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I put in an order for the new clamping trouser hanger amongst other things (I apparently got a fairly bad scuff on the toe of a pair of shoes and wanted to order some stuff to fix it, and I needed more shirt hangers). The trouser hanger is fantastic, I definitely need to order more when the mirror wax is back in. Bravo on the design, best trouser hanger I've ever used
I had to buy mine over the phone so it wouldn't sell out before I got to my liquor store. And that's in Kentucky.
I'm admittedly not the biggest pinot fan, but I know my girlfriend, her mother and her grandmother really enjoy pinot noirs, and my intent was to buy the pinot noirs for them. I think I got 2 of the Cameron and 4 of the Walter Scott. I'll have at least a glass of them whenever I open a bottle, so I'll let you know when they get opened(probably around Thanksgiving or Christmas). Also just put in a request for 6 of the Italian Rose from last week. The price was great, and...
I requested a half case of those and split the rest of a case with the pinot noir offerings that came in today. Also have a case of relatively inexpensive stuff on its way now, so I'm pretty pumped about that. My girlfriend is going to shit a brick though if I come home after this semester with 3+ cases of wine. Might have to get a locker when I'm home for thanksgiving and put away a couple cases then.
I have a pair of SLP SL/01H high top sneakers in Optic White that I purchased on 2/10/2013 from Barney's and have never worn. They are still in the plastic bags in the box. Size 43 (US 10 or so). Had a ton of high top sneakers at the time that I was rotating through and ended up never wearing these, so I figure I'll finally put them up for sale. These are from Hedi's first season at Saint Laurent, which apparently means something to people that like Saint Laurent. Shoes...
Good to know that the Anejados are garbage. I'm going to be back in London next summer, and it's good to know that that money I may have spent on them would be better spent on H&F releases (like the RA 225 last year) or vintage stuff at 1A St James or JJ Fox's.
Ugh, last night's loss was a combination of last year's loss to MSU and the year before at Virginia Tech. Our offensive line, especially at the edges, were exposed and were constantly man-handled, leading to more sacks in any game since our loss to Virginia Tech and more TFLs of any game in the Meyer Era at Ohio State except Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Virginia Tech that season. Our receivers weren't running their routes and getting enough separation, and they looked...
Probably never expected that opening a clothing store would mean he'd have to teach grown men how to use a bathroom.
Yeah there's a storage unit place right by our townhouse downtown (right around the corner down the block) that has 24/7 access, temp and humidity controls for their wine lockers. As far as I know it's the only place in town that I could find, and prices weren't unreasonable. Downtown living is nice but storage space in our place is at a premium, and I'm sure she will not be pleased if I bring home 3 cases of wine and attempt to keep them all in the house. Plus the wine...
Got my first case delivered from FP today. I should have another ready to be sent my way, and just put in a request for another 6 bottles as well. I've got plenty of space down at my house at school to fit all this wine, but I'm probably going to have to rent a wine locker in the storage unit complex right by my place back home if I take any of it back. Probably ideal for the bottles that aren't ready to drink yet, like the La Ratas etc.
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