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Pants fit great! Do you have a link for them? I wonder if I can grab them on sale
Does anyone have imabari towels? Are they worth it? They don't happen to be relatively quick drying as well do they? I'll never understand why they build small bathrooms without windows
I have this bookmarked being recommended in a previous search somewhere, http://www.amazon.com/Brother-LS2125I-Lightweight-10-Stitch-Machine/dp/B000EOX28E/ref=sr_1_1?s=arts-crafts&ie=UTF8&qid=1319815876&sr=1-1 I know its not the classic buy old and metal for quality. Haven't bought it so can't comment on if it's actually any good, though it is from amazon and kinda cheap, may be good enough for what you need. The other one I have bookmared is an Elna Lotus cause it looks...
great fit! info on the sweats and top? I think a bracelet or something would look gret here
Nice work! Where did you buy the jacket?
May sound like a stupid question but I've always wondered how there are so many brands in Japan consistently making high quality pieces? Do they all sell well over there even at those high prices? Is it just a different market over there? Must be pretty expensive to make some of the shit that they make!
Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can recommend a pair of glasses similar to these http://www.eyefly.com/men/alexanderplatz-1.html . I know they're pretty cheap already but I'm trying to go cheaper as I always end up losing/breaking my glasses when I go out in uni. Somewhere that ships to UK is preferable but I can settle for US. Already checked zennioptical, eyebuydirect and goggles4u. Thanks!
Cheapest place to buy Alexander Wang tees? Or any stores they go on sale at seeing as we're coming up to summer? Doesn't have to be Wang tees but something similar in cut/fabric.
Can anyone recommend jeans that would give me a fit like this in the APC/Nudie/etc. price range? The guy on left with the hat on. Would sag a bit less than in the pic. Would Petit Standards fit like it?
Is it worth it to buy the Canvas slip-ons? Will they last that much longer than cheaper canvas sneakers like say Superga, Converse, etc?
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