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Can anyone help me with the appropriate outerwear to wear with black tie? I have a pretty traditional black tie rig (all black with white shirt, peaked lapel, cummerbund and bowtie match the lapels, suspenders no belt loops, etc.) but I have yet to find a "proper" chesterfield that would be appropriate for black tie. Am I overthinking this, and would a dark (charcoal, midnight, black) chesterfield that fits well over my tuxedo be good? I purchased a cashmere camel tone...
I'd be in for a few (2-3)
Someone return a size 50 LBM cashmere camel polo coat so I can kop. Please and thank you. Edit: Saw the sizing advice. 52 it is. Ordered
I like the CoLa quite a bit. Have ~25-30 or so sitting in my humidor, some 05 El Lag and some 01s I picked up in London this summer. 05 ones were smoking phenomenally when they arrived (3 or so years ago) and I can only imagine they've gotten better since. 01s I'm sitting on, I am aware that 99-01 was a dark period for Habanos but I'm willing to take the risk and hope that El Laguito was putting out some decent product then
I tend to take a first sip to taste, but most bourbons (especially all of the barrel proof ones as I'm apt to purchase) end up with a little bit of water in them from me. In my opinion opens them up and cuts the alcohol burn, which helps me taste them better
Interesting. Single Barrel Knob Creek. Speaking of single barrels, I would love to try a single barrel variant of OWA. It's my favorite drinking bourbon and would like to see how a single barrel would taste relative to the retail
I use HCM beads for my humidor that's a converted wine fridge, but for my desktop I simply use boveda packs. Really easy to use and with the seal I have on my humidor, I haven't had to replace the 6 I have (300 count humidor) in there since I got it a couple months ago
Damn. I'll for sure let you know next time I'm in or around LA. Might not be for a while. Weather's really nice tonight so I'm going to light up something right now.
Doing the usual once-a-week smoke with my buddies tomorrow evening. Not sure what I'm going to smoke, don't think my BPCs or Monte 4s are ready yet.
Got a call from Kirby yesterday squaring up all the details for my slipper orders. Very nice guy, and very helpful (and patient with me flip flopping on quilting colors)! Can't wait for them to come in
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