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In my anecdotal experience, I saw a jacket (the RLPL I bought recently) on a blog that I follow and bought it because of the blog (Crompton's). I can confidently say that if I had not seen the blog post about that specific jacket, I would not have purchased it.
Honestly that sounds really cool and sounds like something I would be interested in doing when I'm not a slave to the medical education complex in about a century or so. I somehow got into wine after a roundabout way from getting really into cigars, and then bourbon, and now I'm trying to learn as much as I can about wine. I think the intent of the true Sommelier classes would be lost on me because I don't want to be in the industry, but their tasting procedures and...
I see what you did there
Wasn't someone else in this thread saying the Wide Churchill's were good? Or was it the Short Churchill
Tonight's wine: La Rioja Alta ViƱa Alberdi Reserva 2009
I don't want a man cave but I do want a separated portion of the house in which I can smoke cigars and entertain, and not expose any future children to smoke, etc. permeating throughout the house. My gf is fully down with this idea. I was thinking a small room or a finished garage or something, but she suggested for our next house having a separate HVAC system for the basement with a wet bar, entertainment area with TVs and table games, etc. with an exhaust system and...
I've been trying to learn more about wine recently. Picked up a couple bottles that I usually wouldn't (Cotes du Rhone, Granacha, Rioja and a Bordeaux) and bought a couple books to learn more about them. Any tips on good books or things to do when trying to learn more about wine other than drink more (and drink more conscientiously)? I'm all ears. The books I have are Wine Folly, Wine Bible, and Sommelier Prep Course
Kirby, what's the word on the Dressing Valet (non-deluxe)? Does it come as seen on the website, or is it made to order so options are available? And does it ship pre-assembled? How does payment for it work, pay all upfront or 50% down and then 50% at ship (if it's made to order). I have some extra space in my bedroom at my house for med school and I was thinking about what to fill that space with. The valet came to mind so I thought I'd ask
Don't take my word for gospel, but that's how it was a year or so ago. Don't know if they changed their policies or if it is dependent on the brand/etc., but just wanted to let you know my experience
That looks really good DWW. One of those things that I never knew I needed until I saw it. I assume you got the fabric from Drake's and had Ascot Chang make it up?
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