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zfactorie is having a 30% off sale everything right now...looks like they've got a pretty full stock too. Recently bought the double front raglan top in off white. Very happy with it. good fit, drape, color, and soooofft.
Yeah, I think I may just go with these from a few pages back: Althought, I like these too:'s-Resplit-Low/detail.jsf
Oh very nice. 'Agree with cimabue about the tie..., but excellent find.
I would have liked that herringbone...too bad
I hear one of the great advantages to Cordovan leather is that it ages really well. Is this like raw denim? It starts out sparkly new and develops a unique, one of a kind look? Does it last a long time? These boots are $600 and look great, but I am the type of person that buys very few items and just wear them all the time so I'd prefer these to last me a looong time, especially considering the steep price... Anyone have any photos of a broken in pair? Thank you
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