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Some interesting view re humidification! Had a Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos last night with a bunch of whisky sodas. It was my first maduro and can't say I was particularly fond of it. I found it overly sweet with a bit too much of a 'bonfire' taste for my liking. T
Thanks for the responses (and links) guys - much appreciated! I quite like the idea of a beautifully made box as it also a stylistic addition to an interior - the search continues! T
(Relatively) long time lurker on this forum, especially the cigar section. I'm curious as to what you guys have in the way of humidors. I currently have a small 10 count desktop humi that I was gifted by a friend but am looking at getting something more substantial. What would you recommend? I love the look of some Elie Bleu and Davidoff humis - are they worth the investment in your opinion? Thanks, T
Thanks for dealing with this. Ordered a copy - excellent service!
Do you have a normal postal service for deliveries within the UK (ie standard postage)? Paying £10 in shipping for a £17 magazine seems excessive especially for those located in London. Many thanks!
Thanks man,You have some great technique!Kind regards,T
Recipe details?Am looking to prepare some in the run up to Xmas and any tips would be very much appreciated!T.
Post to PM!
Sorry for the Noob post, first one after all I am interested in the RLBL 44R but worried about the size. I recently bought a Zegna 42R that fits nicely ( a little tight around the shoulders) but otherwise good. Do the black labels run small? I am a 6 foot, 200lbs guy and I wear 33-34 waist jeans. Thanks for your help! Tusse
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