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I still have this sitting in my closet. Saint Andrews for Sulka, 100 cashmere, 3-roll-2, dual vents, MOP buttons, hand made working buttonholes. I had this listed before but have since forgotten the last price it stood, so SOLD feels appropriately low to start with. Chest: 20" Shoulders: 17.5" Waist: 19" Sleeve: 24.5" Length: 31.5" toc
This beauty has never really made it into my regular rotation. Marked 8.5/9E (Northhampton sizing), 82 last, Edwardian and Tobacco suede. Worn maybe 10 times max, uppers are perfect. Comes with box/bags, but no shoe trees. Now on eBay Harrington IIs are SOLD.
10% cuts on everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by kungapa Not necessarily a good deal, but very much an interesting item: Crockett & Jones Cognac / Cigar Shell Cordovan Chukka Umm, seller is a member here. B&S thread
EDIT: I now see already mentioned A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Any modern portfolio theory book by Markowitz.
Updated for sales and added one more.
Added LP Roadster
^ Thanks for that. I am holding out for VZW 4G iPhone anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 What was the savings on Panerai? There were 2 pre-owned Radomir 8-days in RG for ~$16k IIRC. There was a SS 10-day (?) model that i did not bother to check. The new stock consisted only of several Ferrari models in various metals.
MSNBC Tech, I know not a hardcore tech source, is now reporting a smaller, cheaper iPhone could be in the works. No idea what this "cloud" technology is though. EDIT: Story link
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