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Oh man sounds right down my alley, might get a couple bottles of it and Tignanello for Thanksgiving... and for myself naturally
If I really liked Tignanello, anything I should try that's similar (and more readily available)? Thanks in advance!
Yeah I wear a 50 in Formosa, so 52 should be ideal
I too have found that the closer I get to 60% from 65, the better my sticks smoke. I've even got my friends pushing their humidors lower down, albeit from 70 (baby steps). Now to get them away from foam, PG, and xikar jars
Is that the Oatmeal flannel Formosa trouser? Looks good, and 52 is my size....
Sorry, only experience I have was with a singular Cohiba Piramide EL 2006
Ordered a box of each of the three we talked about earlier. Should have enough rest on the BPCs and the Monte 4s to try them by the time these arrive
Scratch that. Will be at the game too. I'll be the guy wearing black in the club section
As will I... Well probably at Varsity Club, maybe at the game.
Magic eraser over dish soap and toothbrush? I know they're both abrasive, but I get a little weirded out using magic erasers at all knowing that's it's basically sandpaper
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