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NMWA carries Inglese polos.
Interesting. This could explain the fit issues I had with the summer herringbone... Haven't tried on the exchanged jacket yet because I haven't been home since it arrived, but this would the tightness in the shoulders, chest and waist. Maybe dropping a few lbs will help me out there and get a slightly better fit on the rest of my jackets & suits as well
If whoever picked up a DWW summer tweed in size 50 isn't happy with it for whatever reason, let me know please and I'll take it off your hands! Nvm sizing appears not to work for me! Thanks though!
After I get back from Napa I need to put in an order for more vertical trouser hangers and suit & jacket hangers + garment bags (for some reason I really like having a garment bag for each suit/jacket in the closet. Print off an index card with what the fabric is, maker, and size and it makes it a lot easier to pull things out as well as keep them from accumulating dust and travel easier). Got a lot of S/S trousers in and a couple summer weight suits that need to be...
I go with the regular ones every time. I have long legs relative visually to my torso so I try to avoid anything that makes my torso look shorter and my legs longer
Except it's going to be chilly and raining all week next week in the Bay Area
I don't have cuffs on any of my trousers, though I've been flirting with the idea of getting them re-hemmed for them. I tend toward clean hems for some reason, maybe just because my tailor never asked when I took them in to get hemmed.
Rota seersuckers are so cool. Tailor's closed for the night so I'm going to drop them off first thing tomorrow and hopefully get them in time to take them with me to California on Saturday. Naturally it'll be highs of 60 and raining while I'm going to be there, so the lightweight wool and denim will probably make more appearances than the linen or seersucker
The contrast hour dots on the OP aren't striking from anything more than 2 feet away and blend in to the dial in a visually satisfying way (at least to me with my rhodium dial iteration). I thought I would be concerned about them sticking out too much, but it wasn't until I tried it on that I realized how they sort of just help guide your eyes to the hour markers vs. sticking out conspicuously.
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