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Put in an order that's long overdue for some BPCs and Monte 4s. I'm trying to fill my new desktop with petit corona sized CCs exclusively (5.0x42) and these two boxes will start that process. I think JLPCs and RGPCs might be the next acquisition. Another box of Reyes will be in there at some point, and I'll have to make a size exemption on Party Shorts and RASCCs, since they would be most welcome in there. Then I think with the appropriate Siglo, Party Mille Fleurs and the...
Yeah. PLs.
I believe the RR Ghost is billed as a self driver as well. Though I am ultimately at my core not a self driving kind of guy, the Ghost is my favorite of the RR line. That said, I was car shopping for my dad the other day at the MB dealership and they had a couple cars that tickled my fancy (he ended up building a GLE). A S600 Maybach on the lot looked wonderful, and a E AMG (sold the S63 AMG that was in there last time I was there with my mom). The S coupe is a hideous...
Nah. Not going to over do it, but I am lacking a proper tuxedo shirt. Closest thing I have is a wing collar hidden placket MMM piece from a couple years ago. I picked up all the appropriate accessories at Drake's off Saville Row earlier this summer so it'll be more CM and less goth prom. Might just co-opt a Zegna spread collar if it looks right with the bow
At this point being friends with my friends long enough, I would expect nothing else from them, as they would expect of me. Tux it is. Thanks for the support, I was waffling on the idea but fuck it. Formal is formal. And there are only so many times I can wear a Formosa tuxedo at 24
I have a wedding later this month of a fraternity brother of mine I am going stag to (gf's going to the biggest conference of the year for her business) and the dress code is "formal". It's at a lower tier golf course (I hate myself already for saying that) but does the dress code itself give me enough reason to get the Formosa tux I just got in altered and rock it and my black Lobb oxfords to the wedding? Or should I just do what my friends are doing and wear a dark suit
Speaking of, my Formosa tux should be in today! it's a good day
I really hate to be this guy, but any future plans for an unfilled (aka not down/poly filled) fabric MA-1? That's next on my list of jackets to buy and nothing currently available fits the bill
Emailed last week with regards to the three pack of Drake's linen handkerchiefs, as Drake's customer service told me that The Armoury is the only stockist in the States that carries the linen hankies. Jeff was very nice, and called me and had the hankies to me on Friday. Incredible service and product as well. Can't wait to find something for my next order.
Pour earlier this week to celebrate starting a new job: (12 WLW) sorry about the messy background, gf's baking business is taking off and she's in the process of building out her commercial kitchen
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