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Tonight's wine: 2013 Las Rocas Garnacha Made some red sauce tonight, and had it with some fresh linguine so I figured this would be better than a Bordeaux for it. Worked well for dinner by my opinion. Disregard the other recent pick ups behind it, picked up some whiskey today and haven't put them away yet
I always bring a pair of rubber sole shoes and a pair of Swims overshoes/galoshes for any other shoes I bring. Generally it'll be a pair of rubber soled Lobb oxfords, my #8 LWBs and a pair of sneakers if I'm actually doing any walking (NYC, London, LA, Vegas recently)
Got my F/W Rota flannels in today. At this point I think I have 3 pairs of winter weight Rota and a pair of Formosa oatmeal trousers, which is a great start for my winter wardrobe's trousers I think.
My thought process exactly. Got me started on ordering through them, and put in for 6 other bottles I was looking to get anyways.
Put in for 2 of the La Rata. Not sure if any will make it to me but I figured it would be a good time to start ordering
My girlfriend bought some Kylie Jenner lip kits for her sister (who's a senior in high school) and tried one of them. Apparently it made her skin break out. So there's that. I don't get the hype, but then again I'm also bourbon chasing this fall so who am I to talk.
Crompton = Simon Crompton of the blog Permanent Style (a menswear blog) In the end I think that you're right; at this point with so much information it's hard to pinpoint any one source as the sole influence for why you do something/buy something/go somewhere, etc. But I'm sure there are plenty anecdotal (so not testable information, but still present) accounts of specific influences shaping decision making. However I think what you're saying (and what I'm agreeing with)...
That's a fair question. There is validity to that claim: I was interested in purchasing a new leather jacket, and I saw Crompton's post about the RLPL. It fit what I wanted to get, so I tracked one down and got it. I just say "confidently" because (a) I hadn't seen that jacket before, and (b) objectively it fit what I wanted and subjectively I thought I hadn't seen a suede bomber as attractive as that one, so I purchased one after his post. So I guess I can't say that his...
In my anecdotal experience, I saw a jacket (the RLPL I bought recently) on a blog that I follow and bought it because of the blog (Crompton's). I can confidently say that if I had not seen the blog post about that specific jacket, I would not have purchased it.
Honestly that sounds really cool and sounds like something I would be interested in doing when I'm not a slave to the medical education complex in about a century or so. I somehow got into wine after a roundabout way from getting really into cigars, and then bourbon, and now I'm trying to learn as much as I can about wine. I think the intent of the true Sommelier classes would be lost on me because I don't want to be in the industry, but their tasting procedures and...
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