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Now with free shipping in conUS and no PP fees. Returning on Tuesday.
For your consideration, NIB with shoebox and bags. SOLD shipped in conUS.
Relisting this due to an error in previous thread's measurements. SOLD shipped in conUS.
Take $20 off 2nd pair.
^ you should read the entire thread if you haven't already.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Ok, so this thread will he derailed into a craigslist M2M ad but this is a serious legitimate offer. I am in need of someone who has something better than a camera phone to take pics of a live event Friday March 18thin midtown, about 6 hours (12-6pm). If you are interested, send me a PM with your cash requirements. Not looking for a pro, just someone who can take good pics. Mods, if this is inappropriate here please...
Last call.
Has anyone been able to find one in a B&M store today, Saturday?
Wools now @ $95; cottons @ $55
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