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Yeah I think on the BCDR orders I have, if I got that much grain, I wouldn't be very happy. I imagine there probably isn't a way to "prefer" less grain on your leather though, unfortunately
Hopefully it doesn't result in me buying you a bottle of Zacapa XO again.
For Miss the Fish's birthday: Tiffany's SLP: For me: MMMx2
By the way, just got an email. JULY4 gets you 10% off your crossbreed order
I like the supertuck deluxe (crossbreed) and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. But make sure you get a good gun belt too. "Normal" belts aren't stiff enough to support the multiple pounds that a loaded sidearm weighs.
Rick Owens F/W 2009
If you are concerned about the life of your clothes, do them and yourself a favor and never wash hot, and always hang dry. You'll get a ton more life out of your clothes, better color saturation (less fading), and they won't shrink on you. The only clothes I wash on hot anymore are raw denim that I'm trying to shrink down to their original size (due to stretching).
My girlfriend and I ate at the Morton's right by the SLS one of the days we were in town last month because we were tired after a long day and didn't really want to eat at Bazaar. Possibly the worst steakhouse experience I've ever had. The sides were poorly seasoned (garlic mashed potatoes were too garlicky to the point of being inedible), the salads weren't good, and their wine menu was just off (the "house sommelier told me Saldo was the big brother to The Prisoner,...
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