I'm pretty excited. I haven't been in a couple years. Who's going to be there?
Cool, I'll go with a 43, thanks!
@RegisDB9 I know you have a couple pairs of Wyatts and pairs of MMM side zips, how do the Wyatts fit relative to the MMMs? I've been strongly considering getting those exact same black Wyatts, but I don't know what size to get them in. I wear a 43 in the MMMs and 10s in most shoes as well. Thanks man!
Okay cool, I'll edit that out then.
Okay, just to reiterate to make sure I have everything right: The current version of the Daredevil is 2" bigger in the shoulders than the slim fit Daredevil (which is the jacket we're making to order). The slim fit Daredevil is the jacket that Synthese got a fit jacket to try out (though the sample was a size bigger than what he should have gotten, according to @Thurston Bros). We can order it without shoulder gussets if we want, and can change pocket/zip locations...
Yeah I could definitely see myself ordering one as well (in a M; figure that's probably good for 6'1" with a 40" chest), so information on ordering would be great.
If you get 75% off, there's no reason not to get all of it. I was strongly considering getting her the sound bar and sub that Sonos makes, but at $600+ each, it was a hard gamble. But under $500 for the two would be a no brainer. If I could get it that cheap, I'd probably have the entire condo set up with a speaker or two in each room.
My gf has Sonos set up throughout her condo (her brothers both have it too, and are big fans as well)... Play 3s in her kitchen and living room, and a Play 1 in the master bath. Get a bridge that you connect via ethernet to your router, but it works great.Only downside is the cost, but the fact that everything plays together and can all play the same music (and you can get the connect to use your existing speakers with your sonos system) makes up for it a bit. Nothing else...
^ Occam's razor would point that way
I think I still have a couple 2010 BHK 52s in my box left... And one 54 or 56. I got a couple of the bigger sizes when they came out, but settled on a box of the 52s. I never thought they smoked bad, but are they smoking particularly well now?
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