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Emailed last week with regards to the three pack of Drake's linen handkerchiefs, as Drake's customer service told me that The Armoury is the only stockist in the States that carries the linen hankies. Jeff was very nice, and called me and had the hankies to me on Friday. Incredible service and product as well. Can't wait to find something for my next order.
Pour earlier this week to celebrate starting a new job: (12 WLW) sorry about the messy background, gf's baking business is taking off and she's in the process of building out her commercial kitchen
Anyone have any experience with Stubbs & Wootton? Contemplating buying a pair of their UK slippers to round out my black tie rig (for what black tie event I am unsure) but I was hoping someone here had some experience with the shoes themselves and whether they fit TTS, construction/if they're "well made"/etc., and if they look as good in person as online. Thanks
I bought my third and hopefully last (for this year) Formosa this week and I'm incredibly excited to get the tuxedo in. Between the PoW flannel, the Birdseye and the tuxedo I think I have a solid set of suits to last me the end of the year... Or at least until next month when the budget opens up for another suit Also tried on my camel Memory. That wool/cash blend is incredible. Can't wait to wear it all winter to work
If you wear a true size 10 US (on a brannock device), a 43 should be the right size.
I have the 12" Mortimer Shoehorn. I love it as well. Makes it easy to get shoes on, and the best shoe horn I've ever bought. Since it's all one piece, no concern about it breaking due to weak spots or plastic or anything like what happened to my last couple cheap shoe horns.
My camel Memory will be in tomorrow. Very excited to get it in, though I can wait a bit for the weather that'll necessitate it.
I've stocked my closet with a ton of Hanger Project goods in the past couple weeks. Got a couple garment bags and Alfred suit hangers for some Sartoria Formosa suits I purchased from a fellow forum affiliate No Man Walks Alone. I also bought essentially the entire Saphir line of products for my black and #8 shell and my black and dark brown calfskin and leather and suede bags. Also got the shoeshine cedar valet and brushes, and a shoe horn as well as the ebony shoe trees...
I moved my suits to Hanger Project hangers and garment bags and use the NMWA hangers and bags on my old suits and jackets. Keep the jackets in the NMWA garment bags. I kept my sweaters in their bags until I moved at the beginning of the summer. Contemplating moving all of my sweaters, especially my Ganseys, SNS's and fine wool/cashmere sweaters in sweater boxes, but one thing at a time. I was graciously given a small closet in our condo (my GF has the whole master walk-in...
Bought a ton of Saphir shoe care stuff the past couple weeks, along with some Hanger Project hangers and garment bags for the Formosas I bought recently. Finally got around to cleaning up the drivers I've been wearing to work. Holy crap does this stuff work wonders. These drivers needed a ton of love, but now they pretty much look better than the day I got them. I've used Reno on products for a while but doing the whole procedure made these shoes glow.
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