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Ok so i should get the jacket remade to fix the button?
Thanks so much. My wife asked me to do a different color on the button hole. What about the button height on my stomach is it too high or just me.
I just got these MTM suits and I think the pants are too long and the buttons may be too high. I am not looking for perfection just want to look nice for business meetings. I also have very big thighs so that area may look slightly baggy. Thanks for the help guys
Thank you very much for the response. Is there anyone you would recommend for southern California
I was wondering what peoples experience is with I met him at a hotel I happen to be staying at in the lobby and he explained that they have their own factory that other MTM and Bespoke places use to make their suits. He had everything from Lora Piano to some Zegna swatches. He said half canvassed is 650 and up and full canvassed is about $1k. Has anyone used them before?
I found a local tailor and need some help on picking from the myriad of fabrics available. I want something that is the best bang for my buck. It's called mytailor in Costa Mesa. Thanks again
Thanks very much for the information. It seems like I need to get a local tailor
I hate to start a new thread, but I feel like the older reviews on some of the MTM suit options are outdated. I still see that Suit Supply is mentioned a lot, I have also seen black lapel also mentioned. I would like a nice quality suit but do not want to go Bespoke or spend too much. Would like to spend under $800 per suit (give or take) and the lower the better. I would like at least half canvassed. I also recently moved near Los Angeles, so if there is a local MTM...
I have to post and say I am currently on my second shipment of these and they are amazing quality. I would even say almost on par with RLPL. Also the seller is great to deal with. These suits have been discontinued but I remember they were highly regarded for the price when they first came out as being a more modern/slim cut and good quality. I figure for 199 a piece these are a steal. They are both in store and online. I hope this helps.
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