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I have to post and say I am currently on my second shipment of these and they are amazing quality. I would even say almost on par with RLPL. Also the seller is great to deal with.
http://www.saksoff5th.com/search?q=hickey&z=&x=hickey#prefn1=brand&q=hickey&prefv1=Hickey These suits have been discontinued but I remember they were highly regarded for the price when they first came out as being a more modern/slim cut and good quality. I figure for 199 a piece these are a steal. They are both in store and online. I hope this helps.
Do you guys think I should send them back or just deal with it. I just got them from the website took almost 2 months to get here. here is the gallery http://imgur.com/a/xSs04#0 sorry about the crappy pics used a cell phone camera but you guys get the point.
need a price on mora 2.0 and matching belt please sent pm
I bought a Nook Tablet and just do not use it because they cut down on travel at my job. It is about 6 months old and comes with a cover as well. My loss is your gain
Beautiful Gucci fitted shirt made in Italy NWT MSRP 360 asking 170 OBO size - 17 3/4 EURO 45 Next up Dolce and Gabbanna Martini made in Italy Size :17 I love the buttons on this shirt NWT MSRP 395 asking 170 OBO Gucci again Fitted shirt made in Italy Size 16 EURO 41 NWT MSRP 385 asking $170 OBO Last up Canali French cuff made in Italy NWT not sure of MSRP but believe it is around $300 asking $140 OBO Size 16
WTB Allen Edmonds Mora 9 EEE walnut, chestnut, cognac, suede brown, chocolate I will take mostly any color accept black or dark drown leather. Would prefer chocolate suede of some kind. Thank you so much. Please pm me.
No rough collection, they are the neumoras, I am just returning them they said they are cranking them out as fast as possible because of the demand
This is my second pair of Neumora shoes that have been delivered to me. Each time the wait has been over a month the first time I thought it was a fluke and just sent them back but this time they are back and they are worse. Is Allen Edmonds outsourcing their work now or has something changed? This is my lucky number 13th pair of Allen Edmonds and this has never happened before.
These are essentially BNIB I love the boots but my foot is too wide for them so here they are. Please let me know if you have questions.
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