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I can completely understand that. Just wanted to throw in my $0.02 to a budding discussion! Given the options you are between, if you feel that you'd wear them outside a black tie rig, I'd go with the black calf wholecuts and then just shine them up to a very high shine for black tie applications. Otherwise, if the black wholecut won't make your shoe rotation, I'd go patent. If your only times to wear the shoe is for black tie, might as well go for the "appropriate" shoe...
I like (and own) velvet slippers for my black tie ensemble. I really do not like patent, and like the look of an otherwise traditional tuxedo (peaked lapels, satin, matching cummerbund and bow tie, studs on Marcella bib shirt and matching cufflinks, etc.) with velvet slippers and black thin wool or silk socks
Sorry completely forgot to check but I'm almost positive I don't have any prices on them since they were priced per stick. I know they were going for regular UK retail but can't recall how much exactly that was. They weren't H&F vintage product
I'm not sure. I'll check if any of the five packs I got have any price tags on them later tonight when I go to add another sponge of dH2O to rehumidify my HCM beads
Yeah I think so too. Jones is very good, and we need defense. Badly. But it hurts just because we were a young team the last couple years with a bright and promising future, and it feels like we're compromising that just to salvage what's left of this season (even though, yes, Jones will be a great addition to the team). Just the general sentiment. Plus I've met Ryan around town a couple times and he, like Saad, genuinely seemed to like Columbus as a city and the team.
Crushing and brutal were the two adjectives I would use to describe that. Rough. The beginning of the season (and before the season for the Jackets) I thought this could be the year for my Buckeyes, the Blue Jackets and the Bengals. Ohio State had a great season, but disappointing loss for the Bengals and terrible season all around for the Jackets, not to mention the loss of one of my favorite players to trade.
If you haven't and they still have them, I'd recommend the 1999 H&F Cuaba Exclusivos (I believe that's the vitola) they have at the Dunhill store at 1A St James. One of the best cigars I've had; enough so that I bought a 5 pack. They were out of boxes of them so I just went with the 5 pack. Also the 2001 Cohiba Lanceros at Davidoff on St James and Jermyn were phenomenal, as are their du Dauphins (they were priced regularly but they were 90s products; mine was a little...
Amen. Who Dey! Couldn't find my bengals jersey but still at the bar rooting them on
I believe the girls call those "Nantucket shirts". Oversized long sleeves with their letters written out on them. My girlfriend's sorority while we were in college, along with every other one, made shirts when they were popular a couple years ago
Was between this and the LP demi sec. I just wish they were easier to find, couldn't find this anywhere in the city and my spot for LP put it on special and replaced it with the brut
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