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I briefly toyed with selling my Portuguese, so glad I didn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Doubt it will be more than $100. You'd be better off buying one used. Remember, the rev.1's showed up at Marshall's and TJMaxx a while back for $400. I seriously doubt Apple would ever go lower than that. What? When did happen?
I was patiently awaiting 2.0 so I can pick up a 1.0 for dirt cheap. Any guesses on how much prices will drop?
Note to self: check date of OP, consider if too old to be relevant, remove hand from mouse, begin browsing threads within last 2 months.
Looks like unveiling to take place next Wednesday, March 2. Leenk
Drops and updates
Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo How's the fit? They look to be at least 1/2 size too big. nice socks btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by chatty I just got my bespoke G&G shoes. Tony calls this style a reverse balmoral and I had them do the top part in croc. Color is espresso. I lent the shoes to Steven at Leffot and he took some sweet pictures of them for me and he might post them on his blog. A galosh, no?
I couldn't resist having 2 pairs of Southwolds on the first page.
More drops
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