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Did pediwear raise their prices on C&J and Tricker's?
I don't wear one myself, although I don't have any particular objection to them. If I took to wearing one, would probably only do so with a button-cuff shirt to keep the gimmickery factor down. Opinions may vary, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter4 After the comments here, I will most likely err on getting the cap toes over whole cuts. Further to your other comments, I always wear a very conservative light blue or burgundy tie, but I find it a bit odd the focus on the button-cuff shirts on this site. Here in the UK button-cuffs are typically too casual for anything such as an interview, and generally frowned upon. I always got the impression even in the US...
I wouldn't, if I had a more conservative option. That being said, those are great shoes, and so long as they are in an appropriate condition, you should be fine. You may want to compensate for the shoes by wearing a conventional tie and a solid, button-cuffed shirt, if you haven't decided upon that already. Best of luck.
Any info on when/from whom these would be available?
FIH, would be all over the navy if it came in a short length.
Interested in black Evanston or brown Soho, 9D.
OTC, try Adrian Park @ 1755 W. North. Does business under DeLouice Custom Tailor and Design; don't have his number at hand, but you can get it @ yelp or Google if you'd like to call and ask what he would charge. I have not have any shirts taken in by him, but I've been going to him for six months (suits and shirts made, trousers tailored) and find him to be competent, reasonable & trustworthy.
Just how bad of a jam is Tricker's rumored to find itself?
Jones is empirically attractive, but also that show's biggest weakness.
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