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@sinnedk I agree with you. I think belts make sense on a period piece (like a repro or something) but I don't like the look and wouldn't buy a jacket with one.
Mauro can chime in, but for what I understand about it, shrinkage is what happens when an unwashed fabric is made into clothing without being washed. There's a certain amount of stretch to the fabric inherent to the material as a result of how it was made, but washing it sort of shrinks it down to a finished size, if that makes sense. So if they account for shrinkage in the fabric, they basically took test fabric and washed it to see how much it shrinks. After that, they...
I haven't bought or (successfully) sold anything on there yet, but yes, it does say they do on the top of the site. Not sure how it works.
I thought that Epaulet thing would be cool with more VISUAL INTEREST It needs something to break up the flat space from shoulder to pocket or something to give it a bit more detail. Right now it kind of reminds me of someone wearing a denim judo uniform top open.
I liked the reverso that you thought looked good @in stitches. You aren't all alone. To be fair though, I don't think the Apple Watch is marketed to the "timepiece" crowd. It's marketed to the Apple crowd, the people that want the sleekest piece of tech there is. I'm not even considering purchasing the Apple watch for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that I don't like wearable tech, and another is that I would rather not wear something on my wrist unless it...
I like going to radioshack because I know I'll find the odd sized batteries I need for my humidor's digital hygrometers. Used to by Y audio cables (RCA stereo to 3.5 mm) cables too from them for parties. Not much of anything else.
True true
To be fair, didn't Drew say he sized up one or two on his 5 zip to give him the look he wanted from the jacket? So I think everyone might be a bit premature in their warnings. Hell, he might look better sized up than we do with ours "properly" sized.
Is it really faster? I looked through all the specs on the Apple website, and other than optical image stabilization and the better battery life (and higher res. screen), everything was the same as the 6. (And the pixel density is actually lower on the 6 plus vs. the 6).
@conceptual 4est Kyle, are the new boots black suede? It might be f.lux running on my computer but I can't tell with much certainty the material or color.
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