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(Both ZamB)
Still got one hidden away in a closet somewhere.Edit: along with some worn APCs, unworn raw Diors, and a Toj0 and white tees. Talk about SF 2008-2010.
The rogue one in the pink bottle? Yeah it tastes like what you'd expect maple bacon beer to taste like, in the worst possible way
Sorry to break up the pho/ramen talk, but my Anovas come in some time next month and I'm thinking up ideas of stuff to make with them. Steak will be a great move given the time I think (and a quick sear after), and I like the glazed carrots on serious eats (was thinking about making them as part of thanksgiving lunch since it'll just be me, my girlfriend, and my dad this year). Eggs are going to be done SV a ton too. Anyone have any other recommendations on good things to...
I thought you were a Tesla man young Hanstein.
I think it's pretty obvious why Regis chooses GATs over Common Projects. I personally never liked CPs because the last was too narrow, and felt the foot bed was more comfortable on the GATs (on my third and fourth pairs now, second pair of white lows and a pair of splatter painteds from last season). And I think they look better.
Yeah I saw the thing on reddit about the guy that made a competitor to grailed and got the DMCA. Honestly sounded like baseless bullying. I doubt there's much legal ground, but for the guy who's just trying to help people sell their unwanted clothes and made a website to do so (the competitor), I'm sure it wasn't a high priority to find a lawyer and see whether it was warranted or not.
It's still pretty deflating to know that the quality of Margiela footwear was that lacking pre-line 22, especially for a MMM fan boy like myself. Glad I can be of some assistance though
I figured that's probably exactly what they did. My guess was that they looked at their excel sheet of all the orders that are complete, copy-pasted the emails and BCCed everyone who had a completed order asking for a shipping address. Then copy-pasted the emails into a labeler or batch program for their shipper, and called it a day.
New Posts  All Forums: