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If you are concerned about the life of your clothes, do them and yourself a favor and never wash hot, and always hang dry. You'll get a ton more life out of your clothes, better color saturation (less fading), and they won't shrink on you. The only clothes I wash on hot anymore are raw denim that I'm trying to shrink down to their original size (due to stretching).
My girlfriend and I ate at the Morton's right by the SLS one of the days we were in town last month because we were tired after a long day and didn't really want to eat at Bazaar. Possibly the worst steakhouse experience I've ever had. The sides were poorly seasoned (garlic mashed potatoes were too garlicky to the point of being inedible), the salads weren't good, and their wine menu was just off (the "house sommelier told me Saldo was the big brother to The Prisoner,...
I have the Rimowa Stealth for my check bag (which is the black painted/electrosprayed/whatever over the aluminum) and I've never had anyone try to rob me or do anything but comment on how my bag looked (and one time when it didn't make the connecting flight, the guy that delivered it to my townhouse commented on how sturdy it is, and asked how much it was )
I have a MMM weekender, a Toj daypack, and a Rimowa Stealth 26" bag, and that's been well enough for a week long trip (I don't intend on taking more than a week's worth of clothes when I'm traveling anyways, nor do I see more than a week long vacation happening in the near future for me). It's sufficiently baller enough for me I guess, and the all black look is nice.
I'm 36 weeks in on my 5th and 6th Toj orders. Do you think it's time to send in measurements?
Yeah that was also something that I thought about, but there isn't a whole lot of time. I'm going to Vegas next week, we spent a week in California less than a month ago, she's going to Alaska for a family trip at the beginning of August, and is working every weekend between now and Alaska.
My girlfriend's birthday is coming up in about a month, and I'm trying to decide what to get her. She graciously allowed me to move in with her last month and pay no rent, so I feel like I should show her how much I appreciate her. I know of a couple things she wants (that trip last month to LA helped a lot), like a pair of SLP sunglasses and a black w/ brown goyard tote to replace the black w/ brown Longchamp one she carries (she wants to replace it because every sorority...
Got my Model 60 pro in yesterday. Had a midterm today so I'm going to clean this guy out today and then maybe take her out to the range today or early next week
I wear GIT if anything, but I'm trying out CdG Amazingreen to see if it makes the rotation. I am incredibly picky about my scents and GIT (and hopefully Amazingreen) is one of the few that makes my nose go, "Wow." And I can't get rid of it either, because the girlfriend loves it on me. She always tells me that the smell of booze, Green Irish Tweed, and tobacco smells like me to her. (We met in college, and most of our interactions were at the bar. Hence the booze and the...
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