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Yes! I found them yesterday and picked up a pair there! Great store, amazing service and lowest price on the GTs I could find!
Any recommendations for a shop to pick up a pair of GTs in Manhattan?
Thanks for the tip. Red Wing seems to be excluded from the current 25% promo
Anyone know where I can find the best deal on these, now that Revolve no longer gives a discount to first-time buyers??
Have you washed them yet? Wondering about shrinkage, since I need to hem an inch or two of the length.
I love the fit on these, and picked up 2 pair on sale. Anyone know if these are pre-washed, and what shrinkage (length) to expect?
I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a Lewis Leathers Super Sportsman that I found locally, and which fits me perfectly. At $1300, though, I was wondering if there are less expensive options that are on par with the quality of Lewis? Also, can anyone comment on how this jacket with handle a 30/20 degree weather?
I am considering the cafe or sonoma racer, and am wondering how much warmth they will provide in 30 degree temps (not riding). Thx!
Price Drop: $75
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