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Any one know the brand or a similar boot? I thought they looks like Clarks, but nothing really matches. Full poster: http://goforth.levi.com/downloads/po...oster_work.pdf
I have a few pairs of vintage poly wrangler slacks that I wear if I'm not feeling like jeans.
size 12 D - medium width Model# 2917 Euro model, not available in the US 5 inch boot Full Grain Waterproof leather Slip Resistant Sole Leather Welt Construction Retail price $170.00 Made in USA Price is 60 + shipping.
Check out James IV by Crate. Probably the subtlest boot cut I've ever seen.
I was in the same position as you. I ended up selling them for 125 shipped.
I think most of the time it is a personal decision, usually the tattoo has some emotional significance. Unless you are getting a tribal tattoo, that's done to be trendy.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Oh yeah: What kind of boots are those?
So should I have got a 33 waist? Also can anyone recommend what size APC NS I should get to get the same fit as the crates?
My actual waist is 34. Here are some example pictures of the kind of fit I am looking for. These are my Crate James III 33/32. I love the way these fit. Not loose, but not skin tight either. I recently got some nudie straight svens dry greycast in 31/32 (they were washed and line dried once before I bought them, ebay). Here they are: I am able to button them up all the way (with a fair amount of effort), but they are pretty much skin tight from the knees...
Quote: Originally Posted by vvoc u lied? ....but why... lol Strange considering that this forum is one of the only places you would not be ridiculed for paying $1200 on a pair of shoes.
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