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So are you guys saying I should topy my Guidis and MMMs? Because if so, I should definitely do that before I put any more wear onto those soles
Very cool. The suit looks right down my alley... I think that's definitely on my list for F/W
I don't think much of what I'm looking at is on your radar... I've taken the opposite approach with MMM, with mostly black and monochrome stuff instead of the ivory/cream and navy that you like. So no worries
That's the plan. Unfortunately, there's only so much cash available to spend on things whilst in school, but in a few years I'll be out of med school and have my own money to spend on things. Which will be nice.
Fuck MMM S/S '14. Everything looks so good, and there's so much I want to kop. But I'm going to show restraint in the attempt to save up for a black ceramic Submariner.
All of my Tojs are black except for my peacoat, including the ones that are in the queue now. I have a bunch of John Elliot + Co and MMM tees in white, black and gray, and Geller seconds tanks that I'd layer underneath, and Saint Laurent, MMM, and Zam Barrett overdye black denim, and Guidi and two pairs of MMM black zip boots.Basically a monochrome outfit with luxe brands I guess if that's what you want to call them. I wear the same stuff with my other leather (black calf...
Yeah, that's why I went with medium. I have small-to-average sized wrists, and I don't like them sliding around (before I got that extra link removed, I would anchor it on both sides with other bracelets, a Yurman and a Bottega Veneta). One link removed from the medium sized bracelet was all I needed for a snug but not too tight fit.
Needed a warm coat this entire winter and only now did I notice this Esemplare at NMWA. Thanks for the sizing help @conceptual 4est
I imagine you could. I needed to get one link off from my ID bracelet in medium... I just took two pairs of pliers and bent the one link I didn't want off. Easy as pie, but I bet a jeweler could do it easier (I didn't scratch the finish of mine, but mine was an antiqued finish with the hidden compartment anyways so it wouldn't have made much of a difference) and better.
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