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Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy untucked, with slim trousers and good pair of casual shoes (not sneakers). I think they're way too long to be worn untucked! I recently purchased a Black Fleece Short Sleeved Shirt in BB1 and it is not very slim fitting or short to be worn untucked. Any similar experiences?
Guys, I'm not sure if you guys are aware but Thom Browne used to be at Club Monaco (owned by Ralph lauren) for a while before moving on to his own label thus the similarities and inspiration.
Quote: Originally Posted by bapelolol Are there upcoming markdowns in January coming for winter merchandise? Significant discounts? Winter Clearance starting Jan. 5, 2010. Most items are 50% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonup277 anybody have experience with the brooks brothers gingham sport shirts in slim fit? i'm used to their supima ocbd's in slim (14-1/2 x 32), which fit perfectly. the ginghams don't come in numbered sizing, only S-XL. not sure if the small is close to my ocbd sizing. I wear Size 15 / 33 and wear a size Small in BB Gingham Sport Shirt Slim Fit. It fits nice. Thanks.
Brooks Brothers Winter Clearance starting Jan 5, 2010. Most items 50% off!
I'm looking forward to my 3 Extra Slim Fit White Collar Sport Shirts and my first Black Fleece White OXford with French Cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jilldame My best luck with slim fit shirts has been H&M and Express. But Express doesn't have as a good a selection. H&M is much better made than people realize, and the shirts are a really good fit. I recomend them highly. I also fit it hard to find slim tees. Urban outfitters has some, but I wish I could fit a brand that just always does it. Some smaller t brands do like johney cupcakes and FFTB. +1 for H&M...
Just ordered 3 Extra Slim Fit Sport Shirts with White Collar and my first Black Fleece Shirt. Waiting anxiously although the Black Fleece won't ship until 1/12 I think.
Extra Slim Fit Shirts going on sale starting December 26, 2009 with 3 for $159 special. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 ^ To follow up that post, does anyone know how the size 15x34/35 Extra Slim Fit shirts relate to the Extra Slim Fit Sports shirts that are sized S, M, L, etc. Would a 15 = S or M? Smedium maybe? I wear 15/33 in Brooks Brothers Slim Fit Dress Shirts and a Small Slim Fit Sport Shirts. I recently bought a 15/34 in Extra Slim Fit and the fitting is amazing. More fitted than a Slim Fit. The sleeves are a bit...
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