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Has anyone seen the new wingtips in the flesh? I was considering the PTB, but these looks nice. Looking for something that can be dressed down, and the double sole seems to do the trick, but I'm still on the fence.
If anyone has a 40% off card that they will not be using, please PM me. Thx!
Thanks for the info! I guess I overlooked the fact that the higher placement of the 1st button (as opposed to lower), also raises the placement of the others, which would likely give me the result I was looking for with the 2nd button.
Does anyone have experience with the new, lower button option? I'm looking for a fit that allows me to keep the top couple of buttons (below the collar) open, without having the collar collapse on me, especially if I want to wear sport jacket over it. My current PC shirts have the regular spaced buttons, and with the top 2 unbuttoned (which looks fine without a jacket), the collar always collapses with a jacket. Not sure if the 1/2" lower option will help matters, but...
These will be evening/going out shirts, and will be worn untucked. Something slightly less formal than an office dress shirt, ideally.
Just received my first PC shirt (howard street light wt denim), and it turned out perfect! I'm ready to order more and I'm looking for recommendations for a semi-casual white and light (sky) blue fabric? There are so many options! Looking for something other than oxford fabric. Thanks!
Yes! I found them yesterday and picked up a pair there! Great store, amazing service and lowest price on the GTs I could find!
Any recommendations for a shop to pick up a pair of GTs in Manhattan?
Thanks for the tip. Red Wing seems to be excluded from the current 25% promo
Anyone know where I can find the best deal on these, now that Revolve no longer gives a discount to first-time buyers??
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