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damn, yeah. a 31" inseam would kinda suck. too bad they don't make the blue owl version in the slim guy cut, which is what i'm leaning towards. but a 31" post-soak inseam might sway me, haha.
yeah, i just realized after typing all of that out that the answer was obvious, haha. but regarding the post-shrinkage size, t+y say to expect 1" in waist and 1-2" in inseam, while blue owl say around 1/2" in both. what was your experience?32-33" is my ideal inseam length. the extra long 37.5" inseam is a good idea for some, but if it really does only shrink ~.5" in the inseam, as blue owl indicates, a 36-37" inseam would be way too long for me. i know i could always get...
i'm actually on their site right now, thanks for the heads up.
excellent. now i just have to make sure i order the right size (t+y don't do refunds). i'm debating btwn 32" weird, 32" slim and 31" slim (i prefer the fit to be form-fitting but not tight). they're vanity sized so actual waists are 34", 33", 32", and i'm a true 32". the okayama's are STF so the waist will shrink down a size or so, but at the same time i've been told that for most (sanforized) N&F styles the waist stretches out, so i'm still not entirely sure which size to...
also, i don't know what you mean by "blue owl version". i was planning on buying them from tate + yoko.
so since the OS's are unsanforized i plan on soaking/shrinking them. the pre-shrunk inseam is listed at 34 here: are you saying that that measurement is inaccurate or that it will shrink up a lot when it does shrink? my natural inseam is 31, so i'm hoping the 34 will shrink to about 31-32. do you think that will be an issue? thanks,
i think i'm gonna try a pair of the okayama spirit's from naked & famous. $180 for 16oz japanese unsanforized selvage denim. thoughts anyone?
i'll definitely check those out, and thanks for the additional info about sanforization vs. one washing.
even $220 is feasible, but i simply cannot drop $350 on jeans.
thanks thesoonest, that's helpful. so i guess what i'm really looking for is specifically unsanforized denim as opposed to simply raw denim. though it is confusing that "one washed" denim can still be considered unsanforized, especially if you desire a fair amount of shrinkage. you mentioned that many of the japanese brands will one wash their raw unsanforized denim. is this something that is just a given with all of a certain brand's denim or is it something you would...
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