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We've got Deschutes, New Belgium, and Dale's in Ohio. Practically a beer mecca (almost makes up for the whole state run liquor business). Bar I used to go to in college had a firkin of Hopslam yesterday
Ethylmercury's toxicity is so low you'd have to take all your shots at the exact same time to have any effect on your body. (Source: published a paper regarding a heavy metal chelating drug and used thimerosal (ethylmercury) in the course of my study. Levels we used to cause toxicity were in the millimolar concentrations, stuff you're not going to see in the bloodstream)
How many cigars does it hold? It looks great and to be honest, my rimowa is cool but I barely ever take it anywhere
Is it weird to own the same jacket in multiple materials? I have a black lamb BCDR on order with silver excellas, and I'm really thinking about ordering a black lamb suede one with gold excellas. I want a mid-weight suede/blistered/reverse leather jacket and none of the other Toj models really speak to me
I'm splitting a box (well, technically 2 12 count boxes, so one to me and one to him) with @bdeuce22 so odds are he'll smoke them before I will. But I will definitely let you know how they are. Had great results with this vendor in the past couple years though so hopefully they'll be good ROTT.
I honestly don't know where I'm going to put any more cigars though... After these Reyes my wineador is going to be completely full. As in, no more space for a single more cigar. Hopefully the weather will get better soon so I can start smoking what I've got... I've got some good stuff that I haven't even had yet (RASCC), and a lot of stuff I haven't had in a while (CoLa, Espy, psd4, etc.) Want to get some more Bolis though sometime this year. I really liked the BRCs I...
Kopped some Reyes that should be on the way now. Should be nice, got them at a solid price too
It's 14 degrees out now... I hope it gets warmer soon, because this winter's been rough. I've been going to my cigar store every Thursday to get some work done and some a couple sticks, but there's only so much that isn't in my humidor that interests me, and much of it isn't stuff I can readily buy.
@dr1248 where'd you find the 2nd or 3rd pair? Or are they pics from old seasons?
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