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I just re-sealed my granite tops this week using a contractor grade product called 511 Impregnator. Def did the trick as water now completely beads.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Damn... too bad you dont want to break them up, you would have a few sold here. Why not even lots of 5 @200?
Penultimate drop
Drops on all remaining pairs. To reiterate, there won't be anymore additions.
Wow, this will be a nice find for someone.
Been paring the English rotation and trying out the Italians of late. Zegna Couture stitched half brogue Santoni Goodyear double monks Santoni Goodyear chukkas
Another Zegna Couture Ltd Ed loafer, should check stamped size though. New-Limited-Edition-Zegna-Mens-Shoe-2800-Retail
These are back again this time with $6K BIN OBO. Third time re-listed in as many weeks, so he must be shilling until he get's his price. Zegna-Couture-Limited-Alligator-12-13us-Brown-Brand-NEW
Now $600 shipped in conUS
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