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Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker How no one mentioned this..... That's probably crossed everyones' minds, but in that case the price was upped after an agreement to sell, not before in this case. This one probably would've flown under the radar if the upmark (100%) wasn't so egregious.
Tourneau sample sale was OK, though my first time, so no point of reference. Decent selection of Glashutte, Blancpain, Panerai, one Breguet and one Lange. An absolutely sick RM tourbilion in RG for $88K ($300K new). Rest of the pricing was unexciting relative to TZ/WN. C21 downtown got in a bunch of designer shirts mostly Kiton @$199, a few Borrellis at $159, a few Lorenzinis, and one or 2 Brionis and Isaias @$109. Also saw 30 or so TF ties. The SAs were marking...
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Selling this for a friend, so I highly doubt it's real, LV knapsack, not sure where or how to measure it, but or $75, it's yours!! Quote of the day and it's only 8am.
Pretty fucking weak backtrack. Quote: Originally Posted by yellman Castangia NWT tags, Size 42 I have decided to weigh in on this issue after so much controvery. Here is the truth, After so much demand for the suit I took a second look at it, tried it on more carefully and got the wife`s opinion. She really liked it and so did I. I then decided that the only way I would sell this suit is if someone paid a much larger amount of money. I am...
Drops on BC PSs
Added Dunhill sweater.
Since when does Vass use UK sizing?
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Price went up already? Seems to be a recurring theme. IC at ~$250, now the addition of pics/measurements has suddenly doubled its value. Unsubscribed.
Big drop to move these.
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