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Quote: Originally Posted by werdswerf Anyone know of a store that has the chinos in khaki in size 28 or 29? Thanks for the help! Need Supply has them in a 29 -
I'm a 30, and they fit a bit big for me. Not sure if they're large enough for a 32 though.
Khaki - Sold Navy - Sold
Brand new pair of German Army Trainers (BW Sport), size 280 (43.5) - fits about a half size larger than Sambas, size 10(US) Sold
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Damn, so basically Uniqlo US is just relabeled a size smaller than Uniqlo Japan, the cut is the same? I find it very hard to understand how anyone in the US is able to wear their flannel shirts or anything for that matter considering how short the sleeves are! Especially for you 6'+ tall skinny guys, are you just rolling up the sleeves?? Seems like you need to be short or have stubby arms to fit their...
Could you post measurements - waist (aligned), thigh, knee, hem, and inseam?
I've got a pair of Uniqlo Vintage Chinos and a pair of Uniqlo Tasmanian Wool Trousers for sale. Prices include shipping within the continental US. Uniqlo Vintage Chinos - Light Brown, Size 30x34 - NWOT - SOLD Measurements (approximate) Waist: 15.75" Front Rise: 10.5" Back Rise: 14" Upper Thigh: 12.25" Knee: 8.7" Leg Opening: 8.25" Inseam: 34" Uniqlo Tasmanian Wool Trousers - Dark Gray, Size 30, hemmed to 30 - NWOT - SOLD Measurements (approximate) Waist: 15.5" Front...
Measurements chart for slim-fit shirts:
Looking for a Uniqlo +J Wool Military Jacket in size Small in a Gray or Dark Gray color. Drop me a message if you have one to sell.
get a tailor to take in the waist of the jacket by a few inches - i find that a 5 or 6 inch difference between jacket waist circumference and body waist circumference is appropriate for me - obviously there needs to be some space between your waist and the jacket..
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