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I've also received serious offers on Grailed that never amounted to me actually selling my product.
... I thought Blazy was the head designer at Margiela (officially or not)
Thanks man, I hope so too. Hope you and your boys find the dickweed that stole yours (and that everything's still intact) soon, and you give him what's coming to him.
Will a Philosopher's stone turn a SS Rolex Daytona into a Rose Gold one? Because that I can get behind. edit: that might void the warranty though... Decisions decisions.
your dunhill? That's the worst man, I'm sorry. I have a feeling that the same thing happened to my Rimowa travel humidor, since I haven't seen it since December... And it's discontinued too so I couldn't get my hands on another even if I wanted.
I don't know how true to size they are. I generally wear a 43/10 in any shoe, but GATs in 43 are a bit too snug. I can only fit in them with thin socks and no laces. All of mine are subsequently 44s. I'd say they fit a size bigger than CP size, but if you're a half size, go to the next (whole) size up (if you're a 43.5, try a 44 and see if that is a perfect fit. I have an inkling it might be). A half size bigger might be all they need.
Clorox pen before a cold hand wash?
Smoking a CoRo now. Better than I remember. Time does these something great
Is it weird that I want to get a pair of the MMM future high tops in black? They look very clean, and I don't think I have a pair of sneakers in black except for my flyknit free 3.0s for the gym.
Damn that looks really good. Good work kunk
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