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Have you washed them yet? Wondering about shrinkage, since I need to hem an inch or two of the length.
I love the fit on these, and picked up 2 pair on sale. Anyone know if these are pre-washed, and what shrinkage (length) to expect?
I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a Lewis Leathers Super Sportsman that I found locally, and which fits me perfectly. At $1300, though, I was wondering if there are less expensive options that are on par with the quality of Lewis? Also, can anyone comment on how this jacket with handle a 30/20 degree weather?
I am considering the cafe or sonoma racer, and am wondering how much warmth they will provide in 30 degree temps (not riding). Thx!
Price Drop: $75
Anyone know how the slim-straight selvedge in brown breaks in as far color fade? They look and fit perfect now, but I'm used to wearing indigo denim, and not sure how these will look after a year or so. (Asking because I may buy a 2nd pair!) http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757743&ab=global_men_rrl
This iPhone 6 leather wallet is made out of veg-tanned genuine cowhide leather. It is designed, cut, dyed and hand-stitched to perfectly and securely fit the Apple iPhone 6. Eco-dyed in custom brown, with mango contrasting interior. With 4 card pockets and 1 large pocket inside, you can carry cash and cards without a big wallet. Originally $120 w/ ship. I only used the wallet for a couple of weeks, but decided that a wallet case is not for me. It's in perfect, like...
Beautifully made custom wallet from the Blackacre. Originally $300+ * Horween CXL Horse outer * Wicket & Craig American Bridal inner * Lined with vegetable tanned pig-skin Wallet is gently used, with still plenty of break in left. It's just a bit too large for my tastes. Let me know if you have any questions!
Price Drop: $200
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