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Price Drop: $200
This bag has seen very little use, and is in in excellent (like-new) condition! Canvas is still stiff, with lots of room for break-in. Please let me know if you have any questions! Price Drop: $200
Selling a gently used pair of Alden Jumper boots, originally purchased from Leather Soul. These boots are in fantastic condition, and have only been worn a handful of times. I wear an 8D in most Allen Edmonds, and these fit fine. There is still plenty of break-in left, so an 8 should have no problem with these. Boots have always been kept in bags, with trees. Please let me know if you have any questions about condition, fit, etc. Located in Los Angeles.
Selling a like-new pair of RW 4183, purchased from J.Crew and only worn twice! They were treated with one coat of Obenauf's LP before they hit the ground. As you can see from the photos, the boots show no signs of wear. I'm moving from Chicago to someplace very warm, do not anticipate wearing these again. Domestic shipping is $12. Let me know if you have any questions!
The brown Cliftons look great IRL. Went to see the Lasalle yesterday, intent on buying a black pair, but was surprised with how nice the Cliftons looked!
How would the Lasalle's work with a suit? They seem a little bulky in the photos.
What are these??
Check out the Alphaville version of this chair: (ignore the color in the sample)http://www.2bmod.com/barcelona-chair-premium-details.htm
Totally spot on with the fit, Kiya!! Received the 11bsp, hemmed for me in LA, and just finished soaking. The post-hem/soak length is perfect, and the overall fit is a bit more roomy than the 10bsp, but only slightly, and just what I was looking for! They we were hemmed to just the right length, and could not be happier w/ how exact you were in describing these and recommending the correct size! Thanks again!!
Thanks, Kiya! Are they still a slimmer fit? Also, how wearable is the 18 oz denim in the summer?
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