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The eastern side is littered with resorts and the National Park "El Yunque." There is a trail there that leads to a waterfall you can swim in, it's pretty refreshing to hike and then take a dip under a cold waterfall, a very quintessential caribbean thing to do. Besides that and visiting the roadside stands (Piñones), there is nothing else to do in the east coast. Traffic there can get pretty bad sometimes. I do recommend going to Culebra, Flamenco beach does live up to...
Old San Juan has the "El Convento," which is situated right in the middle of the colonial city, Condado has "La Concha" which is a very trendy/stylish beach-front hotel not far from Old San Juan, and Bahia Beach St. Regis is a golf and beach-oriented resort opened last October 40 minutes from the main airport. If you like surfing, there is Rincón at the west side of the island, I've visited The Hornet Dorset and it looks great. I've heard good things about the W Hotel in...
Some traditional architects in the Chicago area: Are you looking for something less traditional?
This falls in your price range. I own a pair a little longer than the one shown, they fit me well. Original Penguin
What sort of value are you looking for? If relatively cheap, then check out Albergo Sole near Campo dei Fiori, great value and even better location. If you are staying in one place for 10 days I would consider renting an apartment if I were you, I've done it in Rome and it's absolutely worth every cent. Siena is one of my favorite cities in Europe, I suggest you to visit if you are in Tuscany. Venice and Milan are vastly overrated during summertime, it gets way too...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy one thing i noticed though,the engine seems to be missing? I hope you're being sarcastic, VW Bugs have their engines in the back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Give this to the band. Over there. No, I didn't ask for a hooker. No, over there! The Band. With the guitars! Again, I did not want a Hooker. Yeah, up on stage! Right now. Playing music. The band... give them this money! ... Thanks for the money kid. You absolutely made my day, please post more.
Black Soho 8.5D if still available, please.
This reminds me of Pay it Forward, I hope I'm lucky
PM sent
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