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Additional discounts added for multiple pairs and remaining pants from first batch marked down $5 (prices as marked).
Added 28 more pairs (#21-48) in sizes eu42-50, including wools.
Added 10 more pairs #11-20, including bunch of Chino Lino's.
1 imperfect. 18. Tagged us32, Tan cargo style "Chino Lino", FF, W32 R10 T12 K9.25 H8. Hole near right pocket. $45 > $40 shipped in conUS ***************************************SOLD*************************************** 1. Blue cotton puppytooth, W15 R9.5 T11 K8.25 H7.5 SOLD 2. Gray wool nailhead for Zegna, FF, W15.5 R10 T11.5 K9.5 H8.25 SOLD 3. Gray S100s wool, "High Comfort", FF, W15.5 R9.75 T11 K8.75 H8 SOLD 4. Stone cotton, "High Comfort" for Zegna,...
Prices reduced.
Suits finally got marked down today. Shoes was a wasteland of converse and assorted house brands. Like philovance said, leftover SC from last year, didn't even bother with suits.
Drops on both remaining items.
Re-marketing due to buyer changing mind.
Caruso available again and re-posted Brioni at low low price of $105
Please make it stop. http://www.styleforum.net/search.php?searchid=9746907
New Posts  All Forums: