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Never heard of crop vodka, but there are a TON of small batch companies coming out with new spirits... 3 such companies in town here (OYO, Watershed, Brothers Drake (if you count mead)). Still, I have yet to find one of the local small batch liquor offerings that is superior to the commercially available stuff, unfortunately. Girlfriend and I are having a small housewarming party for her friends and mine on Friday. She's been really into "lemon shots" recently, so I think...
X-post from RFT in case you guys know. Just want to know if these cracks and creases are normal, or if I have to get ahold of Tres bien for a exchange/refund
Got my Geos and my birdpoop GATs in. The Margielas look like what I'd expect, but are the Geobaskets supposed to have a bunch of cracks and creases in the upper? I have pictures:
I wore mine day in and day out almost all winter. It doesn't look any worse for the wear. In fact, you wouldn't even be able to tell I did.
If it's USPS, then that might just mean it wasn't scanned in when the post office took it in. I'd wait a bit longer (aka after Monday) before calling the store.
Haven't been on the app all day. I gotchu though!And yeah, I would have preferred last year's (or whenever) with the red in there too, or the all-white dipped looking ones, but I'd been searching for either one in a 44 unsuccessfully for a while.
Courtesy of our friends at Tres Bien:
Fuck yes Tres Bien. Scored the white Geos and the bird poop GATs. I wanted the black/white Geos but at this price I couldn't resist
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