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Got my Barney's order today. Just got one Drake's tie (the pocket square got cancelled). Honestly might buy from them exclusively from this point forward.
From what he said, he's helping Luxire design patterns that look good so they can utilize their MTM operation with it. Maybe help them pick leather options for it. That's probably about it.
Honestly I feel like the strapped Chelsea boots from Lobb would be a great look in both the MMM wardrobe and the SLP wardrobe. If I wasn't trying to populate a work based wardrobe with Formosa and Aldens, that would be my next move.
I recently sold my suiting wool MA-1. I did like the jacket but a combination of undesired weight gain and the puffiness of the jacket meant that I looked like I turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka's factory, and really wasn't a good look on me. The biggest issue for me with it is the fact that it is filled. I think it would have been a wonderful jacket if it was just suiting wool with a bemberg lining and a YKK japan zip on it, but alas. Now I'm off to try to find a...
I cancelled my order of Lobbs because I stupidly ordered the wrong size (UK 9, so I ordered a 9 when I should have ordered a 10). Also ordered a Drake's navy grenadine and a Drake's pocket square. Curiously enough, they cancelled the pocket square and shipped the grenadine. Shipped ground too.
It is a suit, but the 11 ounce flannel offering, not the summer weight one. Thank you for the recommendations! As this is my first "patterned" suit and my first non-white or non-blue shirt, I wanted to ask for advice on ties for the combo. Good to hear that it is an easy shirt/suit combo. Thank you again.
x-post from the Recent Purchases thread. Any ideas of what tie to wear with the above ensemble? I'm thinking a dark grey, navy, or black grenadine, but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks!Pretty excited to get the Formosa (and get it to my tailor) and the Inglese. If the fit is spot on, might be purchasing another suit and perhaps a tuxedo as well.
[[SPOILER]] A little NMWA action. Trying some pieces from some makers that I've been eyeing for a while. Think it'll make a great fit to wear to some weddings this late summer/fall.
Sure let's see what kind of commitment we have thus far. I think SF art on it would be very cool.
Sounds good by me. Blind sounds awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: