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@Synthese or you could just type [ @ ]username[ / @ ] (without the spaces obviously)
Le sigh.
it's not been an easy 12 months so far (being a Buckeyes fan and a recent Ohio State alum) but it's still a fun sport to watch and you still have to root for your team
Baseball is meh. CFB, NHL, and NFL is where it's at. Was at the Bengals-Ravens game on Sunday (what a shitshow), have tickets to CBJ a couple times this season (and hopefully the post-season again if we make it, last year's playoff games were so fun, results notwithstanding), and going to be at the Ohio State-Michigan game at home Thanksgiving weekend.
I put in three of my own; a wool MA-1 I received and two BCDRs I haven't.
Yes, happens to me, but it never happens over and over again. Basically I just get redirected to some kid's game on the App Store app from Safari, but when I go back to Safari it's the page I intended to be on.
Yeah flashy to be evokes images of those Givenchy (I think they were Givenchy... Strap, gold hardware, high top) sneakers. I don't even consider my geobaskets "flashy"
Yeah, something like that. My girlfriend wanted a stock BCDR, and I have one on order with excellas and upgraded lining, so I think it's a total of $1610 or something. Not exactly sure what the cost breakdown was. It's a sunk cost in my mind though, especially since I ordered them at the beginning of October (2013); ideally I'd like to get my jacket (and I'm sure my girlfriend would like that too) but if they never show, it's not the end of the world.
I unsubscribed a long time ago even though I still have two open orders... I figure if the jackets get to me, they get to me; if they don't, so be it.
^ same. Either that, or if Chrome's auto-translate worked more regularly
New Posts  All Forums: