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Jeni Britton Bauer is from Columbus, OH, and has a couple scoop shops around town. I say this because my girlfriend and I got ice cream from one on Sunday and she had listeria poisoning from Monday through Wednesday and finally started feeling like normal yesterday. Not fun. The scary part is that I had the same type of ice cream as her, and thus far I feel fine. Strong immune system I hope
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Really appreciate it
My girlfriend is interested in baking/bakeries/stuff like that so any bakeries that are worth checking out would be great. Also, I'm a big cigar smoker, so anywhere that I can have a drink and smoke a cigar would be huge for me, especially if the weather is nice at night (we're going to be there during the last week of May) Thanks again for everyone's help!
Good call on Seven! I have been eyeing the prisoners for a while, and was going to resign myself to paying $510 for a pair from Ssense. This is a much, much better price. Thanks! edit: ah damn, when I tried to checkout with the L black prisoners, it looks like they're out of stock. Damn. Thanks though, I'll keep a bookmark on the store!
Yeah. I was looking for a lamb jacket, and have been on the look out for blistered lamb or an interesting treatment, and this fit the bill. And the price was incredible. I think I paid over double for my calf 5 zip a couple years ago, so all in all, getting an interesting jacket that goes well with what I've been buying recently, a cool treatment to the leather, and at a great price, I was pleased. I'm probably honestly going to wear it a lot like how re-porter had it...
Is there a relatively recent Chicago (the city) thread? GF and I were there last spring, and are going again next month, and I was wondering if there is anything we should do. We're going Wednesday and coming back Saturday afternoon (3 nights), so we have Longman & Eagle, Eataly, and pizza on the list for lunch, and Gibson's, Intro, and dinner/food in Wrigleyville after a Cubs game for dinner. Anything we shouldn't miss in late May? Also, any good whiskey bars and/or...
Keeping with the Rick theme:
I do know the impact of Nature. This article is in the British Journal of Cancer, which is the journal for a cancer charity in the UK. It's published on their behalf by Nature Publishing Group, which presumably has little oversight over the approval process for article publication.edit: I'm not presuming that the article is wrong, I'm just saying there are potential confounding variables that could be skewing the data. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened.
Lots of possible confounding variables in that study.
Not sure if this is the look you're going for, but my favorite study sweats (#medschoollyfe I guess) are Homage. Insanely comfy, a local brand back home for me, and they don't look absurd. Not sure if they make black ones though.
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