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Price? Condition? Trees/no trees? EDIT: I do not have any to offer, but just in case I came across.
I bought these from the seller in a private transaction, but sadly they are too tight. Stamped "8 D" (assume Italian), I'm a US 9D and length is fine due to the chiseled toe box, just too damn narrow. Best for someone sized 8.5D or 9C. Outsole measures 11.75" x 3.75". Condition is NIB, I only wore for 5 minutes on my carpet. SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher By the time salaries get that big, the show has been in production a while (i.e: large number of episodes, which is attractive for syndication) and they're banking on all kinds of revenue in the future: DVD, syndication, merchandizing, etc. Many successful shows never make money until they've been off the air for some time. Friends was a good example. The same can be said of big budget movies.
It's now been close to 2 weeks, you didn't get it, move on.
I heard on the radio that it banked $3m in ad revenues per episode.
wrong sub-forum
Smooth dealing with Wirr
Nice you see you back Ed. RSVPing for the trunk show too.
Does the spec move around?
Cross posted on eBay as well.
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