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My regrets are washed lamb anything back when it was a thing, and a fishtail...
I'm not going to waste my time or anyone else's rating a restaurant online, but if I had good food somewhere, but shitty service, that's exactly how I'll describe the place if anyone asks me about it. I wouldn't rule the place out, but it probably wouldn't be high on my list of places to eat in the future. I'd probably try it out again though at some point, and if I get shitty service again, there'd be no way I'd eat there again. But if the food's good, might get take...
I have a black lamb BCDR on order. I have been looking at blistered lamb (and suede) jackets, and have been considering a black lamb suede jacket as well.
I finally restarted lifting this month after my brother convinced me that I was good to start again, but I think that might have to take a break again... I'm going to the doctor and getting scans done, but I think the cause of the back pain I've had for years on my lower right side is Petit's hernia, which may or may not interest the medical folks around here. My brother is a IMG doc and diagnosed it, but I figure it's a good idea to talk to my GP and get some scans done...
I have those same pair, and I thought the same when I got them. The leather feels cheap, and nothing like the leather of the other pair of side zips I have. Very saddening, but the boots look good, and look good with some wear on them too. Maybe the leather will loosen up, but I had these boots on my watch list the entire season so it's saddening that the leather feels so cheap.
Yes, big mistake. The BCDR is, in my opinion, the best Toj design. I just wish it was offered in like a blistered lamb or something... But I have mine ordered house-special (with excellas)
That Rick is da bomb Moo.
More pics to bring some life back into this thread: Picture of my bar at the house Miss the Fish recently purchased. Not pictured are the bottles of wine in the cabinet below, and the champagne. New Belgium just came to Ohio finally... Been drinking lots of Fat Tire. Aforementioned champagne. And in honor of booking a trip for my buddies and I to Las Vegas in June, a picture of one of the incredible Mojitos at Casa Fuente from my last trip.
@lesamourai I hope you're a 46 in MMM...
The ones I have are an overdye black. Not the purple ones from Porter. Same "blackness" as the SLPs or ZamBs
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